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James White Debate v 2 Hate Preachers?

This is ridiculous. Here you have Dr James White in opposition with 2 Christian hate preachers who are making false claims about Christianity's view of God. White offers Bible verses and scholarship to support his view that Christianity teaches that God deceives people. The 2 hate preaches need to read the Bible rather than busying themselves in hating Muslims and Islam.

Can you imagine these guys debating? I think James White would wipe the floor with both of them at the same time – at least White appears to have read the Bible and know Greek while the other two, Sam Shamoun and David Wood seem clueless. In fact their ignorance of the Bible led them to insult it to the extent that one of them effectively said he fears the Christian view of God. Yet these guys are Christian apologists? Wow.

Dr James White to Debate Sam Shamoun and David Wood?

James White in his book (What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Quran):
“…God sent a lying spirit into the mouths of false prophets as a means by which He brought just punishment on those who rebelled against Him (1 Kings 22:23), and just as the New Testament warns those who refuse to love the truth will be caused to love a lie (2 Thessalonians 2:10-11)…” (Page 114). Quote sourced from this link.


Sam and David, despite making money out of their internet 'evangelical' operations clearly have no clue what Christianity and the Bible teach with regards to this matter. I wonder if James White will publicly challenge them to a debate or rebuke them. They really did show themselves up.

Always be wary of people who ask for cash yet they haven't even read the book they claim to be preaching...

Nabeel Qureshi called to denounce evangelical hate preachers and supporters

David Wood versus James White

James White wrong about the Ebionites:

Christians having dreams and converting to Islam:

Invitation to Islam

Jesus taught people to do the Will of God (according to Mark 3:35) in order to become his brothers, mothers or sisters. A Muslim means one who submits to the Will of God. Do you want to become a brother/sister of Jesus? If yes, become a Muslim.

Learn about Islam:
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Correcting Some of James White's Misinformation To The Public

By Bassam Zawadi

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The Arlington Baptist College announced a number of new initiatives at the annual World Baptist Fellowship meeting at the Texas campus today.

Upon the recommendation of President D.L. Moody, the Board of Directors voted unanimously to call Dr. Ergun Caner as Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs. Along with his administrative duties, Caner will also teach Theology, Church History and Apologetics.

Founded by Dr. J. Frank Norris in 1939 as the Fundamental Bible Baptist Institute, the Arlington Baptist College is affiliated with the World Baptist Fellowship (WBF). In addition to Dr. Norris, the school has been led by such Baptist luminaries as Drs. Louis Entzminger, Earl K. Oldham, Wayne Martin and David Bryant. Dr. Moody was elected President in 2009.