Sunday, 22 August 2010

Robert Spencer: Genocidal Maniac?

Here's the thing; I don't deal with Robert Spencer as he is being monitored and refuted by people/groups who are far more familiar with him than I am (same applies to Pam Geller). Dare I also say he has become old hat and he has been refuted fully thus there is no need for all of us to bang on about him though there is obviously a need for those who are currently surveying him and his material to continue doing so for the benefit of the ummah. May God bless all those who have/still are refuting and monitoring him. Ameen

However, I have decided to dedicate a little section to Robert Spencer and I will begin to feature refutation-based material on this blog. Most (or all) of which will not be produced by myself but will consist of second hand uploads. I do recall ozzycda making a few refutation videos on Robert Spencer so perhaps I will delve into his collection and embed some of them into the Robert Spencer section on this blog.

To kick off proceedings let's have a quick look at Robert Spencer's links to a group which wants/wanted to commit genocide upon Muslims. How anti-Muslim can you get?

Video is by refuting acts 17 apologetics team

Here is their video description:
Did you know....

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch calls for the ethnic cleansing of Muslims?

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thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of God, Peace be unto those who follow the guidance from their Lord.

Mash'Allah 21 Gun salute to the sisters and brothers of refuting Actors17 for this short and eye opening video!

Now it becomes apparent why actors and actresses17 are under the watchful eye of the FBI.

thegrandverbalizer19 said...


Robert is six letters
Spencer is seven letters

The freemasons =33 degrees
100-33 =67

"Who is 67?" Shutter Island

Ali said...

wasn't loonwatch hacked yersterday?
good to see it running again.

Anonymousing said...

So yahya.

I was wondering,

when are you going to

write your


you know the hadith where he cross-dresses?

Praise God 3 Muslims came to AL HAQQ last week :) i think your websites helping.


maratsafin said...

@ anonymousing i shall make your paranoia worse,the three muslims who became christian didnt really,they are just practicing takiyya so when we muslims takeover the west they will revert back.
happy sleepness nights!!!:)

Yahya Snow said...


I'm not sure. I guess a site such as loonwatch is the subject of many hacking attmepts. People just don't like being exposed as charlatans and frauds (take note Pam Geller and R. Spencer)


There is no hadith of cross-dressing.You add your crazy and perverted interpretation to the said hadith. I have explained this issue in the past to a previous "anonymous" so I have no desire to do so in this comment section.
Last time I checked this comment section was about Robert Spencer and RefutingActs17Apologetic's well made video.


I love the username. I am a big tennis fan and have seen Roddick ,Tsonga and Murray play live. A real highlight.

I also support your doubt upon anonymous's 3 conversions who are so mysterious that the names are not mentioned and no links are given.

Ibn said...

Anonymousing: 100 PERCENT PROOF MUHAMMAD WAS NOT GAY article?

100% proof? How many non-Muslim scholars of Islam (with PhD in Islamic Studies) have you presented this information to?

I find it amusing that up till now, these vile Islamophobes were claiming that Muhammad(saw) was a womanizer. Now one idiot says that Muhammad was homosexual. He can't be both. If he was homosexual then he was not a womanizer? If he was a womanizer, he was not a homosexual? What will these idiots come up with next!

Ibn said...

There is no need for Yahyah to come up with a rebuttal to Anonymousing's vacuous claims. Jalal Abu Al Rub already wrote an article about it years ago

Ali said...

3 muslims became christians? no i'm guessing it's christians again, practicing philippians 1:18

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yahya Snow said...


I have removed your comment as you are clearly looking to provoke people

Anonymous said...

My comment wasn't merely provocative and you know it. Your pal Ibn just got refuted and you didn't like it or know how to answer and you knew he wouldn't have been able to answer what I said either. Oh, well. Keep sticking your collective heads in the sand.

Ibn said...

It is amazing how these Islamophobes claim victory even before we get to say a thing.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how Muslims have bought into the rhetoric of the gay agenda who also think they can write people off by calling them homophobes.

It's also interesting that Muslims would be engaging in such rhetoric in the context of remarks made about Muhammad possibly having gay tendencies (at least).

Ali said...

Anonymous you are quite sick minded. Take your stupidity elswhere, we aren't interested

minoria said...

I think people have not seen the obvious which is somebody who doesn't like Robert Spencer put his name and picture in there,that is all.But it wasn't he himself.