Monday, 12 July 2010

A L ETTER To Christian Prince (aka Investigateislam)

Open Letter to Christian Prince (InvestigateIslam from

Sir, in my spare time I investigate Christian ministries.

Brother, I write with great concern regarding your mission on the internet, it does appear you are taking advantage of the naïve and innocent nature of Christians in order to gain material and financial support.

I have known (for some time) of your ministry and the capacity for disinformation and confrontation you and a handful of followers have espoused . I also know you are no spring chicken as I recall you put your age down as 64 on YouTube a couple of years back.

Despite knowing of your propensity to simply make things up in order to dupe an innocent Christian audience who are unfamiliar with the Arabic language and/or Islam. This is not the way; I do not conceive this type of activity to be within the spirit of Christianity or any faith for that matter.

Sir, allow me to recall some of my information related to your incompetence and wind-up merchant style. You may remember this episode. Christian Prince you were reading a verse from Surah al Fatiha and when reading the English translation which reads:

The Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

You then proceeded to read the word “beneficent” as “BEAUTIFUL”. Ok, I understand English is not your first language but what really concerned me was your subsequent misuse of this. You then went on to state this means “Allah is saying he is sexy” based on your misreading of the word beneficent. You were mocking and this episode led me to believe you were simply a wind up merchant. This is not the way to behave.

ChristianPrince/InvestigateIslam, you also propagate other immature arguments such as “Islam allows sex with animals” the type of arguments you hold are basic disconnections from accuracy. (See appendix 1 for an analysis of the sex with animals)

Through recent investigations of your ministry it now appears you are asking for cash whilst talking about women and the beauty of women, which women are most beautiful etc. This is not on.

I have run my ministry for a good while and I have not been asking for cash. Why do you need to ask for money? You must also be reminded that you have been asking for cash long before the setting up of your shoddy Pal Talk/TV set up named (Debate TV)

However, simply asking for financial donations is not my criticism here; it is the fact that you ask for the cash whilst deliberately presenting misinformation and speaking in an obscene manner more akin to a hoodlum from a ghetto. Your supporters seem to be imbued with hatred of Islam and on an equal immature setting as yourself, it genuinely appears as though you are asking for hand outs from Christians in order to continue with an agenda of hate, vilification and abrasion under the false pretence of the Church. InvestigateIslam/Christian Prince, we must also point to the numerous sincere Christians who are opposed to you and your methodologies and “ministry”.

In fact, people are beginning to doubt you are even a Christian and this has to be indicative of your unchristian behaviour. Here is a radio talk show host (Rex from Islamandfriends) speaking regarding you (CP =
Christian Prince):

I bet anything that CP is not a really a Christian! There is a breaking story that is all over what really happened (com) right now and many other respected sites and in my favs that showed Jewish Zionist agents and how they impersonate Muslims and Christians and act like fools in the u.s and on line order to make the parties hate one another more. What CP does is unnatural Christians don't do stuff like that. In real life most real Christians act more like Jack from together for peace not CP

The way to invite people to your cause is not through mockery, deceit and hatred, InvestigateIslam/ Christian prince. I also noted you were claiming the name Abu Dada means Satan. We all know the word for Satan in Arabic is Shaitan; this is nothing like Abu Dada. You knew this but you knew you could get away with it as you have supporters who are unaware of basic Arabic or are simply bent on misinforming people about Islam in an avenue of hate-expenditure

This is not a letter designed to catalogue your various misdemeanours. Other people have begun detailing your deceit and unchristian ways, ironically these people are the Muslims. Muslims who will be looking at you and your ministry (Debate TV) and prejudging ALL Christian missions due to the deception and underhand approach you adopt. You are a liability to the Church.

I often wondered why you operate in the English speaking marking despite your poor English and heavy accent. My opinion is because you can manipulate non-Arab speaking audiences easier than Arab speaking audiences (who will simply dismiss your claims as bizarre lies and even question your sanity). There is the other caveat which is the cash; an English speaking/Western audience is more likely to throw cash at you as we (Westerners) are in a more affluent position and we are in the midst of an anti-terrorism war which is yielding some of the less sophisticated amongst our society towards Islamophobia. Quite simply, Debate TV, your ministry is unfairly capitalising on Western innocence/ignorance, thus taking unjust advantage of our Western society

Not everybody is so naïve, this You Tuber is accusing you of conning people for money in a rather distasteful video:

Would Jesus act in this way? You know he would not but you have no real regard for Jesus, you simply use him falsely to hear the cash register and to administer hatred against a poor and down-trodden group (Muslims). Sad, truly sad.

