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Acts17 Trip to ISNA

Nabeel Qureshi and David Wood to take Reinforcements with them to ISNA (Islamic Society of North America), Chicago

The controversial pair caused great unrest and speculation after being arrested last week at the Arab Festival in Dearborn under the charge of disorderly conduct. (See appendix 1)

This group, in their attempt to court publicity, is fast becoming a nuisance group for security and police officers. You would think they would have given ISNA a miss after their latest shameful episode in Dearborn but this group has no parameters when it comes to shame and here they are preparing to go to ISNA with their cameras in tow looking for further misadventure.

A Big Twist: They are Taking Reinforcements this Time

What type of reinforcements? Well they are claiming to act under the guise of the “Gospel” so are they taking free copies of the Bible as their “reinforcement”? No, they are taking the Muslim-abusing-machine, that is none other than Sam “Islam allows sex with animals” Shamoun! (see appendix 2)

For those who don’t know Sam Shamoun you are well advised to view the dumpster section at AnsweringChrisitanity (appendix 2), Sam Shamoun’s venomous tongue is infamous

I guess the mantra will be;
“hey Muslims, if you don’t convert we shall unleash Sam Shamoun to abuse you and your faith”


“if you don’t allow us in to cause a nuisance we will get our buddy Sam Shamoun to make up his own translations of the Quran to make you Muslims seem debauched and depraved”

Perhaps more aptly for Wood and his attention-seeking crew:

“Sam Shamoun’s infamous verbal assaults will be unleashed if you don’t provide us with controversial footage”

We Never Pay Our Own Bills

Yes, you guessed it; David Wood and co are looking for you, the penniless reader, to pay for this attention-hunting misadventure. Have they not heard about a global recession?

Gullibility runs wild within fundamentalist groups so those who threw their cash (a staggering $1100) at David Wood in order to send him all the way to Dearborn to satisfy his lust to re-enact a scene from the A-team will be opening their wallets to send the boys off to “save” the Muslims at ISNA.

Ignorance is Bliss

In their previous e-begging episode prior to Dearborn they not only wanted you to buy them plane tickets but also contribute to the expense of a camera. Since when were cameras essential in preaching the Gospel?

The truth is David Wood and co don’t really do this for the “Gospel”, they do it for publicity and thrill-seeking. Sounds like middle-aged thrill-seeking rather than preaching to me:

“Muslims have threatened us with death if we return to the festival, so now we definitely have to show up”

Of course we are talking about people who will donate to David Wood and co simply out of sheer naivety and/or hatred for Muslims.

You Cannot be Serious (About Evangelism)

John McEnroe’s outrage at shoddy line calls led to such rhetorical statements of disbelief. We are in a state of shock; we have David Wood and his trusted side-kick Nabeel Qureshi begging for our cash again under the guise of the “Gospel”. We smell a rat.

If they were serious about preaching Christianity then why would they want to travel all the way to ISNA (Chicago) to “save” people when New York and Virginia (their localities) are full of the great “unsaved”? Why bypass and even ignore all these “unsaved” people on your doorstep in favour of Muslims in Chicago?

New York recently had a gay pride rally; where was the hero of “evangelism”, David Wood? Perhaps David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi are liberal and believe the gay lifestyle is fine. In that case, what about all the Atheists in their locality? Why ignore these “unsaved” people in favour of Muslims, something smells like publicity.

You Cannot be Serious: Whose Decision was it to take the Paragon of Unholy to ISNA?

If they were serious about evangelism they would not be taking the proverbial “albatross around the neck” (Sam Shamoun).Sam Shamoun is dead weight in the business of evangelism as his infamous reputation precedes him and only serves to repulse Muslims from his message, in fact people come to Islam BECAUSE of this man!

Camera Tricks

If they were serious about evangelism then they would not be making camera priority equipment for this mission of “evangelism”. When I go out to preach the “Word” I don’t take a camera, I’m not sure why Wood and co need to buy a $500 camera specifically for this event, I smell publicity.

“Please support our trip via PayPal. We'll be sure to get plenty of video footage (yes, I actually had to spend $500 to purchase a new camera”

Now, $500 could have been better spent, but Wood needs to get footage for his blog; a blog which he openly admits is not designed for evangelism but intent on “warning” people about Islam.

Still convinced it is about the Church and not about publicity, sensationalism and misadventure? The gullibility of some will never cease to amaze me. That same gullibility chimed well with Ted Haggard, Ergun Caner, Jimmy Swaggert, Benny Hinn and co.

Nobody Wants anything to Do with these Guys

Here is a Muslim commentator, reflecting Muslim distrust regarding everything to do with David Wood and his pals:

“I hope those Muslims who are attending this event will bring their own cameras and record all of the thuggery perpetrated by Wood and his groupies in the name of peaceful debate. Since that foul mouth Sam Shamoun is accompanying them, you can expect anything but peace from their side”

Even Christians who are serious about evangelism don’t trust David Wood and his Acts17Apologetics team:

“The Rev. Haytham Abi Haydar, a Christian evangelical convert from Islam with Arabic Alliance Church in Dearborn, said that a Christian group called Acts 17 Apologetics caused the problems at this year’s Arab festival.

