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Muslim 'Cowards' Afraid of the Charlatans at ABN???

Update: Debate Review of 'Was Muhammad a True Prophet?' [Osama Abdallah v Sam Shamoun]: http://thefactsaboutislam.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/debate-was-muhammad-true-prophet-osama.html

An old post but has a ring of relevance to some hoo-ha at AM:

Weirdest missionary on the net?

According to a radical bigot there is a 'Jesus or Muhammad' marathon (yes, he calls it a 'marathon') taking place and Muslims are so frightened of calling - the coward Yahya Snow leading the backward charge!

Try the London marathon bigots...

I had an opportunity to watch the London marathon a few weeks ago - I didn't bother. What makes these bigots think Muslims in the UK are going to stay up on a work/school night to confront the con artists of ABN. Yes, I wrote 'con artists', one of their leading conmen is a fella named Kamal Saleem who has THREE different Muslim-Christian conversion stories floating about. I guess those coward Muslims are secretly afraid of Kamal Saleem releasing another false conversion story, hence the lack of brave Muslim callers. Those Muslim cowards!!!

Sam Shamoun, really?

Yes, it is he up above. Muslims are running scared of him and keeping his 'Jesus or Muhammad' """marathon""" a secret, hence why the """marathon"""" is so anonymous and is receiving little interest. Or perhaps the shows are simply crowded with attention starved charlatans who have little/no credibility in the apologetic community - never mind the academic community. Eat your heart out Mr Sam 'Muslims can have sex with animals' Shamoun. Or perhaps its a case of nobody is interested in seeing this obscene bigot froth at the mouth whilst risking a hernia in his attmept to inject passionate insults to the proceedings.

For those who are interested in seeing how Shamoun fares in dialogue with Muslims just consult the sack load of posts within the Sam Shamoun section - that's the standard of Shamoun - short fry. But hey, I'm running for the hills...

David Wood the Hulk Hogan of ABN?

Here is a laugh for you, a person who actually met Deceptive David cracked me up with this gem:

What you probably don’t know Paul is that Wood also admitted in the course of one our exchanges that he had once put a person in a sleeper hold, suffocating him. He says he did that because his wife was being threatened, but I doubt that’s the case. [wrtten by IbnAbuTalib on the MuslimDebateInitiative blog: http://muslimdebateinitiative.wordpress.com/2010/06/19/extremist-christians-harass-muslims-in-dearborn-are-arrested-by-police/]

Yep, the David Wood section contains some of Deceptive David's strange arguments and episodes - he really knows how to deliver the smackdown (or should I say 'sleeper hold') to those cowardly Muslims.

Hey, Deceptive Dave, you don't need to initiate a 'sleeper hold' to achieve the desired result, this latest  'Jesus or Muhammad' """marathon""" is sleep inducing enough. Sooo sleep inducing that nobody knows it took/is taking place!

But hey, it's not about the fact their 'Jesus or Muhammad' shows on the cash strapped ABN are so dull and repetitive - it's all about the cowardly Muslims who just don't stay up, listen to the oft-refuted arguments (and lies, let's be honest - they churn out their share of liars on ABN) or call the show. It's all about the cowardly Muslims who refuse to turn up to the back yard wrestling extravaganza to face a couple of no-marks. Those cowards peeing their pants at the thought of Deceptive Dave's sleeper hold, you can feel this Muslim quiver in the subtext!

David Wood belongs in a ring - a circus ring or wrestling ring

True Cowards ABN, AnsweringIslam, AnsweringMuslims

I notice when questions are posed of Christianity the aforementioned simply scarper leaving their ardent Christian supporters in a state of confusion. Talk about taking the cash and running...

I ask the 'marathon' boys to pop over to 1MoreMuslim's blog and answer the questions he is posing, in the process help your colleague (Anthony Rogers) out with this series of questions. He seems to have left the building at the onset of those questions. Of course, it's not cowardice to them as he is a Christian who according to Christianity has the 'holy spirit dwelling within'... I'm not entirely sure why Christians are not sharing their 'answers' as folk have been asking for a long time. Why so silent? Perhaps David Wood has been practicing the sleeper hold on these Christians..

Please do answer when you do decide to stop playing WWE in your bedrooms, fellas:


To the fan boys of AM

If you want to learn about Islam, read the Quran yourselves, speak to Muslims and pick a scholarly book up rather than relying on a few unlearned guys trying to cash in on the anti-Muslim bandwagon.