Just in case you are unaware, you and DebateTV have become a laughing stock amongst the very people you pretend to evangelise. Here is one active Muslim You Tuber mocking and correcting you:

This is not an isolated case, Investigateislam/christianprince; it appears there are dedicated channels on YouTube which looks into your bizarre claims whilst mocking you:

Do you at Debate not see you are causing more harm than good? Or do you have eyes on the money you are making? Do you not see the mockery you have become and the harm you import onto the Church? Or is all that cushioned by the CASH?

I put it to all at Debate TV; the very ones you subject your hatred towards are more likely to be the brothers/sisters of Jesus than you people of mockery and deception.

Mark 3:35 “Whoever does God's will is my brother and sister and mother."

Signed, Yahya Snow
(This was sent to him on July 12th, we await his response…hopefully he will receive this letter positively)

Appendix 1

Bizarre claim by some hateful evangelists namely the “sex with animals being Islam” claim:

Appendix 2:

Is this bloke (Sam Shamoun ) related to Christian Prince, if anybody knows please let me know. They seem to have similar ministerial styles. Perhaps you will recognise him via his voice, note:


Anonymous said...
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Anonymousing said...

What about this SAHIH Hadith from Muslim, Yahya? What does this one say?

‏أن نبي الله ‏ ‏صلى الله عليه وسلم ‏ ‏قال ‏ ‏إذا جلس بين ‏ ‏شعبها ‏ ‏الأربع ثم جهدها فقد وجب عليه الغسل

æÞÏ ÊÞÏã ÈíÇä åÐÇ . ÞÇá ÃÕÍÇÈäÇ : æáæ ÛíÈ ÇáÍÔÝÉ Ýí ÏÈÑ ÇãÑÃÉ , Ãæ ÏÈÑ ÑÌá , Ãæ ÝÑÌ ÈåíãÉ , Ãæ ÏÈÑåÇ , æÌÈ ÇáÛÓá ÓæÇÁ ßÇä ÇáãæáÌ Ýíå ÍíÇ Ãæ ãíÊÇ , ÕÛíÑÇ Ãæ ßÈíÑÇ , æÓæÇÁ ßÇä Ðáß Úä ÞÕÏ Ãã Úä äÓíÇä , æÓæÇÁ ßÇä ãÎÊÇÑÇ Ãæ ãßÑåÇ , Ãæ ÇÓÊÏÎáÊ ÇáãÑÃÉ ÐßÑå æåæ äÇÆã , æÓæÇÁ ÇäÊÔÑ ÇáÐßÑ Ãã áÇ , æÓæÇÁ ßÇä ãÎÊæäÇ Ãã ÃÛáÝ , ÝíÌÈ ÇáÛÓá Ýí ßá åÐå ÇáÕæÑ Úáì ÇáÝÇÚá æÇáãÝÚæá Èå ÅáÇ

Our companions have said that if the penile head has penetrated a woman’s anus, or a MAN’S anus, or AN ANIMAL’S VAGINA or ITS ANUS then it is necessary to wash whether the one being penetrated is alive or dead, young or oldجهدها&SearchType=exact&Scope=0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8&Offset=0&SearchLevel=Allword

Anonymousing said...جهدها&SearchType=exact&Scope=0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8&Offset=0&SearchLevel=Allword


Anonymousing said...

If a woman inserts (in her vagina) AN ANIMAL’S PENIS she must wash, and if she inserts A DETACHED PENIS (thakaran maktu-an)there are two opinions; the most correct is that she must wash.
And Allah Knows Best

thakaran maktu-an = a severed male member

IslamicReplies said...

Anonymousing, the link you copied and pasted does not show Muhammad's companions speaking here. The companions being spoken of are the companions of Imam Nawawi, his students & sheikhs.

This is a COMMENTARY of a Hadith not a Hadith itself. So for you to say "sahih" on a Hadith commentary is false.

It would be like taking a Bible commentary i.e.

1 Kings 6:29 - The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (

which mentions the word "vagina" then saying: "look at what the Bible says!"

Now if Muslims did that, you wouldn't like it. But, when it comes to Hadith commentaries, you claim it is a Hadith, which shows your hypocrisy.

Furthermore, the Hadith commentary doesn't condone sex with animals, it simply discusses what to do IF someone does such a horrible act.

In addition, you still haven't refuted the pornographic verses in the Bible (which Christians are familiar with). Your going to sugar coat these verses as if they teach us a lesson, but will apply a different standard when it comes to Hadith commentaries (which AREN'T EVEN PART OF THE HADITHS).

The double standards sadly continue.