Monday, 24 June 2013

A Video for Edward Dalcour: Is Jesus a Prophet or God? Prophet!

Edward, I would ask you to view this video if you want to have further discussion on your belief that Jesus is God. You are basing your beliefs on the New Testament.

Scholars believe Jesus did not think himself as divine nor did he teach the incarnation

Edward please listen to this presentation

Jesus Christ: Prophet or God? by Paul Williams

Is the Gospel of John Reliable?

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Radical Moderate said...
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Anonymous said...

Radical ur a hater. I hope Edward ignores u

Anonymous said...

Do u think Matthew was Jewish ?

Radical Moderate said...

Anon I hope Edward ignores me too since I was not addressing anyone named Edward

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Paul Williams would embarrass the dalcour. He couldn't even do against Osama. I think shaded Lewis might debate him.lewis will beat him easy.

Anonymous said...

From Minoria:

I have heard the discourse by Paul Williams before but it is always good to rehear it.But I find it hard to believe the historical Jesus would not have said he was God,based on the linguistic peculiarity that a Jeremiah prophecy about the Messiah calls him Yahweh Tsidkenu.


It is what Nabeel Qureshi said in his debate with Paul Williams.

1.There is no doubt that St.Paul was a great persecutor of the followers of Jesus.He says so himself in his letters.

2.But WHY would he hate the Christians so much?WHY?

3.Was it because they believed X man was the Messiah?That in itself was not against Jewish thought.

4.Was it because they believed in the resurrection of the Messiah?That also was not against Jewish thought.

The only real reason Paul would have become such a great enemy is if the followers of Jesus were saying he had been GOD.

Anonymous said...

Paul Williams is not a scholar. He pretends to know Greek, but Dr. Dalcour actually knows the language as Osama had the misfortune of finding out. That's why Williams would never debate him. Paul likes to debate people who don't have the background to do so effectively. It is par for the course with Muslims...attack the weak.

Yahya Snow said...


That reasoning does not follow.

Think about it, Paul could have had a number of reasons to persecute those he was persecuting.

Why does it even have to be for religious reasons?


Minoria, I recommend you watch some videos from if you have some time with an open heart.



@RadMod, your comment was removed. Insulting is not the way.

I also removed anon's comment. Who is preying on the weak? Is the former head of the CoE weak? No.

Radical Moderate said...


What exaclty was insulting about my comment? Did u read Paul Williams testimony he was a flaming homosexual. He says he was a hedonist, a "gay rights activist" and his gay friends called him a traitor.

He also says he was in a 12 step program.

So is the truth insulting?

Radical Moderate said...


I find it funny you pretend to respond to Dr Delcour however on Osama's youtube page you tell everyone that Osama's opening remarks beging at time index xx:xx for those that don't want to hear Dr Delcour's statements.

Did u even listen to Dr Delcour? Did you even watch the debate?

Snowman what do you think of Osama claims of the following.

1. The word is dvine
2. God talks to the Word.
3. Before creation Jesus existed
4. Jesus was created from the word but not the word itself

Radical Moderate said...


I forgot Osama also said that.

Jesus is the perfect manifestation of all of Gods attributes.

Just curious isn't Osama shirken it just a little with these statements?

Anonymous said...

From Minoria:

Hello Yahya:

I will have to rehear some of the Deen Show's videos.I am always on the lookout for new ideas to have material for an article.Recently,I reheard the Licona-Yusuf Ismail debate and Ismail's comment about Pilate not wanting to kill Jesus(which is true).But reflecting on it it seemed to me Pilate's order in Mark when they told him Jesus was dead goes against the Deedat-Shabir Ally-Ehtesham Gulam theory(the believe Jesus was really crucified but survived) that Pilate tried to save Jesus at the very end(the Conspiracy Theory).


1.It is true Paul never says he was persecuting Christians because they said he was God.

2.However in Acts(whoever wrote it) the author himself tells us he was a traveling companion of Paul,he knew Paul personally,he uses the word "we this" and "we that" many times.

3.In Acts Stephen,one of Jesus' early followers in JERUSALEM is STONED to death for saying,according to the Jewish viewpoint,that Jesus is GOD.

4.And Paul was there at the stoning,approving it.So in Acts Paul does hear that a follower of Jesus proclaimed him to be God.

Where did Stephen get that idea so early in the Jesus Movement?


There would be 4 options:

1.Legend(the historical Jesus never said he was God,it was invented later)




C.S.Lewis thought the legend option was not good(though Paul Williams thinks is what happened).

Anonymous said...

From Minoria:

I think the case of Jesus can be compared to that of Rasputin,the Russian adventurer.Even the most radical group that says Jesus existed(The Jesus Seminar)can't bring itself to the possibility Jesus said he was God.

1.Rasputin was a man who had amazing hypnotic powers.It is well-documented,who lived in the time of the last Russian emperor Nicholas II.He died assasinated.

2.He pretended to be a a holy man and many believed him due to his powers of persuasion.But others saw he was only interested in having alot of women,and many women were seduced by him.He was not however interested in money(he got alot from his admirers),generously giving it away to poor people,when he wasn't using it for drinking and women.

3.The emperor's son Alexis suffered from hemophilia,and at the time there was no plasma.So when he got a scratch he would suffer horribly for hours.However Rasputin,due to his astonishing self-confidence,was able to stop his suffering.To stop the hemorraghing which caused it.Using his personal magnetism.

The Jesus Seminar does accept Jesus did psychosomatic cures that were accepted as miracles(similar to what Rasputin did with the hemophilic Alexis).The group rejects that Jesus did nature miracles(walking on water,resurrecting the dead).


1.So we have Jesus having amazing personal magentism(like Rasputin).

2.Jesus did things that looked like physical miracles(like Rasputin).

3.Yet in MARK Jesus' family thinks he is crazy,and the priests that he is demon-possessed.And also that in Nazareth his townsfolk did not think he was any prophet.
And in JOHN Jesus' own brothers don't think he was a prophet.

4.There is no evidence Jesus had a double-life with women like Rasputin(and no Muslim would accept it).So the only logical reason is that the historical Jesus said he was GOD,just like all 4 gospels say.