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Christian Hijabi Apologises to Muslim Women and Confirms Christians should dress modestly too

I found this comment from a Christian lady who covers her head and dresses modestly in my 'comments pending' section on my Word Press blog which I have somewhat left neglected.

This lady actually apologizes for and is ashamed of  Christians who have treated Muslim girls and women badly simply because of the head covering they were wearing.

This is the Christian lady's comment which was in response to my post entitled 'The Niqab (Veil) in the Bible – Ban is Unbiblical':

Thankyou for this; so few people realise that Christians are actually required to veil to. I do not understand so-called ‘Christians’ who scorn women and girls who wear a headcovering or veil – obviously they don’t read their Bibles!

First, I must apologise for any ‘Christians’ who have treated you badly because of the Muslim headcovering. I am very sorry for this and I am ashamed of these people who call themselves Christian.

I say this because I am a headcovering Christian. Never heard of one? I’m not surprised. There are very few headcovering Christians. The most well-known are the Amish and Mennonites. There are a few others, and I think the practice is growing increasingly common (although we are still very much in a minority). There are so many references in the Bible to modest dressing and headcovering and they are always ignored!

There are some differences between the Muslim and Christian headcovering, however. And I don’t just mean the fact that very few Christians pay attention to it! At the same time, there are some similarities.
I know that a Muslim veiling pulls under the chin and covers all of the hair. Christian veils tend to cover to withing a few centimetres of the hairline at the front, pulling back under a hairbun and hanging down the neck. Some churches (such as the Amish and Mennonites) use a ‘kapp’ which looks like a bonnet. (The word Paul used in 1 Corinthians actually translates with a meaning of ‘something which hangs and drapes’). Some churches (such as the Hutterites) do actually wear veils which tie under the chin.
It is my understanding that it is required to cover the chest area also, to give more modesty. But many headcovering Christian women and girls (including myself) also wear cape-dresses, which have an extra, looser, layer over the chest area to provide more modesty, in much the same way as a hijab which hangs down.
Please know that I do understand the intolerance many Muslim women and girl recieve for dressing modestly and wearing a covering. Many often look at me and believe that my father is oppressing and controlling me, forcing me to wear long skirts, loose clothing, and a headcovering. It’s simply not true. It’s my choice; the clothing to protect my modesty and prevent men and boys from looking at me the wrong way, hurting me and sinning in their minds and body; the headcovering as my personal submission to God’s will.
It saddens my heart to see the experiences many veiling women have had with so-called ‘Christians’ who harrass and mistreat them for their veiling and modesty. At the same time, I know that the opinions and mistrust these woman have of Christians is completely warranted and I despair over these ‘Christians’ who do this and pray for their enlightenment.

Note: A subtraction to this comment was made for theological reasons.

I'd like to thank this lady for standing up for Muslim women.

Please pray for this lady. May Allah protect and guide her. Ameen.

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Anonymous said...

Christian women covered their heads for at least 1,950 years. It’s only in the last 50 years that American Women have stopped.