They put cameras in their faces and were very antagonistic,” Abi Haydar said of the group that produced the controversial video that has drawn almost 1.4 million views on YouTube.

Nobody with any foresight wants David Wood, Sam Shamoun and Nabeel Qureshi there but for some reason we can guaranty this group will invite itself along with its cameras; real party poopers looking for somebody to satisfy their cravings for attention. The cops obliged in Dearborn, I wonder who will extend them the same courtesy in Chicago (ISNA).

Sam Shamoun’s Last Chance Saloon

It is interesting this man is taking a break from trawling the internet and abusing Muslims (for a few days, at least), thank god for small mercies. Why the shift in Shamoun’s pattern of behaviour?

Sam Shamoun seems to have schemes of his own in place. Rest assured Sam Shamoun is not simply being dragged all the way to Chicago due to a misdirected pang of altruism. Sam Shamoun has been lacking in the department of serious attention for a good while. A reality expressed by Jonathon Dupree:

“This is your legacy Sam. We all note that you didn't have a debate partner in Michigan recently though it was advertised for months that you would. I am sure that left you feeling hollow”

Essentially Dupree, within the subtext, is pointing to the lack of regard in which Shamoun is held within his field by his peers and counterparts, thus this naturally reflects the volume of attention Shamoun gets; which has steadily been on the decline for quite some time

Sam Shamoun seems to be a fallen star within apologetics and in order to “re-establish” himself as worthy of consideration; Shamoun has taken to the route of shameless publicity seeking under the auspices of David Wood.

Shamoun is desperate to debate a Muslim, no Muslim will touch this man with a 20ft barge pole (despite being willing to debate serious apologists such as Tony Costa) so Shamoun reckons a spot of infamy with David Wood and co will remedy the embarrassing shunning he is suffering from, how despairing!

Nabeel Qureshi

Well, Nabeel has never been his own man. David Wood has moulded Nabeel Qureshi into a carbon copy of himself. Qureshi strikes me as a person who strives not to disagree with Wood; this seems to be evident in Qureshi staying in the debate arena at the “insistence” of David Wood. Even after marriage, Qureshi serves David Wood loyally; instead of spending time with his new wife he trounces off to Dearborn and spends a night in Dearborn City Jail with David Wood.

Sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do, Nabeel

Antonio Santana

Sadly, my friend Antonio will be going along with them. Antonio in my view is sincere; he has completed his Pastoral studies, thus seems sincere in preaching Christianity.
I pray David Wood’s antics do not get this young man in hot water

Negeen Mayel

She seems to be staying well away from the misguided influences of David Wood. Good decision, after all Wood dragged her to a Festival which saw a woman assaulted the year before. What does our chivalrous friend David Wood do? He drags 18 year old Negeen Mayel to Dearborn to hold a camera in such a hostile, death threat-ridden environment. Way to go David, you really have this girl’s best interests at heart!

Muslims at ISNA

They should simply ignore the attention fuelled blokes from Acts17Apologetics

The Church is Being Undermined yet Again

Christians have a long and convoluted history of undermining and even doing away with the teachings of Jesus

For some reason it is the great “unsaved” who are the first to notice harm to the Church. “Christians” monetise pretty much everything and so many of those claiming to be acting for the Church value themselves greater than the message they purport to deliver and engender
These antics of courting publicity, self-aggrandizement and “donations” under the false pretence of the “Gospel” never go down well with the natives, thus only acts as a recruiting sergeant for Atheism and other world views (including Islam)

The worldly-wise pity the poor Christians and their gullibility as David Wood beats his chest proclaiming himself to be like the Apostles to rapturous applause (and sprinklings of dollar bills) from Christian cheerleaders looking on at their new found evangelical hero; a fast track to Atheism.

“The Church of England never sleeps in its efforts to chuck away its own heritage and abandon the principles of Christianity” (Peter Hitchens)


Appendix 1
Breaking news, answeringmuslims team arrested in Dearborn, International Arab Festival:

Appendix 2
Interesting section (appropriately and rather ominously entitled the “dumpster section”) which catalogues some of Sam Shamoun’s hazardous comments:

Appendix 3
Sam Shamoun asked to stand down:

LATEST: Shamoun's LATEST outrageous remarks in audio form:

Thursday, 24 June 2010

James White's BLUNDER in Debate with Sheikh Ahmad Mohammed Awal

James R White of Alpha and Omega ministries is lying about the Quran AGAIN....

Does Allah Repent?

Allah Does NOT Repent

Some Christian critics are claiming Allah repents in the Quran. This is blatantly false and dishonest on their part. This claim to my attention when a Christian critic made this claim and claimed Surah 2:37 proves it, this is utter nonsense.

The context and the translations prove these Christian “critics” to be incorrect. The context of the verse is Adam asking Allah for forgiveness and Allah forgives him. Before proving Allah does not repent in Surah 2:37, by listing various English translations of the Verse, we shall quickly look at the context

The Context Shows the Christian Critics to be Wrong

Surah 2:36 tells us of Adam’s sin:

Then the Shaitân (Satan) made them slip therefrom (the Paradise), and got them out from that in which they were. We said: "Get you down, all, with enmity between yourselves. On earth will be a dwelling place for you and an enjoyment for a time."

