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Sam Shamoun On the Brink...Say Goodbye

There is a NEW Sam Shamoun in town

Sam, ask yourself do you want to be like Jesus or the new "Sam Shamoun"?
If it is Jesus then please give Islam a chance.

Here Is "Father" Zakaria Butrous' claim of sex with a dead body (refuted and discussed):

Here are some of Sam Shamoun's mistakes/pieces of dishonesty in his latest article:

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Muhammad HAS Salvation: When will it sink in to Christian missionary minds?

Yet another Christian polemicist is peddling the “Muhammad was not assured salvation” claim despite there being a plethora of material disproving their claim. Previously his colleague was admonished for such erroneous claim; unfortunately his colleague did not fill him in and thus he is looking rather red-faced indeed.

Sadly, this Christian polemicist has not been privy to the source material which proves Muhammad was guaranteed Paradise (i.e. assured of salvation). However, in an act of responsibility and altruism we will guide him into the right direction by showing him proof Muhammad was assured of salvation and then we will clear up some of his misdirected ideas within his article.

Proof Muhammad was Certain of Salvation and Paradise

It is difficult to believe people are still peddling questions regarding Muhammad’s salvation, ponder upon this Quranic verse:

Surah 9:72

Allâh has promised to the believers -men and women, - Gardens under which rivers flow to dwell therein forever, and beautiful mansions in Gardens of 'Adn (Eden Paradise). But the greatest bliss is the Good Pleasure of Allâh. That is the supreme success.

Now Muhammed is a believing man, thus according to the Quran he is to be in Paradise thus showing his salvation is certain. Those who are unsaved are not going to Paradise, only the saved enter Paradise (like Jesus and Muhammad).

Muhammad Declares he Will be in Paradise

Here is the most explicit reference I could get hold of regarding Muhammad:

Sahih Bukhari Volume 8, Book 73, Number 34:
Narrated Sahl bin Sa'd:
The Prophet said, "I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like this," putting his index and middle fingers together.

Thus Muhammad is CONFIRMING he will be IN Paradise (and those looking after orphans will be very close to him in Paradise). Anybody of a reasonable disposition will acknowledge this points to Muhammad being GUARANTEED Paradise and SALVATION!

Here is another quick one:

“No one will enter Paradise except a Muslim” ((Reported by al-Bukhaari, 6047).

Muhammad is a Muslim therefore Paradise is guaranteed for him. However knowing Shamoun’s fertile imagination and obstinacy he will claim Muhammad to be a non-Muslim in order to maintain his bizarre claim

We have already seen Muhammad is going to Paradise and therefore is guaranteed salvation. But let us cut through some of the now obsolete points Sam Shamoun has been making in the interest of thoroughness and in the hope Sam will drop his invalid claims.

Cutting Through Sam Shamoun’s Dubious Rhetoric

In typical zealous style our Sam Shamoun begins his outrageous claim which is symptomatic of his misunderstanding of basic Islamic principles and practices; within his title he proclaims:

“Praying for Muhammad’s Peace and Security”

A quick interjection to correct him; Muslims don’t pray for Muhammad’s “security” we simply ask God to send His Peace and Blessings upon the Prophet. The more times we do this the more goodness God showers upon the Prophet. Would you not do this for a Prophet you love? I actually do this for Prophet Jesus too as I love him as well. By Shamoun’s warped understanding this means we are praying for the “security” of Jesus.

I think Sam can see the erroneous nature of his claim. Unsurprisingly the rest of his lengthy article is a dire attempt in propping this already refuted claim.

Does this mean we can end the article and toddle off to the gym and avoid inflicting further refutation upon Shamoun’s outrageous material?

Not so fast Sam, stay right where you are!

There are a few other points of contention which I want to bring to your attention. I will get the most embarrassing one out of the way.

PROOF: Sam you have NEVER read the WHOLE Bible

Shamoun wrote this:

In the first place, there is not a single Biblical verse or Quranic citation which exhorts believers to pray for the peace and salvation of any of God’s true prophets and apostles after their respective deaths; Muhammad is utterly unique in this respect

Firstly Sam, we have already taught you that Muslims do not pray for Muhammad’s “salvation” so you can go back and expunge such fanciful claims. However it gets more interesting as our Sam Shamoun appears to have never read the Bible. God is speaking to Abram (Abraham) in this verse:

I will bless those who bless you,
and whoever curses you I will curse;
and all peoples on earth
will be blessed through you."
(Genesis 12:3 NIV)

Now, that is undisputable. It clearly encourages people to pray for blessings on Abraham. This is all too similar to what Muslims do to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Indeed Muslims would be considered uncouth not to say peace be upon Abraham after mentioning his name. Muslims do this prayer for ALL prophets when mentioned.

