Friday, 17 June 2011

Lara Logan’s Sexual Assault Used by Anti-Muslim Bigots

I recall a few bigots pretty much reveling in the sexual assault of Lara Logan in Egypt. For them, the pain and misery of Lara Logan as well as the truth was outweighed by their desire to propagandize events to further propagate hatred and enmity towards Muslims and Islam.

At times one wonders as to the malicious mindset of the extreme Islamophobe whose only goal in life is to oppose Muslims and Islam.A sad life which is exemplified by the way they misused the stomach-churning sexual assault of the reporter (Lara Logan) for their own ends.
The recounting of the assault, by Lara Logan, is stomach churning in its details. I wonder if the bigots feel a tinge of remorse in which they misused such an incident.

Oh, and unsurprisingly, our bigoted ‘friends’ glossed over the fact MUSLIM WOMEN and MUSLIM SOLDIERS came to the war reporter’s aid. Of course, our bigoted ‘friends’ had designs to create a malicious stereotype of Muslims being cold and brutal rapists who rape white, Christian and Jewish women whilst the non-active Muslim population applauds and cheers it.
Bigots, hang your heads in shame!

Lara Logan Breaks Her Silence

In her first television interview since being sexually assaulted two months ago, the CBS News chief foreign correspondent and "60 Minutes" reporter reveals what happened to her in Tahrir Square in an interview with Scott Pelley.


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful how you write this piece but still fail to acknowledge that MUSLIMS WERE THE RAPISTS. This Egyptian slime obviously is not ready for peace!