Monday, 5 May 2014

Zionists Hypocrisy: 'Jew Hatred in Europe'

Hypocrisy Alert!

Hypocrisy Alert!

Hypocrisy Alert!

Such is the hypocrisy of Zionists and right wing bloggers. When far right activists in Europe protest and intimidate Jews there's a huge outcry from right wingers and/Zionists. Yet when similar right wing groups  protest against Muslims these right wingers are either silent or actually SUPPORTING the right wing groups whilst babbling on about stopping 'Islamization of Europe'.

As a Muslim, we say no group should be living in fear in our community. The Zionists and right wing bloggers, through their hypocrisy, are saying Jews should live unimpeded lives in Europe but Muslims should be impeded in some way.

Muslims in Brussels should show solidarity with the Jews in Brussels to support them in their moment of need. This is the Muslim duty. Muslims are meant to stand up against injustice - so we need to denounce these far right groups which are intimidating Jews.

By time, Indeed, mankind is in loss, Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.
 Times of Israel:
“Brussels police disperse rally supporting banned far-right event,” By AFP, May 4, 2014 Water cannon used against crowd protesting cancelation of ‘anti-Semitic hate-fest’ featuring quenelle inventor BRUSSELS, Belgium (AFP) —

Riot police in Brussels Sunday used water cannon to disperse a crowd defying a ban on a gathering of controversial far-right figures including French comic Dieudonne, which critics called an “anti-Semitic hatefest”. Citing a threat to public order, the mayor of the Brussels district of Anderlecht banned both the meeting and any protests connected to it.

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Jesus taught people to do the Will of God (according to Mark 3:35) in order to become his brothers, mothers or sisters. A Muslim means one who submits to the Will of God. Do you want to become a brother/sister of Jesus? If yes, become a Muslim.

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