Monday, 1 July 2013

Some Explanation of Muslim Caravan Raiding

It was indeed the pagans who began the hostilities by persecuting and beating the Muslims, on top of this the pagans even boycotted the Muslims which almost led to starvation! The Muslims as a result were forced to leave Makkah because of the Pagan violence and hatred, leaving all their property and business behind in the hands of the violent Pagans who would not compensate or anything. Hence the prophet Muhammad had every right to raid their caravans and take their property and income as the pagans had first done this to the Muslims [Sami Zaatari]

Khalid Yasin: Did Muhammad ﷺ rob caravans and loot the wealth of the Quraysh?

Video description:

Islamophobes have spread rumours that the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) was a criminal and used to rob caravans and loot the wealth of Quraysh. These rumours have been spread so much that even some Muslims believe in them due their ignorance about Islam. Watch Sh. Khalid Yasin exlain the matter in detail: (English)

Islamofober har spredt rykter om at islams profet (fred være med ham) var en kriminell som pleide til å rane karavaner og plyndre rikdommen til Quraysh. Disse ryktene har blitt spredt så mye at selv noen muslimer tror på dem på grunn av deres uvitenhet om islam. Se Sh. Khalid Yasin forklare saken i detalj: (Norsk)


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