Monday, 19 July 2010

Christians, Have you Ever HEARD the Quran Recited?

Well, here is your chance. The Quran is a Book of Majesty and Excellence. How Excellent is the Author.

Our aim is to leave a legacy of goodness behind as we pass onto the next world, we are all human beings and face the same struggles against materialism and one's inner-self. However, the Quran is a Healing for those who believe.

It is a Book which I have heard and read even in dreams and the spiritual conection with the Words are something out of this world. Please do listen to the recitation with sincerity and a willingness to hear the Word of God recited

Very effective Qur'an recitation=Sura 3, verse 14-18.
Shiek Anes Al Gamdey ;may Allah (swt) bless him
قراءه رائعه للشيخ أنس الغامدي حفظه الله وبارك فيه


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