Friday, 15 July 2011

David 'Thighing' Wood Flashback

Sometimes I wonder what drives David Wood - ringleader of Acts 17 Apologetics - to go to great lengths to 'disprove' Islam. David, if you can still remember we're waiting for your and Sam Shamoun's evidence to the mythical 'thighing' episode you've constantly aired on ABN Sat. Like your friend Walid Shoebat, we know you're just full of hot air. Does it comfort you that you're able to provide your daily bread and butter and so much more by miking your Christian audience? Christians wake up! These man's lunacy knows no bounds!

Question for David Wood:

Would Jesus (PBUH) be proud of you for your gratuitous lies against an entire people?


Erik F. said...

I am used to see how deceptive a missionary can be in tarnishing the reputation the prophet (SAW). Nevertheless I wasn't aware of this issue of "thighing" (in fact my head registered this word as new English vocab)and was shocked when watching the video and realized what was the allegation, absolutely distasteful!!

Iv been a Muslim all my life and lived a constant study of Islam and prophetic teaching bt have never heard any narration of such weird, such crazy allegation. This must come from DW own abnormal sexual fantasy.

Watching this DW guy and his flock seems very much enjoying(laughing, clapping) the slandering against the Prophet(SAW), considered and revered by Muslims in every corner on Earth as the best human character, make me convinced that these people are following the teaching which are guided by Devil.

Devil have vowed that he would use their time until Day of Judgment (Qiyāmah)to conceal the truth and lead all human men and women astray to Hell. This may explain their motives.

But Devil would have no authority over Allah sincere devoted servants (ubūd).
May Allah Guide us all to truth and keep us on the straight path.

RefutingActs17 said...

Brother Erik,

I added the canned laughter effects. I thought it makes David Wood looks like a fool.

Erik F. said...


It does lol...

btw tonite is marking the mid month of Sha'ban (the Nifs Sha'ban), in here traditionally an auspicious night for prayer and salvation.

let us recite the Qur'an and make the Du'a for the benefits of the follower of the Tauhid not for those mushrikeen (idolaters) or a mushahin (one bent on hatred):

O Allah! You shower favours on everyone
And no one can do You any favour.
O The Possessor of Majesty and Honour,
O The Distributor of bounty and rewards,
There is no one worthy of worship except You.
You help the fallen
And provide refuge to the refugees And give peace to those who are in fear.

O Allah! If in the Mother of All Books that is with You
You have written me down as someone who is
Doubtful of achieving salvation, or deprived,
Or rejected or without enough sustenance,
Then, O Allah, with Your Grace
Remove all of these misfortunes from me
and in the Mother of All Books that is with You,
establish me as someone who is
blessed, with abundant provision and charitable good deeds.
Indeed, what You said in The Book You sent
Through the tongue of Your Blessed Prophet is true
That Allah changes and establishes what He wants
And with Him is the Mother of All Books.

O My Lord! For the sake of Your Divine Manifestation
On this fifteenth night of the blessed month of Sha'ban
In which You issue all Wise and Irrevocable Decrees
Remove from us all calamities and hardships,
those that we know about as well as those that we don't,
while You know everything.
Truly, You are the Most Powerful, Most Generous.

And may Allah the Exalted shower blessings and peace on
Sayyidina Muhammad, and on his family and his companions
And all praise is for Allah, Lord of the worlds.


Anonymous said...

How desperate. You think you can saddle David with the discredited Shoebat and all because you can't hold your own with the man? Shall we associate you with the many suicide bombers and other nuts your religion churns out? No prob. Consider it done.

Why don't you quit pretending to have a case against David and appear on ABN and debate him?

Oh, never mind. I forgot. You are a Muslim. To show to a debate would mean you would have to come with proof. That makes it undesirable for you to accept such a challenge.

Radical Moderate said...


Simply amazing of all the hours and hours of their apperances over the YEARS, this is all you got?

And what you got ain't squat, since THIGHING is permisible in certin SHIA SECTS.

Or are you sunni muslims going to deny that?

Anonymous said...

Could the thigh-deniers translate this for me?

Arabic original مسألة 12 : لا يجوز وطء الزوجة قبل إكمال تسع سنين ، دواما كان النكاح أو منقطعا ، و أما سائر الاستمتاعات كاللمس بشهوة و الضم و التفخيذ فلا بأس بها حتى فى الرضيعة ، و لو وطأها قبل التسع و لم يفضها لم يترتب عليه شى‏ء غير الاثم على الاقوى ، و إن أفضاها بأن جعل مسلكى البول و الحيض واحدا أو مسلكى الحيض و الغائط واحدا حرم عليه وطؤها أبدا لكن على الاحوط فى الصورة الثانية ، و على أي حال لم تخرج عن زوجيته على الاقوى ، فيجري عليها أحكامها من التوارث و حرمة الخامسة و حرمة أختها معها و غيرها ، و يجب عليه نفقتها مادامت حية و إن طلقها بل و إن تزوجت بعد الطلاق على الاحوط ، بل لا يخلو من قوة ، و يجب عليه دية الافضاء ، و هى دية النفس ، فإذا كانت حرة فلها نصف دية الرجل مضافا إلى المهر الذي استحقته بالعقد و الدخول ، و لو دخل بزوجته بعد إكمال التسع فأفضاها لم تحرم عليه و لم تثبت الدية ، و لكن الاحوط الانفاق عليها مادامت حية و إن كان الاقوى عدم الوجوب .