FEEDBACK: yahyasnow@yahoo.co.uk

Become a Muslim if you love Jesus (p)

Sexism: Reason to change the Bible

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Radical Moderate said...

Well Muslims looks like Yahya Snow through in the towel, he will not be allah's helper, instead he will be cowering under his sheets afraid the Christian Jinns.

What say the rest of you. In a half hour will be the perfect time for you to call in and confront Amjum Chaudry and tell him he is not a true Muslim and he is following the wrong Islam.

This is your chance to defend Islam and correct a Muslim and keep in from going down the wrong path.

If you are afraid to call in because of David and Sam, then at least call in to help your fellow Muslim see the true Islam. Do it for him.

Allah needs your help, Mr Chaudry needs your help, the Muslims that follow Mr Chaudry need your help. SO help them.

Ali said...

maybe we should create a show and bring on the leader of ataka or joseph koney and see if chrisitians will call in to say he's wrong on christianity.

this is a fox news move. bring on a bigot who knows nothing about islam and preach to the public.
which is why my uni prof said fox news is unreliable and not use them.

Radical Moderate said...

Ali not even a problem, if there was a someone claiming to be a christian on a Muslim show that was mis representing Christ you better believe I would call in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I retwit it on my Twiiter
Bob Peters, CA

Radical Moderate said...

Snowman BTW that is a pretty awsome picture of Sam.

How long did it take you to freeze frame that?

sam shamoun suporter said...

This is funy post. Sam is like Big Show and prof David is like Kane.And if you watch RAW you can know your photo is about Benoit doing ciple crossfacer not sleeper. Dolph Ziggler does sleeper. I owned u. Who in RAW says U CANT SEEEEE MEEEEE. Watch Capitol Punishment on Sunday.

maratsafin said...

these christians really do live in a world of thier own!! and it surprises me no less that they are from america,where making absurd claims and being really stupid is looked upon in high regard (this is especially the case for fundy christians,you know the ones that david,sam et al preach to).
I see radical moderate has forgotten to take his pills again,look old man stop worrying about muslims and worry about who your next president will be,it looks like your choice last time might not get a second chance,actually he might because looking at the opposition,it seems like they want everyone to know how crazy they are apart from ron paul,but crazy is what you call sane!!! btw radical moderate have you changed your mind about obama being a christian? because when you supported him you trashed those who questioned obamas place of birth and religion ( so you obviously trashed your hero james white). I still cannot believe a holy spirit filled 5 point calvinist supported obama,it still gives me good laugh.
btw mr radical do you believe mormons to be christians? according to this blog post by a mormon here http://danielomcclellan.wordpress.com/2011/04/24/responding-to-james-white-part-3/ 62% of white mainline protestants consider mormons to be christians!!! wow, i guess christians cant differentiate between thier religion and polythiestic one. btw radical if dare read the exchange between the above blogger and james white, it sure did open my eyes about certains things in the bible and it showed how ineffective james white has been against mormons because in all honesty this guy took him to the cleaners. hey if you do read the exchange you might convert to mormonism and support romney or huntsman!!! two guys that seem sane when stood next to palin,gingrinch,cain and bachman.
Also radical why do you watch the jesus and Muhammed (pbuh) marathon? is it to reassure your faith? isnt it kind of degrading to your mangod to be compared to a mere but truly exceptional mortal? i know he acheived way more than the new testament man god and that none of jesus’s prophecies came into fruition so maybe this is a way to keep your faith intact by watching trashy programmes like this.

answering muslims said...

Debate Tonight on ABN--Anjem Choudary & Omar Bakri vs. Sam Shamoun & David Wood: "Who Was Muhammad?"
If you don't get ABN via satellite, you can tune in live over the internet here. The debate begins at 7:30 P.M. Eastern Standard Time.

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of Allah,

"Pretty in Pink" Mash'Allah about time I got my own moniker. To tell you the truth I was started to become a little jealous of brother Yahya Snow, 1MoreMuslim and all the other brothers.

But now I can hold my head up high.

1st James White tells his listeners never to listen to anything I tell them even if it is the truth (that is on the record). He acknowledged by insignificant spectacle of a blog/website.

2nd. Recently Rev Samuel Green has endorsed my web site for being one of integrity.

Now I get my own moniker by Radical Moderate.

I'll tell you why I don't bother with ABN.

You see James White has a radio podcast that he likes to deem a proper radio show but guess what? Some of us Muslims and Non-Muslims actually have an I.Q higher than a turnip believe it or not!

