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Arab Christians and Assyrian Christians MUST read...

Ancient Cairo Church
Islam Saved Coptic and other Eastern Christians

Sadly, there is a huge volume of Arab/Assyrian Christian Islamophobes on the internet; these people are propaganda merchants to say the least.

I’m sorry but when I hear the usual Islamophobic sentiment of “Muslims are ordered to kill all disbelievers” emanate from Arab/Assyrian Christians I simply roll my eyes and think all his/her carping is self-refuting; why did these “barbarous Muslims” spare you and your families – a question which rocks their anti-Muslim propaganda!

I could go further and point to the 5-15 million Coptic Christians in Egypt [1] – all alive and kicking despite Muslims having ruled Egypt since 641 CE [2]

Oh the irony, ISLAM saved Arab and Assyrian Christians – Islamophobes eat your hearts out!

Of course, the very reason why Muslims had not killed or forcefully converted their Arab/Assyrian Christian forefathers is because of ISLAM:

Whoever killed a Dhimmi will never smell Paradise [Sahih Bukhari, No 3166]

Prophet Muhammad also said said:

“Verily whoever oppressed a Dhimmi (a non-Muslim under Muslim rule), took from his rights, or took from him unjustly, then I am his opponent on judgment day…” [Ibn Hajar al Aslam, Muwafaqat al Khabar, Number 184/2] (Sourced from Mustafa Zayed’s Book Refutation of Robert Spencer)

*Dhimmi refers to “A non-Muslim living under the protection of an Islamic government” [Hilali/Khan's Glossary from their Translation of the Holy Quran]

Why were these folk not forcefully converted – Islam forbade it! [There is no compulsion in religion (see Quran 2:256)]

So, if the Islamophobic depictions of Muslims were true, our Arab/Assyrian Christian friends would not exist. The reason why they were not exterminated or forced into Islam was due to ISLAM’S tolerance.

Arab Christians less credible in the business of Islamophobia

I guess this is one of the reasons why Arab/Assyrian Islamophobes are afforded less credence in the West in comparison to Western Islamophobes. I mean, why aren’t the Arab/Assyrian Christians making as much cash out of Islamophobia as Western Islamophobes – after all, Islamophobia is a business…

Eradicating the Christian faith?

John Taylor Caroline confirms Muslims COULD have eliminated Christianity if they so wished BUT they did NOT:

But we have not heard – under Islamic rule – about any attempt to force non-Muslim communities to accept Islam, or about any organized oppression to eradicate the Christian faith. If the Muslim Caliphs had chosen the above two plans they would have swept Christianity with the same ease that Ferdinand and Isabella swept the Islamic faith out of Spain… [3]

Hmm, if Muslims are as bad as the Arab Christian Islamophobes are making out, then why did they not opt for a holocaust or a forced conversion on mass? The answer is ISLAM.

Eastern Churches testify to Islam’s tolerance

Yep, read it and weep, Islamophobes:

The eastern churches in Asia were already separated from the rest of the Christian world which was not to support them in any way considering them heretics of the religion. Therefore the sheer existence of these churches today is in itself a strong evidence of the general tolerance of Islamic governments towards them (Sir Thomas Walker Arnold) [3]

UPDATE: I have just been alerted to an excellent article by Adnan Rashid of the Hittin Institute which covers this issue extensively. An excerpt concerning the Egyptian Christians:

Egypt saved from the Chalcedonian persecution:

The same seems to have taken place in Egypt where, according to Dionysius, the Coptic Patriarch submitted Egypt voluntarily to the Muslims:

‘We have found in the tales and stories of Egyptians that Benjamin, the Patriarch of the Orthodox in Egypt at the time, delivered the country to the Arab general Amr b. al-As out of antipathy, that is enmity, towards Cyrus, the Chalcedonian (Byzantine) Patriarch in Egypt.’[12]

This enmity, however, was due to the persecution of the Orthodox Church in Egypt at the hands of the Byzantine Church. John of Nikiou (690 CE), who was a Coptic bishop in Nikiu (Egypt), confirmed the testimony of Dionysius:

‘When Muslims saw the weakness of the Romans and the hostility of the people to the emperor Heraclius because of the persecution wherewith he had visited all the land of Egypt in regard to the orthodox faith at the instigation of Cyrus the Chalcedonian Patriarch [in office 631/2-41], they became bolder and stronger in the war…And people began to help the Muslims.’[13]

And in some cases the Egyptians refused to fight the Muslims at all [14]. One must keep in mind that these are contemporary Christian sources testifying that the Muslims were actually being helped by the Egyptian Orthodox Coptic Christians to put the Chalcedonian Byzantine Christian persecution to rest. Alfred J. Butler, a leading authority on the history of Egypt, believed that the Muslim arrival benefited both Christian factions by enabling them to live in peace together under the Islamic protection:

‘After all that the Copts had suffered at the hands of the Romans and the Patriarch Cyrus, it would not have been unnatural if they had desired to retaliate upon the Melkites [the Romans]. But any such design, if they cherished it, was sternly discountenanced by ‘Amr, [the Muslim conqueror of Egypt] whose government was wisely tolerant but perfectly impartial between the two forms of religion. Many facts might be cited in proof of this contention…So that the two forms of Christianity must be imagined as subsisting side by side under the equal protection of the conquerors.’[15]

It is evident from the testimonies cited above that the Muslims came as a mercy for the wider Egyptian population. The Coptic Christians in Egypt were also a target for the Byzantine terror and it was this terror which caused the Copts to join the Muslims against their co-religionists. ‘Amr bin al-‘Aas (may Allah be pleased with him) had established a peaceful abode for all parties and this he did by implementing the Shariah Law in Egypt. Thus the real operation “Enduring Freedom” was accomplished successfully in the land of Pharaohs.

(Emphasis is mine - Yahya Snow)

You can (and should) read the ENTIRE article here - entitled A 7th Century War On Terror


We can see why Arab and Assyrian Islamophobes are taken with a pinch of salt as they go off on their spiel against Muslims. I invite you to move away from hatred and obfuscation by discussing the genuine objections to the Bible and the Trinity Muslims are advancing. Sly games of mud slinging are not helpful to anyone.

[1] Copts in Egypt constitute the largest Christian community in the Middle East, as well as the largest religious minority in the region, accounting for an estimated 10% of Egyptian population (Wikipedia)

[2] A Chronology of Islamic History 570-1000 CE, Ta-Ha Publishers Limited, p72

[3] Mustafa Zayed’s The Lies about Muhammad, How you were deceived into Islamophoia, 2010, p285

Muhammad and Jesus (p)

Christian Missionary Pastor converts to Islam

Bible: Muslims are blessed



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