Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Talk About Making Other Christian 'Preachers' Look Stupid...

A deceptive and peculiar Christian evangelist, named David Wood, is infamous for his gems of absurdity. Here's another one of his nutty episodes:

First, Roger isn't going after Terry Jones or Ruben Israel's group. He harasses quiet, peaceful Christians who attempt to discuss the Gospel with Muslims. The shocking thing is that Roger actually considers himself to be a Christian. He's from strange group that believes they can impress Muslims by attacking other Christians. Supposedly, after years of seeing people like Roger harass Christians (so the theory goes), Muslims will be attracted to Roger's unspoken Gospel message and will embrace Christianity. This absurd mentality is becoming increasingly popular in Dearborn, where the only Christians who are truly welcome are the ones willing to throw other Christians under the bus

He thinks Christians are harassing other Christians to get Muslims to convert to Christianity. What a nutty idea!

My message to this 'evangelist' is; stop, please just stop showing yourself up. That's to say, stop spouting the garbage that passes for plausible ideas in your wacky anti-muslim evangelical circles.



1MoreMuslim said...

The Most absurd thing said by David Wood is that the Jewish woman who tried to poison the Prophet PBUH was open to accept Islam, because she tried to know if he is a true prophet by poisoning him!! Islamophobia can make one loose his brain.
We can say that the Jews were open to accept Jesus as true Messiah, if he did not die on the cross.

Anonymous said...

Just had to comment on the latest addition to the bigot fest that is David Wood's blog...

*Female MPs Get into Cat Fight on Floor of Afghan Parliament*

Of course Wood attributes this incident to Islam and those who follow prophet Muhammad (saws) know, the usual reductive and bigoted nonsense.

But perhaps he would like to explain these examples using the same criteria?


South Korea



Because democracy doesn't change people's hearts. It simply brings to light the attitudes of the majority...isn't that right Dave?