Thanks a bunch.

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of Allah,

Peace be unto those who follow the guidance from their Lord.

David Wood is such a scientist!

What a very special guy.....very special.

Erik F. said...

@Anon, I'm keen to learn here, what is it you trying to prove?

I was complaining that there should be proof of this practice (just one authentic/sahih hadith would suffice) and all you can come up is just a copy paste quotation/ruling of sexual adab with a prepubescent woman from a vague source..

That makes me more convinced that David "thighing" Wood is a blatant liar.
I'm sure there are other things you could be focusing on, such as why so many men in the clerical garb engaging child-sex. It will be interesting to find out more about that.

Anonymous said...

A "ruling" from a "vague" source? Do you deny it intimates THIGHING and the likes or not?

I have more for you. But I want to start out slow because I realize you guys are Muslims. Besides, the issue is bigger than David Wood and won't go away no matter how many times you slander him. And by the way, why do you guys have so much to say about David and so little to say about these Muslim perverts who pass "rulings" relevant to thighing?

Also, I am not a Catholic, the fact that Catholic priests behave like the above ruling says is good means nothing to me accept that Muslims aren't the only perverts in the world.

Radical Moderate said...

@Erik Fadel

Whats that you say

"quotation/ruling of sexual adab with a prepubescent woman from a vague source.."

So you can read arabic, can you tranlate the whole thing for us please.

SO are you saying that David WOod and Sam Shamaun are not liars, since there is a source that gives a rulling that Thighing PRE PUBESENT GIRLS is HALLAH FREOM ALLAH?

Erik F. said...

Why is it Christians are always so mysterious in getting to the point, just like their Politheistic dogma??
Are u having problem to make things simple like "belief in One and Only God", "God is similar to nothing and nothing is comparable to Him".

I believe there's arabic vernacular in your thighing enthusiast camp who can help u. Whats ur point in the translation? Anyone can put forward any copy paste information u like, it's easy.

This isn't in the Quran, neither is it in any recorded prophetic tradition then why u celebrate it so much? (other than deliberate demonizing of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)).

Oo.. maybe because you guys are so obsessed with religio- porn as your human tampered- holy-book clearly full contains material so shocking and pornographic that people would not want their children to be exposed to it, this may explain why the most learned of the Christians involve in child-sex.

Anonymous said...

Too funny watching Muslims squirm when they are presented with evidence from their own sources. Not a chance in the world Erik Fadli will translate the text....not a chance...

sam1528 said...

anon ,

The so called 'tighing' has been translated in google translate :


Issue 12: may not have intercourse with the wife before the completion of nine years, enduring the marriage or disconnected, and the other with desire and Alastmtaat Kams Altfajiv annexation and there is nothing wrong with the baby so, and if Toha before nine and did not result in Evdha Xi is E sin on the strongest, and is Avdaha that making of constantly urine and menses and one or of constantly menstruation and faeces and one forbidden him to have intercourse at all but of caution in the second picture, and in any case did not come out for Zojith the strongest, is being by the provisions of the inheritance and the sanctity of the fifth and the sanctity of her sister with her and others, and he must live as long as the expense and even if he divorced her and that she married after a divorce on the safe side, but not without force, and should he have shall not disclose, and is a friendly soul, if it was free then she half that of a man plus to the dowry, which deserved the contract and to enter, and if his wife came after the completion of the nine Vavdaha did not deprive him and did not demonstrate blood money, but spending of caution as long as it alive and that was the strongest non-obligator


So what is your issue?
It it the Quran? No
Is it the hadith? No

Is it your fantasy? Definitely

Erik F. said...

Talking about "sources" of your pervert sexual fantasy (and of pedophile Christians learned guys, it is in —of all places— the Bible.

Read for instance the Song of Solomon, a piece of erotica, a celebration of the fulfillment of sexual desire.

As for sex with children, let's check what your own authoritative source have to say about this:

- It's OK to have sex with "women children" (any age) that are obtained in war --> Numbers 31:1-18, Judges 21:7-11, Judges 21:20-23,

- It's OK to sell your daughter (any age) to a man for him to use as a sex slave --> Exodus 21:7-10

Here is the arabic original in Numbers 31:18 (since you seems willing to learn Arabic)

لكِنْ جَمِيعُ الأَطْفَالِ مِنَ النِّسَاءِ اللَّوَاتِي لَمْ يَعْرِفْنَ مُضَاجَعَةَ ذَكَرٍ أَبْقُوهُنَّ لَكُمْ حَيَّاتٍ

here the world women children - al atfaal min annisaa'is -used

This is "the source" where DW and his thighing enthutiast pals got their fantasy from..

Anonymous said...

Fadli has time to post portions from the Bible in Arabic (Why?..who knows...and why refer to it as the "arabic original", who knows), but he obviously has no interest in translating the Islamic material posted by the other Anon above. Too funny! What a clown :-)

Anonymous said...

Islamic Get ur Self education
You are the funny one.

Erik quote the source of child sex in the Bible, the most authoritative Christian material, Did he misquote anything?