James White dubs his show 'Radio Geneva' makes it seem like it's a right proper radio show innit (Guess that's a Paki thing haha).

Any how, what is not told is that James White's show is a basement radio INTERNET podcast that ANY Tom Dick and Harry could have.

Do you notice that James White doesn't have ANY SPONSORS. Wonder why that it is? Because Jiffy Peanut Butter, Pepsi Cola and Doritos Potato chips are not interesting in doing advertisement on a radio show that barely cracks 100 listeners (Truth be told)

This brings me to ABN the show that has a woman that looks like Morticia Addams as the host.

I mean don't get me wrong everyone has a bad day but I have seen more Cheer from a storm cloud. Can that lady ever smile? Has the Holy Spirit left her that bereft of happiness?

Next you have 'Cheese Burger' aka Sam Shamoun. That guy has been on the run for a while now.

He wants to debate everyone in sight and yet why doesn't he post these debates on his web site?

Than you have David Wood, I can't help it IF David Wood has a conflicted sexuality and he has a gruesome and dark past.

Truth be told ABN is a brain child of Sam Shamoun and that wacky pastor (can someone say stop sniffing glue sticks). It is an irrelevant program.

Once again do you see Pepsi-Cola, Huggies Diapers or Ovaltine lining up with contracts for air space?

Answer is of course not! As James White's radio (BASEMENT INTERNET PODCAST) barely cracks 100 listeners.

ABN barely cracks 37. (truth be told) The very fact that Yahya Snow or myself would even grace mention of that desperate attempt at a T.V program probably brings it attention that frankly it does not warrant.

Think about it. I can tell you that Yahya Snow is doing a great job and it's making people nervous. My site has an open tracker (the number's don't lie) 300-360 hits per day. Al hamdulilah that's good enough for me.

Now think about it folks. How long has Yahya Snow been going at it with AI and AM. It's always the SAME Creator-haters, Peace-hating and Islam hating bigots. THE SAME.

Answering-Islam and Shamoun have been around almost 20 plus years in the making. How come Shamoun has never got any national recognition? How come he is not invited on any major recognized networks, even evangelical ones??

Because trust me even Evangelical organizations, RESPECTED NATIONAL T.V networks and radio stations do not take people who are SELF MADE APOLOGIST with a G.E.D from Urbana Illinois!

Btw about my moniker "Pretty in Pink" I do hope to God that this creative tile given to me by the combined intellect of AM and AI was at least given to me by a female.

If it wasn't I find it a bit creepy if that appellation was given to me by a man.

David Wood (seek some help)

Radical Moderate said...

Pretty in Pink used a lot of words to hide the fact that he is a coward and afraid to defend his god

Let me translate for "pretty in pink".

"I am to afraid to leave my comfort zone of hiding behind my keyboard making slanderous and libel attacks on Christians, to call in and defend my god."

See that pretty in pink I only used 28 words to say the same thing you took a few hundred to say.

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of Allah,

@ Radical Moderate of all the monikers that you could come up with.

I mean for real? "Pretty in pink"

(shrugs shoulders) I dunno but for some reason It's quite challenging to take you seriously.

I mean when a man calls another man 'Pretty in pink'. Than again you are rather close to David Wood.

So go ahead Radical have the last word let the Holy Spirit speak through you.

Show us your love, concern, compassion, basically sum up Christianity for us in your response.

Radical Moderate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Radical Moderate said...

Pretty in Pink, dont pout.

your called pretty in pink because you have a pretty pink blog, so feminine.

And no one takes you seriously

Radical Moderate said...

Pretty in Pink

Keep attacking Gods Holy Spirit, soon you will Blaspheme him, and then it will be to late for you. That's assuming you haven't done it already.

Anonymous said...

so according to radical moderate, we're heaven bound until we actually blaspheme the holy spirit. isn't it already blasphemy to him if we follow islam?

Radical Moderate said...

Anon Said...

"so according to radical moderate, we're heaven bound until we actually blaspheme the holy spirit. isn't it already blasphemy to him if we follow Islam?"

No your hell bound because you're a rebel sinner you reject Christ, you call God a liar by denying his son. You can still repent of this, as long as God's Holy Spirit convicts your of your sin, and the father draws you near, and places you in the hands of his son.

Blaspheming the Holy Spirit is calling the Holy Spirit a liar, or a demon etc... As some have done on this blog like WomanofBile.

