Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Helping a Christian Lady Come Closer to God

Dawah is the act of delivering the message of God to people who are unaware or in a state of abandonment/rejection of God's Word.

Propagating the Good News is incumbent upon ALL Muslims, this of course is not a light business as salvation is on the line; thus Muslims should be as proactive as possible in the act of Dawah.

To alleviate/remove a common misconception it is important to note Muslims are NOT allowed to lie in order to gain converts, this is a malicious propaganda piece worked assiduously by people bent on sabotaging the effort of spreading the message of Abrahamic monotheism.

Here is a Muslim who has been preaching the Word to a Christian lady and due to God's Blessings, Love and Mercy this lady is closer to Islam, in this video you shall note the Muslim man is simply focussing on differences and similarities between her belief system and Islam in order to help her acquire the correct Aqida (belief system)

Of course the lady has a long way to go but this mode of intensive and broken-down (bite-size) Dawah is refreshing and well worth incorporating into one's own methodology of delivering the Truth to those who are willing to learn.

The Muslim gentleman makes sure the Christian lady is happy being recorded prior to the conversation, this is germane to some of the errors which are being made by fundamentalist "Christians" elsewhere.

The Muslim gentleman is sincere and acting out of LOVE, love and mutual understanding is far better than the abrasive approach some people take to evangelism

How does someone become a Muslim?
Simply by saying ‘there is no god worthy of worship besides God (Allah), and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. By this declaration the believer announces his or her faith in all God’s messengers, and the scriptures they brought.

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May Allah (God) bless the lady further and may Allah bless the Muslim gentleman further, Amen.


Aaron said...

Islam's denial of Jesus' death on the cross is hard to believe in light of the overwhelming evidence:

-The Old Testament prophets testified to Jesus’ death and burial.
-Jesus testified to His death on multiple occasions.
-We have eyewitnesses to the death of Jesus on the cross.
-We know of people who participated in the burial of Jesus’ dead body.
-Even non-Christian sources wrote that Jesus died (e.g. Josephus and Tacitus).

The law/Torah requires that a matter be established by two or three witnesses (Deuteronomy 17:6-7). The testimonies of Jesus, Old Testament prophets, Jesus’ followers, non-Christian historians, etc. is true, legal and believable compared to the testimony of Muhammad (or the Qur’an), which was written nearly six hundred years after the event.

Muhammad’s claim that the angel Gabriel spoke to him is an HISTORICAL CLAIM. What historical evidence is there that the angel Gabriel spoke to Muhammad? Is there eyewitness testimony, or is Muhammad the only witness to his claim that Gabriel spoke to him? Unlike Moses and Jesus, Muhammad was the only witness to what he claimed concerning the angel Gabriel. This means that believing Muhammad’s claim is a violation of God’s Law and is especially sinful because he contradicted the previously validated and lawful testimony of Moses and Jesus.


maratsafin said...

@Aaron ,old arguments about non-christians historians attesting to jesus's death is so weak that main stream aplogists are embaressed to use them etc josepheus and tacitus??? tacitus wrote his histories in around 105 over 70 years after jesus's supposed eath!! also the passage about christians ( or Chrestians major difference) is only found in a 11th century manuscript add to the fact that no early church fathers mentions tacitus as a early witness to supposed persecution of christians the whole arguments falls flat as for josephus....well thats not even worth a rebuttal.
Yes the old testament requires a matter be resolved by 2/3 witness's but what i read of it it has nothing to do with prophethood, the chapter dealing with prophethood is dealt with in the following chapter and i have a feeling why christians do not like bringing that one up ,hint, its all about prophecies!! Also how many witness's were there to moses claim on sinai? or the burning bush? or how mnay witness's to daniel vision of gabriel? please answer with references to the bible. Although imho it still will not matter to the prophethood of Muhammad Pbuh.