Thus two points are proven here:

1. Muslims are blessed by God according to Genesis 12:3 as we Muslims ask God to bless Abraham with peace (alayhissalam)

2. Sam Shamoun is unfamiliar with the Bible

Sam may be hiding behind the sofa right now, hold on Sam is American so I guess he will use the word “couch” as opposed to “sofa”. Nevertheless he is finding it rather embarrassing.
Before the embarrassment can subside, Sam let’s get the appended claim out of the way:
“Muhammad is utterly unique in this respect.”

I’m sure you have realised Muhammad is not alone in this respect as Genesis 12:3 encouraged people to send blessings upon Abraham just like Muslims do for the last Prophet, Muhammad.

Sam, before we move on please join us in this supplication:

O Lord of all that exists, please send your peace and blessings on Abraham, Jesus and Muhammad and upon all the other Prophets. Ameen.

Sam Shamoun also states:

If Muhammad who is the founder of Islam needed and continues to need individuals to pray for his salvation

It is getting a little repetitive, Sam. I’m sure having read up to this point in the article a man of comprehension will realise Muslims are not praying for “salvation” as Muhammad had salvation guaranteed. May I remind you he told us he will be in Heaven, that sounds like guaranteed salvation, thus he does not require anybody to pray for his salvation. Muhammad has already attained salvation he will be in the same place as Abraham and the other Prophets.

Worry about your own salvation, Sam. Prophets are more than fine when it comes to salvation.

I think we have had our fill of Shamoun’s wild and spurious claims for today

God willing Sam will realise the error in his ways.

I know I have been having some fun with Sam Shamoun throughout the course of this article but it is all for effect in order to help him and others see the truth. God willing it will be of use to people of a sincere disposition.

May Allah send His peace and blessings upon all his Prophets. Ameen.

Any files or information should be sent to:

Appendix 1:
Sam Shamoun latest outright lie of Muslims being” black stone lickers it is refuted here:

Appendix 2:

Interesting article by Jonathon Dupree which could further the truth-seeker’s understanding, God willing:

Appendix 3:

Here is a typical Muslim prayer asking for further blessings upon the Prophet they love:

Translation (2) O Allah, Lord of this lasting call and this beneficial prayer, confer blessings upon Muhammad and become pleased with me so that You are never displeased with me thereafter.

Here’s one in which ABRAHAM is mentioned:
Translation (4) O Allah, confer blessings upon Muhammad and upon the family of Muhammad, and bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, and shower Your mercy upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, in the manner You conferred blessings, blessed and showered mercy upon Ibrahim and the family of Ibrahim. Verily, You are the Praiseworthy, the Majestic.

Here’s one asking for blessings for ALL believers (obviously that includes Jesus and Abraham, right?):
Translation (3) O Allah, confer blessings upon Muhammad, Your bondsman and Your messenger and confer blessings upon the believing men and women, and the Muslim men and women.


mkvine said...


I just wanted to note a few things. First, you said that Muslims do not pray for Muhammad's "security or salvation" but for "peace and blessings." If you read Shamoun's article he stresses the fact that by praying for "peace" upon him, you are actually praying for his salvation. This is seen for example when the Quran associates Paradise with "Peace." In other words, to be in Paradise is to be in Peace (15:45-48; 25:75-76; 50:31-35; 56:10-26; 56:88-91). As Shamoun put it "Thus, by praying that Allah would grant Muhammad peace Muslims are essentially praying for Muhammad’s salvation!"

Secondly, you said that Surah 9:72 proves Muhammad's salvation. But heres the problem I see with this assessment. As I stated above, to ask God to grant peace to someone is essentially asking God to grant them paradise (i.e. salvation). This is so because to be in paradise is to be at peace (as the above verses indicate). So to say that Muhammad has achieved salvation or has it promised (9:72), is essentially saying that you no longer need to ask God to grant him peace. If Muhammad is promised paradise, then there is no need to keep asking God to grant him peace (salvation) because God already guaranteed that. It would be superfluous to do it. Unless of course, Muhammad was not promised paradise, then I can see why Muslims would ask God to grant him peace (salvation), since his eternal destiny is not known.

Finally, in regards to Genesis 12:3. This verse has essentially two parts, the blessings and curses of Abraham himself, and the blessings of his progeny. The former has an immediate context, the latter has a future context. As for the latter, we can see it being fulfilled in Galatians 3:5-9, 15-18, 26-29. As for the former, we can see this being fulfilled within the lifetime of Abraham. For example, in Genesis 12:17 we see that God afflicts the egyptian King for taking away Abraham's wife. In Genesis 14:18-20 we see that Melchizedek blesses Abraham. Moreover, we never see anywhere in the Bible mentioning that believers are to continue blessing Abraham even after his death. Everytime that he was blessed it was during his lifetime. In fact, in Luke 16 when two people died and saw Abraham in the afterlife, there was no mention of blessings to him. I hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

mkvine:Secondly, you said that Surah 9:72 proves Muhammad's salvation. But heres the problem I see with this assessment. As I stated above, to ask God to grant peace to someone is essentially asking God to grant them paradise

