Sunday, 9 March 2014

Christian Pastor Seems to Prefer Islamic Heaven Belief!

We are getting to the bottom of matters. For some time now Muslims have been confronted with objections from Christians regarding the Muslim belief of Paradise containing physical pleasures

In the video we hear that many Christians are not excited about Paradise and a Pastor even believes Paradise to be boring. The pastor and indeed other Christians need the Muslim beliefs about Paradise!

The pastor wants other things to do in Paradise along with worshipping God; the pastor is crying out for the Muslim belief in Paradise. Think about this, the physical appeal and spiritual appeal of Paradise from Muslim sources is immense - indeed God knows how to reward those who He loves.

Learn more about Heaven

Muslims and Christians, please learn more about Paradise through watching the two videos below:

Dr Ibrahim Dremali describes Paradise:

Nouman Ali Khan - Paradise in Islam (on TheDeenShow):

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Jesus taught people to do the Will of God (according to Mark 3:35) in order to become his brothers, mothers or sisters. A Muslim means one who submits to the Will of God. Do you want to become a brother of Jesus? If yes, become a Muslim. Now is the time.

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