Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Israel: Jewish Extremists Unreported by the Christian Right? (Story of Naama Margolese)

Can you imagine th field day the Christian fundamentalist fraternity would have over a story such as this IF it involved Muslims? The story, as sad as it is, does serve to highlight the double standard the Christian right operate and it also serves to give an impetus to American tax payers to ask questions about all the funding Israel gets from the US treasury.

A frightened eight-year-old Jewish girl has been called a 'whore' and spat on as she walked to school through an ultra-orthodox settlement in Israel. Naama Margolese has become a symbol in Israel for the growing abuse of women and young girls by Jewish extremists.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure what you mean dear boy. Many of us have already heard about this. Where we didn't find out about it is in the Islamophiliac news channels who pretend Islam is just like any and all other religions - peaceful and benign.

minoria said...

The article made me think about extremists,about understanding their logic.

Because there is a logic.Only 15% of the 1.5 billion Muslims are with the terrorist organizations:Hamas,Hezbullah,etc

The central detail is regarding killing innocent civilians.

Hamas,Hezbullah,etc agree with the other Muslims:"Islam is against killing innocent civilians".

But what is an innocent?

Sunnis killing Sunnis

The FIS and GIA in Algeria killed 1OO,OOO Sunni civilians.For them they were not innocent since they were against the FIS-GIA idea of installing Sharia Law.


Shias killing Shias

Khomeini killed 1OO,OOO innocents in 1O years,for him they were against Islamic law and revolution.They were not innocent.


Sunnis killing Shias

Al-Qaida,Sunni killed 13O,OOO Shias,for Al-Qaida,and even for many other Sunnis,the Shias are not real Muslims,but corrupters of the true Islam,they were not innocent.


Qaradawi vs Israelis

He has a weekly show in Al-Jazeera watched by forty million per week who says it is ok to kill Israeli civilians,even children and women,since women do or will do obligatory military service in the Israeli army.

As for the children,they will grow up to become Israeli soldiers.

So both groups,those Muslims who are with the terrorists and those who are against them say:"Islam is against killing innocent civilians"

The difference is the definition of who is innocent.


What if real innocents are killed?.

Not to worry,because if real innocents are killed,then they will go to heaven.

Anonymous said...

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Radical Moderate said...

Snowman This is a great story. Looked how CIVILIZED people acted under the threat of EXTREMAISM.

They took to the streets. Even the Israeli PM called for protests in the streats of this town. The oposition parties came to gether and THOUSANDS took to the streets to condem this.

What happens in Islam when extreamits come out to play, what is the response from the so called "Moderate Muslims". It is silence.

They only time they speak out is against the KUFFAR who oppose such behaviour.

You Muslims savages could learn something from the civilized Jews.

Ali said...

Israeli court fines woman for refusing to cook for her husband:

You call that "moderate" and "civiliazed"? Thed only reason she was aquitted was because her husband committed adultery.

Ali said...

minoria, what makes you think 15% of Muslims support terrorism?

khomenei kills ANYONE he wants, not because they are against sharia.

and what about protestants and Catholics killing eachother for centuries?