Monday, 15 May 2017

Thoughts on Theodor Herzl's The Jewish State

Theodor Herzl was a genius.

Theodor Herzl outlined a solution to the Jewish Question, Jews had consistently been persecuted in Europe and their attempts of assimilation did not yield the desired results. Obviously, without land of their own, there was a problem for the Jewish people as nowhere they were settling was seen as home or even safe. He felt a need for Jewish people to have self-sufficiency and reliance.

Theodore Herzl's proposal was to have the Jews in Europe move on mass to another land. He did not know where this land was going to be; "Shall we choose Palestine or Argentine? We shall take what is given to us".

As for Palestine: "Palestine is our ever-memorable historic home. The very name of Palestine would attract our people with a force of marvellous potency. If His Majesty the Sultan were to give us Palestine, e could undertake to regulate the whole finances of Turkey"

He outlines some of the logistics and plans for this endeavour of moving to another land -  a homeland. It's an influential essay which led to the creation of Israel. Reading it you can tell he had a good understanding of people's psychology.

"Hence it is that even Jews faithfully repeat the cry of the Anti-Semites: 'We depend for sustenance on the nations who are our hosts, and if we had no hosts to support us we should die of starvation'. This is a point that shows how unjust accusations may weaken our self-knowledge"

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