Wednesday, 8 May 2013

What Does Jihadist Mean?

The word 'Jihadist' does not exist in Islam nor Arabic. The word was coined up by the media:

The second example is certain categorizations of Muslims with expressions manufactured by some in the media that have no comparison in the Arabic language or Islam! A glaring example is "Jihadist" which is another made up flavour of what the media used to call the "mujahideen" in Afghanistan when they were supported by the CIA to freedom fight the Russian occupation in the 1980s. Jihadist should be a translation of an Arabic word pronounced "Jihady" only there is no such a word in either Arabic or Islam... [The Lies About Muhammad - Mustafa Zayed, 2010, p.18-19]

Justin Bieber shows respect in Turkey


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Well said Br. Snow.

Anonymous said...

CAIRO — Egyptian security forces have arrested three militants with ties to Al Qaeda who were planning terrorist attacks in Egyptian cities and against a foreign embassy, the interior minister said Saturday.

A Western official said the Egyptians had privately identified the embassy as the United States Embassy in Cairo.

Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim said at a news conference that the suspects had been arrested with 22 pounds of explosive materials and instructions on how to make bombs and build rockets and model airplanes to use in the attacks.

He said the suspects were “on the verge” of attacking an embassy when they were arrested.

He did not identify the embassy, but Egyptian officials have told their American counterparts that the United States Embassy was a target, a Western diplomat said. (Continue Reading.)