Saturday, 29 June 2013

Muslims Condemn Sexual Grooming of Girls in the UK

Sexual Grooming of Children - Alyas Karmani

In the last couple of years Muslims in the UK have been blamed by the media for "sexual grooming of children" Although the majority of people convicted of this crime were non-Muslims. Muslims are the only ones being mentioned in the news as ("MUSLIM" Men Sexual Grooming Girls). Today the Muslims all across the UK came together and jointly condemned child sex grooming and what Islam has to say about this. Powerful message sent out by brother Alyas Karmani to the media the world and all those involved in this crime against these children.

Below is a article taken from the BBC News website.

The sexual grooming of children is expected to be condemned by Muslim leaders across the UK later in a sermon to be read to thousands of worshippers.

Imams at about 500 mosques are expected to read the sermon to congregations during Friday prayers, said organisers Together Against Grooming (TAG).

The sermon will highlight how the Koran emphasises that Muslims must protect children and the vulnerable, said TAG.

The policing minister Damian Green said it was a "very important" move.

"It reminds people that the vast majority, the overwhelming majority, of British Muslims, condemn child sexual abuse as strongly as any other group in modern Britain," he said.

Muslim religious leaders to condemn child sex grooming

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