Once you do that then there is no way for you to repent, because Gods Holy Spirit will be removed from you and will no longer convict you of your sin.

1MoreMuslim said...

To Radical Moderate, and other ABN fans:

I actually called ABN once, and I asked the first question that crossed my mind, I would love to have the answer recorded on my hard drive!! Radical Moderate would love it!!

The Question was: If the sins of the Christians are all forgiven with a perfect sacrifice, for what reason then, Christians are still suffering? This is a 1400 year old question found in the Quran. You know what was the Answer? Pastor Joseph highlighted my 'ignorance' of the Bible, then he gave the mic to his guest, the guest answered: Christians are suffering in this world so that they would not be suffering in Hell !!!!! I have wished that James White or David Wood were there, to see their faces turn green! That would be hilarious.
Since that time, I felt that the Channel is simply ridiculous. Why wasting my time asking a question to a Christian not knowing what religion they preach?
I guess the reason why ABN wants to be non-denominational, is that they can switch hat whenever they want.

Radical Moderate said...


I wish you would of recorded that too. Do you remember when you called in and what show it was. Maybe its up on youtube.

That is actually a very good question. I'm surprised you got the courage to call in. Since the Muslims have a strong desire to follow their god, who when he lies he speaks his natural language. I'm going to have to say until you produce video of it I don't believe you.

Don't take it personally, its just in the Muslim nature to Lie.Its as easy as breathing for some of you.

Now with that said, if you did call in and that was the answer you where given, that is obvioulsy not a biblical answer. Sounds more like a Islamic answer.

I have heard the reason why Muslims stone their whoring wives, mothers, sisters and or daughters to death for being whores, is because the stoning cleanses them of their sin, so Allah will forgive them. So its actually a mercy.

Anyway, since that is a very good question why don't you call in tonight. Don't worry I'm told big bad scary Sam wont be their, Just David and CL, so you should be safe.

maratsafin said...

christians dont have a answer for anything,they make it up as they go along,the main reason for this is the new testament authors never imagined the world as we know it would still be here 2011 years later.

Radical Moderate said...


I just realized this you said...
"I have wished that James White or David Wood were there, to see their faces turn green!"

You then said...

"Why wasting my time asking a question to a Christian not knowing what religion they preach? "

So are you saying that Dr White and Dr Wood, are Christians that know the religion they preach?

If that's the case then you have no excuse not to call in when Dr Wood or Dr White is on the show.

Anonymous said...

This Mr Snow is fastly turning in to one of my favorite internet peeps bcuz of blogs like these

1MoreMuslim said...

To Radical Moderate:
I tried to search the show on Youtube, as well as on their website. They don't upload 100% of their live shows. I will give you the exact time for my call, if you get me the recording I will give you 20$ for it, just because you called me a liar.

Saying that The pastor's answer to my question is not Biblical is as subjective as to say " my car is beautiful" . Do you believe in Purgatory Radical? Oh you don't! Why? According to more than 50%, it's Biblical. I can find you a catholic scholar who would give you a 2 hour lecture about how it's Biblical. You simply ignore the diversity of your so called religion, You seem to know nothing about eastern Arab Christianities in Egypt and Syria.

Dare to explain why ABN calls itself "Non-denominational" ? The reason is because each denomination has its weaknesses, how do ABN fill in holes? They pick answers from different denominations according to the situation.
Otherwise, what does it mean to say " Non-denomination" ? That means that either you don't know what you believe, or you can't make a defense of what you believe.

Radical , I know my question is a good one, at least you give credit to the Quran for asking good questions, now I am still waiting for your Biblical Answer, and it should in line with your theology. Remember you are 100% justified by the Blood of Jesus.

Radical Moderate said...


You said...
"Radical , I know my question is a good one, at least you give credit to the Quran for asking good questions, now I am still waiting for your Biblical Answer, and it should in line with your theology. "

This is the second time you stated that the question is asked in the Quran, but you did not give a Surah reference. Also you said it was asked, not if it was answered.

You then want me to give you the biblical answer to a question that you claim was asked and I evidently not answered in teh Quran but you have not demonstrated where, the question was asked in the Quran.

You also wrote...

"I can find you a catholic scholar who would give you a 2 hour lecture about how it's Biblical. You simply ignore the diversity of your so called religion, You seem to know nothing about eastern Arab Christianities in Egypt and Syria."

