Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sleaze on ABN: Dr Bassim Gorial Called to Public Apology and Repentance (James White called to clean up the ministries)

Bassim and Haifa Gorial are asked to publicly apologise and also (privately or publicly) repent concerning the sleaze and adult nature of one of their programs featuring C.L Edwards, Sam  Shamoun and David Wood.

The program was deeply offensive and  inappropriate especially considering women and children have access to view such a program. It's not one expects from a supposedly Christian TV show. It was not suitable for family viewing and the lewd and immature comments/manners of the presenters were reprehensible.

Would Dr Bassim Gorial be happy if one of his daughters or his wife made such lewd and sleazy comments? Would he allow his youngest daughter to view the material or even hang out with David Wood, Sam Shamoun or C.L Edwards?

No religious person would accept such behaviour. Then why is such a program still available for viewing? Why are those 'presenters' of the program not rebuked and asked to publicly apologise?

In this video you will find statements of an adult and sleazy nature from 3 ABN presenters

If video does not play, please see:

C.L. Edwards asked to apologize C.L is your sleaziness a product of the anti-Muslim Christian company/colleagues you have chosen to keep? I bet you were never speaking like that in front of Muslims when you were hanging with Muslims.

C.L Edwards, I invite you to repent and become a Muslim. Please realise I am condemning your actions, mannerisms and the company you keep - not you as a soul. Feel free to email me:

Christian women should cover their heads - Paul

Muslims have least sex outside of marriage Email:


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Yahya Snow said...


Rather than getting emotional, please view the links to the lewd scandals the video refers to.

Calm down and stop being a super fan boy for others.These people don't work and rely on your donations. Your ignorance and loyalty is what they prey on.

Please don't comment again