Friday, 28 March 2014

Pastor Usama Dakdok Is A Proven Liar

Usama Dakdok continues to lie about Islam. It's really sad that somebody who knows Arabic and English would lie like this.

Coptic Pastor Is a Proven Liar About Islam

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Some will say, “(They were) three, the fourth of them being their dog,” and some will say, “Five, the sixth of them being their dog, just making conjectures.” And others will say, “Seven, the eighth of them is their dog.” Say, “My Lord knows best about their number.” No one knows them except a few, so do not argue about them except an apparent argumentation. And do not ask anyone of these about them.

Usama Dakdok invited to give up lying and come to Islam

Usama, I understand speaking venomously about Islam and Muslims to Christian audiences across America is your way of earning a livelihood. Riding on the wave of Islamophibia after 9/11 to make money is not edifying. I urge you to drop the lies, the hatred and the pride.

I invite you to Islam.

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Understanding Islam: Religion of Life
Islam is not a new religion, but the same truth that God revealed through all His prophets to every people. For a fifth of the world's population, Islam is both a religion and a complete way of life. Muslims follow a religion of peace, mercy, and forgiven

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Dog-Whistle Politics and Anti-Muslim Rhetoric
Dog-whistle politics is a term that is used to refer to a political tactic in which racism is masked by the use of certain code words.

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London: A good news for the Muslims residing in Britain rises as the Chairman Conservative Party, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, has successfully convinced the British government after the efforts of a year that Islamophobia has prevailed in the British society and become a taboo and the menace needs to curbed practically.

According to the sources, the UK government has accepted that Islamophobia in the Britain is socially acceptable now and in order to wipe out the menace, it has formulated a cross-government working group to deal with anti-Muslim hatred.

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MDI Excerpt: Zara Faris on UK government & media attack on Muslim Gender segregation

Zara Faris gives a damning indictment of the UK media and government’s attack on Muslim Gender segregation, and the intolerance of Islamic practice against the Muslim minority of the UK.

The title of the event was ‘Muslim Women’s Unified Response to the Attack of Gender Segregation. The event was attended by a panel of female Muslim speakers, including Yvonne Ridley (journalist), Shohana Khan (Hizb ut Tahrir), Fatima Barakatulla (iERA) and Aisha Azri (UCL ISOC). The event was hosted at the Waterlily, London, on 20th December 2014.