Saturday, 20 July 2013

Muhammad 'Pedophile' Lies refuted

ABN's Sam Shamoun helps show Prophet Muhammad's (p) marriage with Aisha was Biblical

To the Angry Christians out there who are insulting Muslims based on Muslim minimum age of sex being puberty, please look into your Bible and realise it's the SAME for the Bible too.

The problem with these Christian critics is simple, they just don't know what their own Bible teaches them. These people are so busy putting others down yet don't even realise they are putting their own Bible down (literally and metaphorically) in the process.

There is an interesting sign for those who reflect, it's interesting that the biggest criticism (marriage to Aisha) Christian critics presented to attack the Prophetic brother of Prophet Jesus (Prophet Muhammad pbut)is actually perfectly acceptable according to the Bible. Think about it.

It's time for these Christians to repent to God (the God of Prophet Jesus).


Christian apologist claims Bible age of consent is puberty:


Anonymous said...

Sam sham exposed.

Sam said...
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Sam said...
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Sam said...
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Sam said...
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Anonymous said...


You make fun out of ahadith saying that shaytan urinates and so on, but you believe that God Allmighty did eat and relieve himself, isn't that contradicting?

Yahya Snow said...


Next time you pass by here please try not to have a hernia over your keyboard.

Your spam has been removed - you were lying!

The real interesting thing is, I am in the throes of putting together a video on this subject as we speak so your spamming of the same LIE on my blog just pushes me to churn the video out quicker. Oh and it features clips of you!!!

You really are a dishonest and obnoxious man, aren't you.

BTW I see how your argument has evolved. Initially you and those of your ilk used to criticise Prophet Muhammad simply for the age difference in that marriage (and the age of Aisha), then when you found out that marriage is BIBLICAL you shifted the goal posts and started lying by claiming puberty was not reached.

I know you are lying as you KNOW of the sources which confirm puberty and you KNOW that classical Muslim scholarly views are united on consummation only taking place after puberty begins (just like what your Christian teachings say).

PS you are a hypocritical man because we BOTH know that if the following verse from Ezekiel (which you use to prove Biblical age of consent is the same as Islam - puberty) was in a Muslim scholarly paper you would have been using it to insult Muslims due to the language of such:

You grew up and developed and became the most beautiful of jewels. Your breasts were formed and your hair grew, you who were naked and bare. Later I passed by, and when I looked at you and saw that you were old enough for love

PS I'm mature and respectful enough not to insult this as one needs to contextualise.

You are a sad and pathetic man who grabs anything to attack Muslims - the majority of instances (if not all) you wind up insulting your own Bible.

In this is a lesson for those who want to think - these criticisms of Prophet Muhammad (p) are in fact criticisms of your Bible too.

I can only conclude:
For you, your hatred of Muslims and Islam supersedes your love for the Bible.

Either that or your an idiot/mentally ill.

Think about it, here you are as a professing fundamentalist Christian who is Bible-believing yet when put in front of a Muslim you have convulsions and through your Bible behind your back and start insulting Muslims and Islam with stuff that insults Biblical teachings too.

Now you tell me, is that through being consumed with hatred or simply a mental illness?

Yahya Snow said...


Royal Son said...

Without wishing to post off-topic, Yahya I'm wondering what happened to your post to me re: the questions I asked regarding Deuteronomy 33:2.

I saw your response up on the respective thread earlier, but after a few minutes it disappeared.

I was wondering if you could take the the time address the points I raised since the review is now up on your blog.

Thank you,
Royal Son.

Anonymous said...

sam wud poo and piss in his trouser if yahya debated him. sham wud wear a diper to debate. sam u fail again. u get pwnd always. u luk dummy again. sham dnt snap ur key bord

Anonymous said...

Anon Muslim. Ypu are a riot. Yahya would never debate Sam. It is called fear.