Saturday, 13 July 2013

Yahya Snow Exposed Bla Bla Bla

In the mind of one bloke (Sam Shamoun) who makes little sense in his rambling emails that he sends me (which I don't even bother reading fully)

How have I been exposed?

In the mind of  this boring bloke it's because I have email contact with Nadir and this makes me support everything he has done in the past.

Welcome to the strange, rambling and illogical mindset of Sam.

Now I see why Paul Williams writes:

Sam Shamoun, thank you very much for your offer of a debate with me. I gladly accept. I am happy to debate you either in Chicago or London. What topic shall we debate? Please give me your suggestions. I am free anytime this summer. Regards Paul Williams. Oh - in the excitement I nearly forgot: you may recall before that I felt it necessary to ask you to get a medical note from your doctor stating you are psychologically stable and fit for such a public event? I still think this is a necessary requirement - I would not wish the proposed event to aggravate the psychological disorders/neuroses that manifest themselves publically in you from time to time. Once again I look forward to our encounter, your friend Paul.

And here is the Sam Shamoun section, 50 pieces worth (at the time of counting):

NOTE: To the anonymous commenter on my blog who keeps bemoaning my deletion of his comments. The comment section is not for you to pursue your agenda. When Dave allows Muslims to comment on his blog unrestricted then you may see less deletion on this blog.

Stop with the hypocrisy.

PS I don't care for comments much. My talking is done in the blog post itself which takes enough time so I hardly want to be dealing with somebody with an agenda because his leaders have been squashed on this site. Find new leaders who don't get squashed, become a Muslim.



Radical Moderate said...
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Eric said...

Sam and his fanatic follower trolling this blog are obviously possessed by (un)holly-ghost.

May Allah give you patience. Ramadhan Mubarak to you bro. Yahya.

Yahya Snow said...

Ramadan mubarek Eric.

Allah=Satan said...
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