Sunday, 23 June 2013

James White's Pride Keeps him Bound to the Trinity Belief?

This is quite insightful into a reason (if not the reason) why James White of Alpha and Omega Ministry continues to believe in the reliability of the Bible and in the trinity.

Is it possible that in his heart of hearts he knows the falsehood in his beliefs but sticks with them simply because he has been defending them in debates over decades?

In this video we see James White's ego get the better of him with some outlandish assertions; he claims to have read more than most imams, he can narrate ahadith like imams and he claims to have 'translated' parts of the Quran (despite it being clear he does not know Arabic)

James White claims he knew Arabic on FaceBook:
James White appealing to some dodgy guy on the internet when rebuked:

If video does not play, please see:


We highlight Dr James White does not know Arabic thus his claim of 'translating' portions of the Quran seems dubious to say the least.

He claims to be able to narrate ahadith like imams. Many imams are scholars. These people narrate ahadith in Arabic (original language) and from memory. James White is actually shown not to be able to even recite (from memory) 4 well-known verses from the Quran (Surah Ikhlas) how in the world can he claim to be able to narrate hadith like imams?

James also claims to have read ahadith collections (more than imams) - I doubt this is true as he listens to audio whilst on his bike rides. James should also recognise that our scholars study the ahadith - they memorise them too. Not merely read or listen to them.

So why does James present himself as somebody who is better-read than most imams and is able to narrate ahadith like imams and 'translate' portions of the Quran?

Exagerration out of pride? Did his ego not allow him to actually keep it real?

I'd like to invite James White to relook into the trinity and the Bible minus the pride.

Is the Gospel of John reliable?

Christian evangelist to reject the trinity?


Anonymous said...

oh james

Anonymous said...

he bit like ergun caner but not so bad as fakester ergun caner

Anonymous said...

From Minoria:

Well,he certainly knows Hebrew and since Arabic and Hebrew are sister languages,like Italian and Portuguese,then it would be,I assume,relatively easy to understand the central idea of what is written in Arabic.

I have never received any lessons in Italian but since Spanish is related to it,without having ever studied it,I can understand,depending on the text,from 60 to 75 to(more than 50% of the time) no less than 90%.

Anonymous said...

From Minoria:

I want to add my opinion on Two-Horned in the Koran.It is true he is not said to be Alexander the Great but we have a coin from around 300 or 280 BC that shows Alexander the Great with 2 horns.

One could say it was the custom at the time to say any great ruler then had 2 horns,like Cyrus the Great or Darius the Persian,etc.

But we have the writings of Josephus(37-100).

In sura 18:83-98 they have about Two-Horned and in 18:93-97 it mentions "Gog and Magog" and that they were destroying the area and that Two-Horned built an iron gate against them.

Josephus in "Antiquities of the Jews",1.6.1(that means Book 1,chapter 6,paragraph 1) says the Magogites are the same thing as the Scythians:

"Magog founded those that from him were named Magogites, but who are by the Greeks called Scythians. "

Source,it has the entire book:

You can say so what?In another book ,called "The Jewish War",7.7.4(book 7,chapter 7,paragraph 4) it says that Alexander the Great built iron gates are a barrier and they were taken by the Scythians(Magogites)in a later time:

"Now there was a nation of the Alans, which we have formerly mentioned some where as being Scythians and inhabiting at the lake Meotis.

This nation(Note:Scythians) about this time laid a design of falling upon Media, and the parts beyond it, in order to plunder them; with which intention they treated with the king of Hyrcania;

for he was master of that passage which king Alexander [the Great] shut up with iron gates."(Note:Alexander had built the gates as a barrier)

The coincidences are too similar.

Anonymous said...

Minoria arabic has a different script to Hebrew. Ppl who know arabic dnt know Hebrew. Most Arabs dnt know Hebrew unless they done years of studying. It is clear dr white dnt know arabic. I dnt think he even knows Hebrew properly never mind arabi. These Christians say they know Greek Hebrew etc and only know his to use a dictionary in the language and some words. Arabic is hard for a English person as old as James to learn. He dnt learned it.
Why he also say he can narate Hadith like imam. He chats crap. Dnt be a dummy and believe him. Look at the mistakes in the video shown. He wants to try look like he has knowledge. His teacher is Sam. What a dummy of a teacher. Dnt know arabic and just a hater

Anonymous said...

From Minoria:

Hello Anonymous,I see your point,but there is more to it:

1.You are right,Arabic and Hebrew have different alphabets.

2.But Hindi and Urdu have different alphabets also,they are practically the same language.However an Indian or Pakistani person in the West who only knows the Latin alphabet can understand Hindi-Urdu but is incapable of reading either the Devanagari script(for Hindi) or the Arab script(for Urdu).

But if the text is transliterated into the Latin alphabet then he can understand.I assume,if White has not learned the Arabic alphabet,he reads it in the Latin alphabet.The Koran in Arabic using the Latin alphabet is in

Anonymous said...

To continue:

Part 2

From Minoria:

1.Biblical Hebrew is the OT text that was written from 800-400 BC.

2.In 586 BC most of the population was taken to Babylon and when 50,000 returned in 537 BC they no longer spoke Hebrew but Aramaic,a similar language.Hebrew became a DEAD language like Latin.So Biblical Hebrew is really the way the living language was spoken from 800-550 BC or 350 years,not much time for a language to change.

3.Hebrew was a petrified language.Latin was a dead language by 500 AD but till almost 1700 was used in scientific and intellectual books,was the language of university education from 1200-1650 in all of Western Europe,from Portugal and Spain,to France,Italy,Germany,Poland and England.And the Jesuit secondary schools in all of Europe used Latin as the language of education.

So Hebrew was the same,for 2,500 years a petrified,dead Hebrew,that never changed,was used in intellectual books.

Then came the resurrection of Hebrew as a living language in the early 20th century.MODERN Hebrew is very similar to Biblical Hebrew except it has alot of new words,invented,for technological reasons,Hebrew words for car,airplane,to be used in physics,chemistry,math,etc.But they can read Biblical Hebrew well.

Anonymous said...

Part 3

From Minoria:

1.The Arabic of the Koran is 7th century and it is nobody's native Arabic anymore.Arabs today have to study to be able to understand 7th century Arabic.

Unlike Hebrew and Latin,Arabic did not become a dead language that never evolved.

I have read that the difference between modern Arabic and Koranic Arabic is like between Latin and Italian,a great one.

Arabs today learn,as a native language, languages derived from Arabic(which they call dialects,but linguists say are really separate languages,as different from each other as Italian is from Portuguese,similar yet different languages).

So in school they have to learn a new language called Standard Arabic/Classical Arabic,which,as far as I know,is nobody's native language,but is the one used in books and TV.

It is as if children in Italy had to learn Spanish in school and were then taught in Spanish all the time,and Spanish was the only language used in books printed in Italy.


Since Biblical Hebrew is from say 600 BC and is related to Koranic Arabic,then it is perhaps just as similar to it as the languages/dialects of Algeria,Morocco,Egypt,Iraq of today are.

That is to say you have to make an effort but it is not like learning Chinese when your language is French.


From what I have heard,it has a small number of words,one who studied it said 800 words in all.So since the vocabulary is small then to say that James White in all this time hasnt learned the 800 or 1000 words of Biblical Hebrew would be to exagerating it.

Anonymous said...

U dnt no arabic by knowing Hebrew.

Eric said...

I know Arabic, classical/Quranic and modern standard, written and conversation and also know Hebrew on the basic level.
Now I have watched JW with his level of proficiency I think he is lying when he claim he know Hebrew let alone Arabic.