Sunday, 24 July 2011

Double Dutch From an Answeringslam Author – Nakdimon

Here we have the Dutch Christian, yep they still have what some Christians deem as “Holy Spirit inspired Christians” in Holland despite the immoral anarchy of Amsterdam. Quite how Christian folk can believe those Christians have God dwelling within them (yep, that’s the Christian belief) whilst being impotent against the moral decline affecting Christian Europe is one for another day.

Here is the Answering Islam author, Nakdimon, going off on an ill-informed and hypocritical rant to deflect the attention from the fact his colleague (Sam Shamoun) has been peddling gross lies to his gullible Christian audience:

So Yahya, how about some PROOF of what you claim? This is typically you: You claim things and FAIL to provide the evidence. What "christian'' website did Shamoun get this fatwa from? What saudi scholars denounced this fatwa and on the basis of WHAT? Please provide the proof for once in your life. Thanks!

??? + The Irony + Muslims Policing Christian Con Artists

The irony is lost on this bloke as he was presenting his scribbles in the comment section to the video in which Shamoun refuses to present his "files" (aka lies)

Oh Nakdimon, calm down and do a surface level of digging. The proof is a click away on this very blog! What's the matter, are you worried you may land on a page which shatters your faith?

Nakdimon, could you operate in a consistent fashion and get Mr Shamoun to present his “proof” for his lies (aka "files") rather than trading in ill-informed and duplicitous rants. That bloke, Shamoun, has had YEARS to present his 'proof', thus far he has been conning the audience by claiming he has it on his computer (a computer bought by gullible Christian donations) yet to be “translated”.

Do you believe he has been too busy counting and collecting the donations/gifts from gullible/hateful Christians rather that presenting his “proof”. Face facts, the bloke has conned you and is not willing to admit the error in his ways. That’s why they call folk like you the sheep as you will never abjure your colleagues/leaders and ignorantly do their bidding. And that’s why Muslims are required to police Christian ignoramuses, frauds, crooks and charlatans such as Christian Prince, Dakdok, Shamoun, Kamal Saleem, David Wood, Walid Shoebat, Ergun Caner etc..

Oh another thing, it may be faith shattering for you

Seen as we have ANOTHER AI author bothering me with absurdities, we may as well present the tough questions that muted your colleague at Answering Islam (Anthony Rogers). Care to answer these questions or press the mute button in a faith shattering panic?

Sick of Christian hypocrisy?

Are you a Christian who is sick of Christian hypocrisy and dishonesty? Are you a Christian who would like a relationship with God? Come to Islam if the answer to the preceding questions is yes

Iron sharpens iron as one man sharpens another



Anthony Rogers said...

Since you mentioned my name again, I thought I would pop over and remind you of your track record of silence and refusal to debate.

Not only do I have almost a dozen posts refuting your lies that you have not responded to, some of which are over a year old, but I have challenged you numerous times to debate the issues and put your proud boasts of having answers to the test but you have never risen to the challenge. As a result of this, and coupled with the fact that you spend more time engaging in character attacks on people who disagree with you, and the present blog post is a good case in point, pretending that people who differ with you are liars, and above all your trademark hatred for God's Spirit which you make apparent in almost every post, and I simply have decided that you are a colossal waste of time.

But since you are once again pounding the table and pretending you have some grand post that I have not answered, I will once again challenge you to debate the issues. If you cannot (and will not), because after all you don't have the Holy Spirit as you proudly boast, then please kindly leave my name out of your mouth and spend more time asking your "god" to give you greater courage.

Perhaps you can wait till your god finally lifts off his throne and descends to the lowest heaven and then ask for the courage that you so desperately need. Timing is everything.

Lupus el Lobo said...


Why is it necessary to have a debate?
Unlike your fundie Christian friends brother Snow is very generous and allows people to speak their mind on his blog.
Actually, you can have an at least as fruitful debate through the written medium right here.

Nakdimon said...

So, all that talk and still didnt meet the demand, which was, where is the proof that Sam Shamoun lied? Come on Yahya, let's see the evidence.

You made a claim, where's the beef?

Nakdimon said...

Anthony, you aren't the only one that has been disappointed by the decline to a debate. Can I join your club, sir?

Yahya IS a colossal waste of time. All he does is say people lie and that he means well and that his corner has all the answers. But when push comes to shove and proof is requested, Mr Snow is nowhere to be found and goes "a simple google search will do". Well, Prophet Google (PBUH) to the rescue again. :-$

Anthony Rogers said...

Lupus, as I have pointed out, I have refuted Yahya ad nauseum in writing, and for all my effort the poor boy goes silent.

There isn't much point responding to his stuff if he either never responds or fizzles out after the first attempt to rebut what I say.

Would you like me to provide the links here to all his abortive efforts to seriously interact with me through a written medium? (In fact, I have even challenged him to a written debate. Of course he declined. You should really check with your man before you run his mouth for him.)

Or perhaps I should just be reduced to the same antics that he has a penchant for and finally post one of the many documented cases I have of Yahya getting caught red-handed lying and making serious blunders of scholarship only to desperately try and rationalize the whole debacle and cover his tracks? (Yahya: does the word "assa" ring any bells? I still have the relevant files saved.)

The fact is that Yahya isn't much of a contender, and so I have for the most part moved on to bigger and better things. I only stopped by now because he brought my name up again and tried to include me in another one of his slander campaigns against good Christian brothers. If he is not going to man-up, then he should quit making these cowardly little hit and run remarks.

Nakdimon said...

Somehow I dont think we are going to hear anything from Yahya anytime soon.

Radical Moderate said...

Nak and Anthony

Yahya is always hiding under the covers fighting jinns in his sleep.

Its funny he sounded as giddy as a Muslima describing how she got felt up by a ginn, when he praised the the brave Mujahadeen in London who beat two drunk fools almost to death with cricket bats.

But he is to big of a coward to pick up the phone and call into ABN during Jesus or Mohamed Marathons to confront his nemesus David Wood and Sam Shamaun.

I only come here to laugh, but its not as funnny as it was with all the Blaspheme going on.

I make a comment about Ham and Snowman reacts like I launched the 5th crusade, all the while his his zoo crew is calling the Holy spirit a liar, a Demon, saying that he inspires pedaphiles and rapests.

It really has become sad.

Nakdimon said...

Radical, that is exactly my point. Snowwhite is always game to accuse others of lying, never game to confront those he accuses head on. So when Anthony tries to get him to man up, Yahya goes "poof". When I challenge him to debate, Yahya declines under the heading "I'm too busy". And so forth and so forth.

I thought Allah always knew best. Guess Allah forgot to spill some of that knowledge to satraps.

Anthony Rogers said...


Nakdimon said...

And STILL not a word from Snowwhite! Why am I not surprised. Must be the story of his life.