Saturday, 8 January 2011

Is Wafa Sultan Lying About Her “Niece”?

We all know the Islamophobic camps are not averse to telling a few porkies and/or stories riddled with discrepancies; just ask Walid Shoebat and Kamal Saleem.

However, Wafa Sultan’s spiel, as far as I know, has never been doubted UNTIL NOW!!!

She, twice, makes mention of an emotive suicide story of her niece in her attempts to malign Muslims and Islam BUT her two stories are NOT consistent with each other. Did she make this story up? Does she even have a “niece” who committed suicide, never mind a “niece” who was subjected to an abusive marriage???

Is Wafa Sultan LYING?

The video is produced by RefutingActs17

Wafa, the discrepancies continue to flow…

You would expect her not to contradict herself with regards to the BASIC details of age. However, it gets a little more interesting as Syrian law has the minimum marriageable age for a female listed as 17, with judicial approval it can be dropped down to 13. Wafa claims her niece married at the age of 10 (and 11) this throws FURTHER DOUBT on Wafa Sultan’s story:

Marriage Age: minimum marriage age is 18 years for males and 17 for females; judicial discretion for males of 15 years and females of 13 years; judge may withhold permission for marriage if court finds incompatibility in age between betrothed parties []

Perhaps these laws were not in force at the time. We don’t know BUT Wafa should explain...

Wafa, care to explain?

We ask Wafa Sultan or one of her representatives to explain the discrepancies in the video as well as the irregularities concerning the legality of the said “marriage”. Surely, Wafa SHOULD know the age at which her niece died as well as the low age of marriage. Wafa, why the discrepancies?

In the mean time, please stop giving these people cash. Wafa has plenty already. Really, she does. We have already seen Walid Shoebat raking the dollars in, Wafa will not be lagging too far behind – Islamophobia is a big business for those who can spin a few yarns and sabre-rattle against Muslims.

Is Wafa Sultan calling for a nuclear attack?

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Anonymous said...

The Fat Man said...

To quote Bart Ehrman "It sounds like your grasping at straws".

Wafa Sultan got her neice's ages mixed up by a year or so. So that means she is lying LOL. Yeah that makes sense.

I mean it's not like a Islamic judicial system sentences a gang rape victims to be lashed a hundred times.

Oh wait that did happen.
Islamic Justice

And it's not the first time. Remember that poor woman a year or so ago.

By the way for those that don't know. A "Rest Home" in Saudi Arabia is a home that Saudi Men rent for a few days to go and drink home made whisky, sing and dance with each other, engage in homosexual activity and evidently rape woman.

I guess the Niqabb didn't protect her from the Muslim rapists.

I love this comment on the article's site.

"it is random happening in kingdom mostly at wednessday being celebrating here as sex day,unfotunate if saudi girls caught by anyone then claim abuse or abduction otherwise conclusion like this pragnency where is the beheading law of shariah???"

The Fat Man said...

Hey she confessed to being raped so it's her fault.

Ohh more comments on that article.

"She was asking for it | .... posted...
Clearly this woman lusted in her heart for the intimacy of men. She serviced them and afterwards claim they forced themselves on her. She should be permanently marked to show her shame."

"Cultural Insensitivity | Detrus posted...
Who in Western society would get in a car with a stranger? That girl needs to be aware of the consequences. The only difference is in her society she is punished for her stupidity twice."

"Jeddah...The Paris of the Red Sea | Muhammed ibn' allah posted...
Meh...She's probably Filipino or something. As a Saudi, I have the right to force a girl to commit adultery. If you don't want this to happen, maybe you should allow me to watch some pornography on the internet."

Ibn said...

FatMan: Hey she confessed to being raped so it's her fault.

If that's the case, Saudi Arabia must be following the bible!

Anonymous said...

hey fatbastard post some links to your debates, and there better not be any nerdy librarians in them.

Ali said...

i asked mufti ikram if saudi was a proper muslim counrty, he said no. and Beliefs (احكام الايمان والعقاىْد)

fatman has some sort of holy spirit malfucntion it seems.
btw fatman, saing "LOL" with caps lock and after every post diesn;t make you cool. maybe to lying cheaters like david wood but not us.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this fatman character dishes out a few facts and the muslims can't even muster up enough character to prove him wrong.

The filthy mouthed, hate-spewing examples of the muslims commenting on this blog (which implicates the blogger Yahya Snow since he obviously attracts and does not rebuke them) are only a confirmation of the true nature of Islam and what it does to people.

I mean, y'alls responses to the fatman's comments remind me of Muslims who say, "Islam is a peaceful religion; if you say otherwise we will kill you."

Ibn said...
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Jeffrey said...

Wafa Sultan was on Russia Today on 10 January 2011. She claimed that she has lived under shariah for 30 years in Syria. It looks like a case of not just having one's ancient history totally wrong, but even contemporary history messed up.

How can Syria under the three decades of Baath party regime of Hafez al Asad (22 February 1971 – 10 June 2000) permit even one day of any shariah rule permeate?

Lately it seems that Dr. Wafa Sultan dismisses any scientific, academic and rational approach to discuss Islam in a cool-headed and dispassionate manner.