Thursday, 23 May 2013

Psychology of Woolwich Attacker (Michael Adeboloja)?

My thoughts on Michael Adeboloja's possible psychological problems

There is speculation that Michael Adeboloja has psychological problems. Obviously, killing somebody in broad day-light in full view of commuters is something unusual even for a murderer. The act of murder is indeed enough to question somebody's sanity but the circumstances and the manner in which this murder was carried out further raising questions with regards to Adeboloja's psychological well-being.

Strangely enough, this is a man who was quite articulate and calm despite having blood on his hands and having just killed a man. He wasn't trying to get away which is what one would expect from somebody who just killed somebody. To me, this does raise further questions on Michael Adeboloja's mental health.

Clearly he was politically active:

People who claimed they know him also said he sometimes ran a stall from which he gave out leaflets condemning the UK government over the involvement of British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He was somebody who spoke about peace:

"So get rid of them. Tell them to bring our troops back so you can all live in peace."

He was even described as a 'nice guy' by those who knew him:

"He was just a nice guy really, he didn't do anything bad to anyone, he wasn't a bully or anything"

Here we have somebody who is described as a 'nice guy', university educated, talking about peace whilst trying to force Britain to change its foreign policy through murder in broad day-light.

Do these not appear to be the actions of somebody who may have been mentally ill?

Muslims Condemn Killing in Woolwich!

East London Mosque's statement:
We are shocked by the brutal murder of a soldier in broad day light today in Woolwich. There is no justification for such a heinous crime; criminals and murderers do not represent any community or religion. We remain steadfast in opposing all forms of hate and terrorism.
Our prayers and thoughts go out to the family of the victim. 
We ask all communities to remain united and work together in the face of this atrocious event

iERA's Hamza Tzortzis and Adnan Rashid on the Woolwich attack

Learn more about Islam here:


Radical Moderate said...

I have always said that being a Muslims should be treated as a mental disease or defect.

Radical Moderate said...

Snow man you wrote...

""He was just a nice guy really, he didn't do anything bad to anyone, he wasn't a bully or anything"

Yes thats when he was a Christian, but after he converted to Islam he dropped out of Uni and well look at what Islam did to him.

Anonymous said...

@radmod oh do grow up dear. His muslim friends also said the same about him after he became muslim. What about the many many healthy happy converts to islam? Yeah look what Islam did to them! Of course we don't yet know why and how these guys decided to take these terrible actions but it is quite clear there are a range of factors the major one being political then with added gloss of religious rationalisation after the fact. I do believe there was sone poor schizophrenic soul a while ago walking around Tenerife proclaiming himself an angel of Christ and he beheaded some poor lady but not being a black and white loudmouth I am not going to say being Christian is a mental disease...cos that would be crass, unhelpful and clearly factually incorrect...just like your original comments.

Radical Moderate said...


I'm sure is Muslim friends also have said "he got very serious about Islam... He got really religious"

Anonymous said...

Radical go ac room now

Anonymous said...

While nothing can justify the savage attacks on mosques over the last few days by men since confirmed to be members of the EDL, it should not be hard to explain why these attacks have occurred. . . . It should by now be self-evident that by Muslims either blowing up buses or hacking to death British soldiers on British soil, you will occasionally spawn twisted and, as we seen over the past few days, even violent hatred at home. We need to recognize that, given the continued role that some British Muslim citizens have chosen to play in the seditious traitorous Jihadi attacks on British soil, we are lucky that these attacks are so few and far between.”

Anonymous said...

Seizing on comments by David Cameron that the attack was a “betrayal of Islam”, al-Shabaab said that in fact it was a “portrayal of Islam”.