Saturday, 31 May 2014

Sign: No Dogs in Tower Hamlets. Rght Wing Stunt?

Piece of paper gets Islamophobes excited

Of course the Islamophobes are making a big deal out of a paper sign about how Muslims don't want dog walkers in the area of Tower Hamlets.

People are stupid aren't they? This could well have been a silly stunt by Britain First, EDL or some other right wing organisation to further their agenda of hatred and division. Jim Fitzpatrick is requesting a full investigation:

The MP for Poplar and Limehouse said: ‘I have no idea whether this was posted by the EDL, Islamists or another organisation. Regardless, this is a highly divisive sign.

It seems to be as though this piece of paper has been totally blown out of proportion. I'd imagine it's a right wing anti-Muslim bigot who put that up. Yet we see the anti-Muslim brigade already using this for their purpose to bash Muslims. Pathetic.

Here's a Muslim scholar, Dr Shabir Ally, discussing the Muslim view on dogs.

Q and A: How Should Muslims View Dogs?

From the news report:

'Do not walk your dog here! Muslims do not like dogs': Fury after poster discovered near popular London park warns dog-walkers to stay out of 'Islamic areas'

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