On what basis do you make the claim that wishing peace on someone is actually wishing for that person's salvation, given that it is explicitly stated in the Quran and elsewhere that what determines salvation is Allah's Mercy, not peace? You would have had a case if Muslims prayed to Allah to have Mercy on Muhammad(saw), but the fact is, we don't make such supplications.
In fact, when Adam and Eve sinned according to the Quran, they begged Allah for Mercy (which entails forgiveness), not peace. So to say that wishing peace on someone is tantamount to praying for his/her salvation has no basis in the Quran.

Your Paradise is peace argument where you use the terms interchangeably is stupid.
Ishamel means "God Hears". So when I tell someone that God hears my prayers, do I say "Ishmael my prayers" since "God Hears" means "Ishmael"?

Essentially, you have committed the fallacy of the undistributed middle. Paradise is peace. To invoke blessings is peace. Therefore, Paradise is to invoke blessings. A fallacious argument indeed!

Anyway, the main point is that it is Allah's Mercy which determines a person's salvation, not peace. The fact that Allah chose Muhammad(saw) as His Messenger was an act of Mercy to begin with which guarantees His place in Paradise, or peace as you would call it, lol. Muslims pray for their own salvation by asking for Allah's Mercy but when it comes to the Prophet's salvation they invoke peace? You gotta be kidding me!

Besmikov Lenko said...

How can you possible know what our intentions are during prayers for the Prophet Muhammad? Are you telling us that when we're praying for blessings and peace on the Prophet Muhammad we don't actually mean it? What is wrong with you?

VJ said...

Alright yahya lets get practical now and see your true brave face.
or would you like to hide it with a burqa?

Here is the challenge from shamoun you were waiting to be accepted and besides its for you as well.
will yahya snow take up the challenge or hide behind the closed door of text and video dialog wearing the burqa?

TO JIBREELK AND YAHYA, THE TWO COWARDLY CIRCUS CLOWNS. ABN will be hosting monthly debates:­=_EYkAxKRcXQ&videos=9A0W71HAS6­Y

I am therefore challenging both you circus clowns to debate me on the show . Time to step up and defend your prophet and your god since they need all the help they can get.

So will yahya snow accept the challenge to defend his prophet or run away knowing there is nothing he can he can do to save his prophethood.??????????

Time will tell............

All the best yahya i really wait to see your response of this challenge

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of God, Peace be unto those who follow the guidance from their Lord.

The thing I find funny about brother Yahya is he sure knows how to get under the skin of SS.

I find it a bit comical. It's nice to come home after a long hard day and see Yahya getting SS all riled up!


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anthony Rogers said...

Beware of censorship: Yahya was here.

Yahya Snow said...


The comment removed was a Chinese spam comment

So please calm

However...if you are genuinely opposed to censorship then it is a little hypocritical that your pals (Shamoun + Wood) go unrebuked for their heavy censorship.

Think about


Lupus el Lobo said...

I can vouch for Yahya's claim.
My comments on the answeringislam site have been blocked lately.
I have never used any foul language. It seems to me that the truth they say they are seeking is very selective indeed.
They have developed a very clever scheme for appearing to promote freedom of speech. They only allow comments, however critical, which they know they can counter. Whenever they encounter a comment that they find difficult they simply block it.
There goes their so-called advocacy for freedom of speech.

Anthony Rogers said...

Lupus, the Chinese spammer's remark that Yahya said he erased was more intelligible to most than the nonsense you were spouting at AM. David was hardly having any trouble handling you. You were canned for being a troll and a dunderhead.

Anyone can go review the comments and see what led to your expulsion.

Ali said...

I find it humorous christians saying they've been censored, yet at the same time their own sites do the same. david wood will certainly block any comment that threatens his ministry or his senseless views about islam. and i believe david wood went all the way to britain to do a segment on freedom of speech on how islam threatens it. pure hypocricy

Anonymousing said...


Essentially, you have committed the fallacy of the undistributed middle.

I can be sure that i am reading IBN now! The Undistributed Middle Syllogist Ibn :P

Lupus el Lobo said...

Mr Rogers:

Let me give you to examples of when my comments prompted Nabeel and Master David to change their comments or post:
One was when I remarked that Nabeel made false accusations regarding the Canadian women who killed her daughter.
The second was when David claimed that critics of his cabal said that since no other christian were or are attcked in Dearborn they couldn't have been attacked. I challenged him to show me one critic who made such a claim. He then changed the sentence to: "that we've somehow said that all Christians in Dearborn are constantly harassed"

By the way Anthony can't we just be friends, rather than having a relationship in which you call me a Troll etc?

