Sunday, 18 July 2010

Dealing with Some Hysteria and Paranoia from AnsweringMuslims

Dealing with Some Hysteria and Paranoia from Answering Muslims

One of the loyalists from the Answering Muslims fraternity speaks some real paranoia and empty rhetoric (as well as nonsense)

It is Rafik Respnde ao Isla, this bloke really hates Islam…I guess that is why he hangs with the crew at AnsweringMuslims.

Rafik Responde ao Isla said...

Dear brothers and sisters

Rafik, “brother” David will not be considering you a “brother” if you are a Catholic or Mormon. Lay down your credentials.

Ergun Caner is not even regarded as a “brother” by James White. Yes; the great White refuses to call him brother. I guess Arminians and Calvinists are not too friendly with each other. So Rafik, don’t say I did not give you a heads up.

I believe that God wants to use this TRIAL to prepare AMERICA Christians for the worse.

So, you believe God is using a two-man band (Acts17Aplogetics) on the internet to prepare American Christians for the worse?

Can it really get any worse? We have Ergun Caner being caught red-handed in deceit, we have a whole host of sex scandals and illegal activities in the Church, we have Sam Shamoun having his latest eruption of vile, we have David Wood increasing his activity level of egomania, we have secularism running rife through America, not to mention the recession…I think you get the picture Rafik but let’s hear you out

This TRIAL will open LOTS OF PRECEDENTS ... It might be the END of Sharia in America or the START for all Muslims to legally harass Christians.

Wow, I knew brother Rafik was building up to a bomb shell (I am OK to call you brother? Or are you going to do a James White on me?)

So according to our brother Rafik there is Sharia in America and this trial may stop it. Well Rafik, I don’t even live in America and I can tell you there is no Sharia in America. I can however tell you people in America get abused (including physically) for simply looking like Muslims. What “Sharia” are you banging on about?

San Francisco is still the gay capital of America and the world whilst Las Vegas is still the casino capital of the world. Does that sound like Sharia to you?

Where is the Sharia, Rafik? I’m serious, where is it?

This is the problem with the puritanical brigade; they all have mantra of hate they stick to rigidly; in the case of the cult of David Wood the focus is on Muslims. A cowardly focus at that, if you want to be “brave” Christians go and tackle homosexual “sharia” in San Francisco, Florida and New York.

Your leader lives in New York (I believe) so he won’t even have to ask for cash in order to go and tackle this gay “sharia”. The truth is Christians like Rafik are frightened of gays as they are the real protected people of special status not the Muslims.

Picking on the Muslims is easy, Rafik…try somebody your own size (actually bigger); the GAYS!

Dear David and Nabeel - WE ALL were arrested with you this year and WE will be in Dearborn NEXT YEAR TO BE ARRESTED WITH YOU AGAIN ....

Rafik seems to be drowning in his hatred of Muslims, it would be interesting to see Rafik take the GAYS on…
Rafik, please do go to Dearborn next year and get arrested, that will give you the opportunity to meet a few gays to take on in the Dearborn prison.

Blessings and take courage ...

“Courage”, it does not take much courage to bash an already downtrodden group who are pretty much public enemy number one. However, it does take courage to try and fight the establishment, the very establishment which has eroded away Christianity from America in the name of secularism. An establishment which is using that protected group (the gays) to push the envelope further and drive your “Christianity” into the Pacific Ocean.

There is a potent subtext here, a lot of these fundamentalist groups direct their hate at Muslims safe in the knowledge there is going to be little or no back lash whilst simultaneously being frightened of challenging gays in public. I dare Nabeel and David to go to gay events and perform the same type of aggro-preaching they did in Dearborn…they won’t despite there being a gay parade recently in New York (the home of the infamous David Wood)…why was brother David Wood not preaching in the style of Paul (oddly, he is being compared to Paul by some of his more vocal supporters) to the gays?

It is that word, brother Rafik, “courage”.

You are likely to make a quick buck doing down the common “enemy” (the Muslims), just ask Robert Spencer or Pam Geller, they seem to be dressing in a pretty expensive gear…I noticed David Wood suited up, dare I say through the cash he collected whilst bashing everybody’s favourite villain (the poor Muslims)

I sit here, far away in the UK and I despair as I can see Christianity going down the tube and all because of secularism whilst our fundamentalist Christian friends bash the irrelevant Muslims…the Muslims are simply a distraction, rather convenient for the secularists who will be teaching lesbianism in your schools soon (ahh I forgot, they already are…we must have missed it whilst bashing Muslims). Who knows what the secularists will do next whilst you have your back turned beating Muslims

I doubt Rafik and his associates at the AnsweringMuslims blog really care…especially the head honchos

What would Jesus do?

Rafik and his pals do not really care…as long they have some downtrodden group to bash they will remain content

I suppose brother Rafik will be proud of this Christian (Sam Shamoun) taking the fight to a 16yr old Muslim boy, that is real “courage

People PLEASE STOP wasting your time HATING Muslims

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Ali said...

it's so funny to see christians wine that they're losing their prostitution, gambling, binge drinking. have they ever thought of muslim countries that have all these now? why don't you get your moronic activities out of ours and i'd be 100% GLAD to leave this christian nation.