Saturday, 28 August 2010

English Defence League (EDL): Embarrassing Video Footage in Bradford (August 2010)

Spectacular footage of EDL getting absolutely humiliated and exposed for the trouble-makers they are

Talk about morons travelling to a city (Bradford) and humiliating themselves. I've always considered the EDL as social misfits and here is the proof which exposes them for what they really are.
I have embedded two videos in this post. The first shows Sky News humiliating the EDL by showcasing their botched attack on a car as well as their in-fighting.

The second shows the infamous punch thrown at an EDL trouble-maker (which is now dubbed as the “super-punch”).

First video: EDL getting humiliated by Sky News (via Yahya Snow)

Sky news humiliate and “pwn” the EDL who were in Bradford causing trouble. Sadly for them their antics backfired and they were arrested and were even on the end of a hiding by Bradford youths.

And they have the audacity to wonder why English women avoid EDL members!

If you are sympathetic to the EDL then please have a rethink and stop wasting your lives with these losers.

Second Video: EDL member is on the end of a shuddering punch from a Bradford youth. Why travel all the way to somebody's city (Bradford in this case) to "protest" when NOBODY in the city of Bradford wants you to enter (never mind carry out your silly "protest"):

bradf ed - The best home videos are here

Interesting insight into the EDL reaction from a YouTube video uploader:

The EDL demo in Bradford was a disaster. EDL organiser Jeff Marsh chickened out of attending their own demo, less than 800 EDL showed up, and “peaceful” EDL jar-heads attacked police with bricks and bottles and even attacked the EDL’s own stewards!

EDL supporter “British Lion” posted on Facebook saying “What a F**king shambles. 700 – 1000 up (sic) throw some rocks and start fighting each other. No surrender? No fucking clue would be more like it” –

EDL’s Steve Caroll admitted attacking an Asian before the Bradford demo had even started –

As for the EDL supporters shown in this video – people oppose the EDL because of what it is, not because of what some EDL activists say they’d like it to be, and the facts are simple – the EDL is being used as a Trojan Horse by Nazis and BNP activists…

Taken from video description:

Any info or feedback:

I found a succinct summary of the EDL:
Many of these characters suffer from low esteem and seek to blame others for the impoverishment of their lives. By organising tiny grupuscules, giving themselves titles, and bleating away on internet forums they believe they are doing ‘something’ and are actually being ‘someone.’
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Jas said...

I was there - on the Bradford side there were people of all colors and religions, there were church leaders, families, young and old - on the EDL side there were nothing but hate filled white young faces wanting nothing more than a fight. We can be proud in Bradford today that we (Asian and white, Muslim and Christian as well as other religions and races) stood up to these thugs (for the most part without violence) and the racist EDL left Bradford empty handed with their tail between their legs!

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