Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Shamed Missionary is Chased on the Internet By BeholderGuard and Rebuked

Right, BeholderGuard (as we all know) has a reputation of dealing with trolls and bringing them to account over inaccuracies/lies related to Islam.

Back Drop

Sam Shamoun (missionary) made the outlandish and fabricated claim: "Muslims are black stone lickers".

BeholderGuard called him out on this issue and challenged him to defend his misinformed pronouncements in a debate. Well, BeholderGuard is STILL looking for this missionary but the missionary seems to be playing a spotof hide and seek. I guess he KNOWS the claim ("muslims are black stone lickers") is completely fabricated and indefensible.

This missionary, Sam shamoun, does not come out and do the honourable thing and acknowledge his mistake; instead Sam is trying to change the subject. Guess what, the bounty hunter that is BeholderGuard is not going to fool for Sam's stalling and misdirecting. Put up or shut up

To be frank it is getting tiresome watching this shamed missionary, who was once entertained by the likes of Shabir Ally, squirm and try to cling on to the shred of credibility he has left.

The lesson to be learned here kids; don't trawl the internet (like Sam shamoun) making dodgy claims up about somebody else's religion...you may just be called out for it.

Beholderguard has underlined his intentions here...that is to let people know of the deception and money-making schemes of irresponsible missionaries

*Beholder specifies and reiterates the challenge
*Beholder rebukes Sam
*Beholder hints at financial irregularities linked to Shamoun

Beholder's previous attempt at rebuking and challenging Samshamoun to a debate:

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