Monday, 13 May 2013

Was Peter Illiterate? Who wrote 1st and 2nd Peter?

An Assyrian Christian (Triple B) was playing the fool in a YouTube comment section recently. He was insulting Prophet Muhammad (p) due to him (p) being unable to read or write.

It was lost on the Assyrian Christian (Sam Shamoun aka Triple B) that in the process he was actually insulting the friends of Jesus (p). Bart Ehrman, a well known Bible scholar, informs us that lower class people in 1st century Palestine were likely to have been uneducated and illiterate.

The ignorant Assyrian Christian (Triple B) was challenged by the idea that Peter was illiterate too. Triple B began insulting and making his ignorance known. I wonder if Triple B thinks the scholar Bart Ehrman is a ‘mental misfit’ too?

Bart Ehrman uses Peter as an example and believes he was illiterate – in turn Ehrman believes Peter did not write 1st or 2nd Peter (he believes they were forgeries)

Bart Ehrman v Triple B
If the video does not play, please view the video here:

I hope Triple B repents for his insults and desists from such disrespectful and anti-Jesus behaviour in the future

James White v Usama Dakdok


Is the Gospel of John reliable?

James White and defending the NT reliability?

Christian Tampering of Josephus?

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Treble b. lol

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Radical Moderate said...

Snow man do you even know when you misrepresent anymore?

Anonymous said...

Triple b lost again

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Yahya Snow said...


Who do you believe was misrepresented? Triple B or Bart Ehrman?

Erik F. said...

TripleB is against not only Prof. Ehrman but virtually all the experts in the world who have examined the issues pertaining to the authorship of 2 Peter believe it is forgery.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The idea that 2 Peter is a forgery is pure rubbish. Bart has no facts to back his claims up. All he does is speculate and speculations are just opinions without facts.