Thursday, 22 May 2014

If a Gang of Muslim Women attacked a Jewish Woman

Now if there was a report of a gang of Muslim women attacking a Jewish woman as per the picture it would be heavily publicised in an anti-Muslim propaganda campaign against Muslims. Here we have a report of a group of Jewish women (though to be fair it seems as though it's just one woman and the rest are gathered around) attack a Muslim woman yet it's not so heavily publicised. Why is that?

Where are the Zionists and anti-Muslim Christian hate-preachers? You bet these peeps would be all over it if it was the other way round.

This Arab woman was attacked yesterday by group of Jewish women while waiting at the rail station in Jerusalem,as the security officer stood there enjoying the scene.

 Two days ago , an Arab man was also heavily attacked by a group of Jewish teenagers while cleaning the streets of Tel-Aviv .

 Attacked and humiliated in their own land without any intervention nor means of response .


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