Anthony Rogers said...


Neither of the two issues you brought up represent the reason you are no longer aloud to submit comments to AM. Besides that, as I recall it, Nabeel didn't change the post because of any error that he made, but to prevent the kind of misunderstanding you were laboring under. I don't recall the second example, but I suspect it is as benign as the first one.

As for your offer of friendship, I will happily be cordial with you.

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of God, Peace be unto those who follow the guidance from their Lord.

I have been listening to that song 'Awesome God' by Hillsong United "Look To You" it's very moving. I love it!

Yahya Snow said...



Monthly debates?

Defending Prophet?

What type of show invites a person to "defend Prophet Muhammad"???

VJ...I really hope you are not amongst the gullible lot who waste money donating to such an organization.

mkvine said...


Thanks for your reply. It is very simple, go back and read my first paragraph. There you will see all the Quranic references that I referred to where it talks about Paradise and Peace. Perhaps, I wasn't too clear in my assessment, but I didn't say that Paradise *equals* peace and I never once said they are used interchangeably. So in that sense its not the "undistributed middle" fallacy. What I meant to say is that when you are in paradise, you are given Peace, there is no torment or anything bad, only Peace. And this is exactly how those Quranic verses associate the two terms. Therefore, if Muhammad was guaranteed Paradise, then there is no need to ask God to grant him peace, since in paradise he would have all the peace anyone could ask for. Unless Muhammad was not guaranteed paradise, then in order to save him from the horrors and tortures of hell, I can see why someone would ask God for his salvation from the hellfire into a peaceful and blissful paradise. I hope that helps.

Anonymousing said...

: \

sorry bout that..

Anonymous said...

salvation is a christian thing ... the prophet (saw) guaranteed even others of Jannah .. im still loling at when bible jesus tells one of the thieves that he will be in heaven with him that day when according to christian theology he went to hell first LOL

mkvine said...


I'm surprised and somewhat shocked that there is no concept of salvation in Islam. But perhaps that is just your opinion and not what Islam actually teaches. Christian theology does not teach that the thief on the Cross went to "heaven" that same day. It teaches that he went to "paradise," that is something theologically different. And paradise is not eternal hellfire. Besides, that's already getting off the subject at hand.

mkvine said...


And for any other Muslim who is interested in answering this question. So far, I've heard you guys saying what "peace" does NOT refer to. What I want to know is, what DOES it refer to? In other words, for what reason are Muslims asking Allah to grant peace on Muhammad? For example, are you asking for him to have a peaceful day at work? Are you asking him to receive peace from his jihad? What exactly is it that you are asking his peace for?

VJ said...


So this is your answer to the challenge????
Do you refuse to debate Shamoun?

Lupus el Lobo said...

I appreciate you accepting my offer.

Anthony Rogers said...

Edit: "allowed" instead of "aloud". :)

Lupus el Lobo said...

It is a way of paying respect to God by honoring his prophets and angels.
If you constantly honour Muhammed (PBUH) then there is also a greater chance that you follow his teachings.
Think about it for a moment.
Furthermore your argument that he wasn't sure of salvation is ludacris. If he had doubts? Tell me why do you think that would be?

Yahya Snow said...


I ask you to go to the Sam Shamoun section on this blog and browse through all the posts therein and then rethink your ties with such an individual

PS...he is in the middle of a YouTube debate with a gentleman named Jibreelk and he is really struggling and his arguments are being shwon up.

VJ, go to Jibreelk's YouTube channel and see it for yourself.


Yahya snow

Anonymous said...

Off topic. How come so many Christian apologists look the same, a shiny bald head and a goatee? James White has it. Ergun Caner has it. Shamoun has it. Shamoun is more butch though.

VJ said...

yahya i saw the videos and Keith's brilliant refutation as well...
SAM asked for a ABN debate not hiding behind youtube video debate.

but you cleverly diverted the topic,that challenge is still waiting for you...dont post other people challenging SAM when you cannot respond to it.

will you debate or not?
are you afraid or not?
will you answer or not?
that's what we are waiting to hear from you...

Anonymous said...

mkvine playing games of semantics now. So I guess "hades" and "hell" are now different to LOL

mkvine said...


Jesus said to the thief that TODAY you will with me in Paradise (Lk 23:43). But we know that Jesus ascension to heaven was later (it didn't happen that day), so paradise and heaven are different theological places. But like I said earlier, you are shifting the topic of discussion. The topic is NOT on Christian theology, its on Muhammad and paradise. Please answer my question, otherwise I will have to assume your just avoiding it.


mkvine said...

Lupus thanks for your answer. Peace

Lupus el Lobo said...

Mkvine said:
Lupus thanks for your answer. Peace

Lupus replied:
You're welcome brother