Friday, 8 July 2011

Tarek Fatah: The Lying Charade

Have Canadians, let alone Muslims, ever wondered if what comes out of Tarek Fatah’s mouth is brutal honesty? Have they ever questioned his intentions? Have they ever taken a look at the inconsistencies that lie in his so-called ‘facts’? Time and again Tarek Fatah’s allegations are nothing more than verbal provocations aimed at rousing the general public’s attention to a largely nonexistent threat, which he insinuates is brewing radical elements within the country.  Just because the man has recognizable accent, is brown, is from the Indian Subcontinent, and claims to be a Muslim does not make him an authority on Islam. We've prepared a special video that shows that man a liar to all sensible people. Muslims and Canadians, spread the word about this wicked man:

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