Are you for real? I have not ignored anything. The funny thing is that you Quran says whatever it is you want it to say. You say the Quran does not support Terrorism. Well the two Muslims on the ABN show would disagree with you and they gave a two hour lecture etc...

Really man get a clue.

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of Allah,

"Otherwise, what does it mean to say " Non-denomination" ? That means that either you DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU BELIEVE, or YOU CAN'T MAKE A DEFENSE OF WHAT YOU BELIEVE."

Excellent! Flawless Victory!

1MoreMuslim WINS!

1MoreMuslim said...

Radical Moderate:

Here is a job for you:
I have called ABN on June 21st 2010, at 10:15 PM, the call lasted 54 minutes. I think they gave me 1 minute to ask my question, and that's it. There were 2 guests, one is western looking, the other is an Arab. I don't recall the names. Of course, each gave a different answer, the western doesn't agree with the Arab preacher at all.
Do me a favor, call ABN and try to get that show.

Radical Moderate said...


Al though tracking down Muslim lies, is a full time life long career, I think I will pass on your job opportunity.

Pretty in Pink, I see you chimed in. Only a Muslim can claim victory at a mis representation. Way to set up and then attack a straw man.

Radical Moderate said...


I'm waiting for the Verse in the Quran that asks the question you asked and I am curious to know if it gives a answer.

RefutingActs17 said...


Radical Moderate, just how much do you trust Nabeel Qureshi? I've got a surprise for you.

Radical Moderate said...


I would trust Nabeel Qureshi with my life, I would follow him into combat against the Barbarian Muslim hoards, any day any time any place.

So what is your surprise for me lol

Yahya Snow said...


I will ask the same question as RFA17 but replace N.Qureshi with S.Shamoun...

I'm just interested because I may have something for you on that front.

Final q, are you going to Dearborn with Dave?

Radical Moderate said...

I'm waiting for this SURPRISE, I'm like a kid at Christmas come on Muslims tell me the surprise I can't wait :)

Radical Moderate said...

@Pretty in Pink

The Islamic Jesus had blond hair.

Don't believe me check this out. You might want to tell them that Jesus didn't have blond hair.

Islamic Jesus

RefutingActs17 said...

Radical Moderate,

I have a first hand account from a family member that Nabeel Qureshi can physically 'hear the voice of God' speaking to him. You can doubt what I say, because I don't feel comfortable releasing this information without his family's permission.

Have a nice day.

RefutingActs17 said...

I hope you understand significance of his ability to hear God's voice.

RefutingActs17 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Speak said...


I have irrefutable proof from your closest family members that you (use your imagination and insert rumor here), but I couldn't possible release any names to verify my claim without their permission.

Get a life Chuckles, and go sling your Junior High rumors elsewhere.

RefutingActs17 said...

Are you scared to know that you've been listening to a mentally-ill preacher all this time? ;)

Speak said...

Not remotely ;)

RefutingActs17 said...

Because you don't think I have proof? ;)

Speak said...


It's unfortunate that your "prophet" never was able to hear the voice of God. He just had to settle for hearing the voice of "Jibreel", whom upon first impression he thought was a demon, and then later "Shaytan" whose voice he couldn't distinguish from "Jibreel". I can see why you would be feeling so insecure that your religion comes from a mentally-ill preacher.

RefutingActs17 said...

Taunting me wont get me to post the evidence. However, I am considering it.

Speak said...

Sorry, that wasn't a taunt. It was the plain truth.

RefutingActs17 said...

So, what do you make of my Nabeel story? Just perverted fiction?

RefutingActs17 said...

I should let you know that I have this in writing. I could make you look like a fool, but you're just another anonymous dude hiding behind a pen name.

Speak said...

Whatever. Enjoy your self-importance.

I noticed you can't be bothered to defend your false prophet, but you have plenty of time for rumors and character assassination. Typical Muhammadan I suppose.

Antiislamophobe said...

So you are afraid? Why? Because you've been blindly following a lying charade all along? Are you afraid?

1MoreMuslim said...

NAbeel Qureishi spent his youth believing in a false Messiah (Mirza Ghulam), then he decided to switch to a false Deity.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is just to funny. RF17 is talking about someone hiding behind an anonymous name. So let me ask: were you named RF17 after someone on your father's side of the family or your mother's? Also, will you be naming one of your kids RefutingCreed2:6?

Speak said...

Hahaha! Yes anonymous, it's an obvious case of, "Hello pot, meet kettle".