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Are Jay Smith and Beth Grove of Pfander Centre Radicalising People to Hate Muslims?

A comment on a recent Pfander Films video

Are Pfander Ministries' Jay Smith, Sarah Foster, Beth Grove and Hatun Tash contributing to Islamophobia?

First and foremost we should mention we aren’t talking about Muslims only here. Non-Muslims consider Pfander Centre to be Islamophobic. Lizzie Schofield in a blog entitled Islamophobia vs Islamocriticism (March 2) acknowledges this openly and she admits her group has been barred from speaking at at certain venues because Pfander Ministries is considered to be Islamophobic:

But still, the term ‘Islamophobia’ is chucked at us all the time, by liberal Westerners as well as by Muslims. This taint has kept us from universities and other public forums, and hindered many others from supporting our work out of fear

Justin Brierley acknowledges there are non-Muslims who consider Pfander Ministries to be “extreme”:

“There are people out there, Christians as well, who see you guys [Pfander] as kind of extreme” – Justin Brierley, Challenging Muslims with the Gospel, 12 August 2018, Time Stamp 32.00

Jay Smith fear-mongering

I understand Jay Smith attempts to radicalise and manipulate his followers by over-exaggerating the threat from Muslims. He is even on record saying “I expect for Muslims to kill me someday” See here

He has even gone so far as to point at Muslims from his ladder and say you (Muslims) are meant to kill me (and kill all Christians) [he adds that’s what it says in your Book]. Time Frame 2.05-2.15 also see 3.20 for a similar comment

How can Jay Smith not be contributing to Islamophobia? He’s otherizing every Muslim as somebody to fear. This sets panic and fear into the wider population which in turn is the ignition for hatred – hatred of Muslims!

Infantilizing Muslims Jay Smith and his colleagues talk down to and infantilize Muslims.

This is seen through the manner which they talk to Muslims which seems to be predicated on Jay Smith’s belief that being loud, boisterous and confident when talking to Muslims is equated with a strong argument in Muslim cultures! See 1.05 onwards

Jay Smith uses far right tactics of exaggerating (lying) about areas where Muslims live in the UK.

He did this with Harrow (an area in London), Smith claimed Muslims had banned ham in Harrow and he can’t buy ham in Harrow any longer. This is obviously a lie, he can go to a number of supermarkets in Harrow and find ham. Jay telling porkies about ham in Harrow

Provocative right wing video discussions

Jay Smith riles people up via provocative video discussions such as “Why do Europeans not want any more Muslims” so much so that his viewers leave hateful comments such as:

“I want Europe to kick out all Muslims. We ether clear them out now by repatriation or we wait and then will have to kill them in the streets.” See time stamp 2.05

Jay Smith’s racist and Islamophobic “friends”

Jay Smith [Time Stamp 0.35] talks about 4 “friends” of his who are “confronting Islam”. One of them was Geert Wilders. Geert Wilders has encouraged his supporters to chant racist slogans against Moroccans. Geert Wilders also said it was unacceptable for the Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam to be majority non-White. See the video for the relevant bits of Smith and his “friend” Wilders.

The above video also has information on one of the other people who he described as his “friend”, Anne Marie Waters (somebody who has been described as a bigot and a racist as well caught lying about Muslims for political reasons). See the same video above from 5.30.

Lizzie Schofield’s rude comments towards Muslims

Perhaps Lizzie’s attitude with Muslims is influenced by Jay Smith. Elizabeth Schofield says:

“you guys [Muslim men] for some reason if you look at women lustfully the women have to cover themselves up, there’s no kind of sense that you have to exercise any self control”. See 0.50 onwards

A comment from Ibn Issam:

I don’t know what more it takes to be labeled a “Hate Group.” If Pfander ministries was saying the same things about Jews, or blacks, or even Irish, no one would stand for it, and they would have been called out as a hate group along time ago. It is an injustice, that such a bigoted organization can direct so much hate at Muslims and still be considered by so many to be an acceptable “missionary” organization.

One must ask the question, “Is such producing such shameful and disgusting hate towards Muslims the core aim of Christian Missionary work in the field of Christian-Muslim Relations?” Where is the love? It is about time that the Pfander group, and those like them are defunded, shunned, ridiculed, and sidelined from the discussion. Good Christians themselves, should be the ones leading in the fight against such Islamophobic organizations that give their religion a bad name around the world.

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