The next Verse (2:37) tells us of Allah accepting Adam’s repentance.

Then Adam received from his Lord Words. And his Lord pardoned him (accepted his repentance). Verily, He is the One Who forgives (accepts repentance), the Most Merciful.

To add further context to this we can even mention the prayer (Words) which Adam used to beseech (beg for) forgiveness from Allah. The prayer Adam used is in Surah 7:23.

Thus it is clear ADAM is seeking REPENTENCE from God (Allah) and Allah ACCEPTS the REPENTENCE.

The Christian critic throws aside all sense of logic in making their bizarre claim. It is Adam who has sinned, he (Adam) is repenting; Allah is ACCEPTING the repentance, why cannot these unscholarly Christian critics see this?

It seems as though it is a case of rank dishonesty on the part of the Christian critics, especially when viewing the English translations as no translation is claiming Allah is repenting!

The Translations Disagree with these Christian Critics

View the translations below to realise the Christian claim is a lie.

Let us begin our translation-based refutation by highlighting Mohammad Asad’s translation of the Quran, this translation of the Quran is widely considered to be the best English translation available

فَتَلَقَّى آدَمُ مِن رَّبِّهِ كَلِمَاتٍ فَتَابَ عَلَيْهِ إِنَّهُ هُوَ التَّوَّابُ الرَّحِيمُ (2:37)

Transliteration: Fatalaqqa adamu min rabbihi kalimatin fataba AAalayhi innahu huwa alttawwabu alrraheemu

ASAD: Thereupon Adam received words [of guidance] from his Sustainer, and He accepted his repentance: for, verily, He alone is the-Acceptor of Repentance, the Dispenser of Grace. (2:37)

Here we realise Allah FORGIVES Adam; it does NOT say Allah repented! The Christian missionaries making such claims have either lost their ability to comprehend and read or are simply being dishonest.

Other Translations Show the Christian Critics to be Incorrect

To be even thorough a number of other English translations of the Quran are presented, these translations all prove the Christian missionaries to be incorrect, and thus proving to us that Allah does NOT repent.

As you can see (below) all these translations (Quran 2:37) point out the fact that Allah ACCEPTED the repentance of Adam; none of the translations claim Allah was repenting:

Then learnt Adam from his Lord words of inspiration, and his Lord Turned towards him; for He is Oft-Returning, Most Merciful.

Then Adam received from his Lord words (of revelation), and He relented toward him. Lo! He is the relenting, the Merciful.

Then Adam received (some) words from his Lord, so He turned to him mercifully; surely He is Oft-returning (to mercy), the Merciful

Then Adam received from his Lord Words . And his Lord pardoned him (accepted his repentance). Verily, He is the One Who forgives (accepts repentance), the Most Merciful.

The “other” translations have been divided into two groups, the first group (above) contains translations by Muslims, and the second group consists of translations from non-Muslims. NO group of translators claim Allah repents.

Non-Muslim (Christian) Translations (of Quran 2:37) Prove Allah is NOT repenting in the Quran

To add further proof of the dishonesty of these Christian critics making the bizarre claim of Allah repenting in Surah 2:37 we can refer to translations by non-Muslims too, which show the Christian critics to be wrong. Amongst the non-Muslim translations we have a Christian MISSIONARY (Rodwell) who proves the Christians claiming “Allah repents in the Quran” to be incorrect.

And words of prayer learned Adam from his Lord: and God turned to him; for He loveth to turn, the Merciful.

As we can clearly see, Rodwell is not claiming Allah repented. Rodwell is agreeing with all the other translations by pointing out Allah accepts Adam’s repentance.

We also have AJ Arberry who is endorsed by the Christian missionary Dr Robert Morey. Arberry does not claim Allah is repenting. Arberry reflects what every other translator reflects, that is, Allah FORGIVING Adam.

AJ Arberry:
Thereafter Adam received certain words from his Lord, and He turned towards him; truly He turns, and is All-compassionate.

Sale and Palmer do not claim Allah is repenting thus they also disagree with the Christian critic’s claim. Both, Sale and Palmer reflect Allah’s acceptance of Adam’s repentance.

George Sale:
And Adam learned words of prayer from his Lord, and God turned unto him, for He is easy to be reconciled and merciful.

E.H Palmer:
And Adam caught certain words from his Lord, and He turned towards him, for He is the compassionate one easily turned

It is quite clear the Christian critics are simply being dishonest. To take the refutation of their fallacious claim one step further we can refer to Tafsir literature

Tafsir also Proves the Christian Critics to be Lying

Tafsir literature reflects what early Muslims believed about Verses from the Quran, we can clearly note the Tafsir literature does not claim Allah repents, in fact the Tafsir literature simply reiterates that Allah ACCEPTS the repentance of Adam and forgives him.

Tafsir Jalalayn Confirms Allah is simply accepting Adam’s repentance.

Thereafter Adam received certain words from his Lord, with which He inspired him (a variant reading [of Ādamu] has accusative Ādama and nominative kalimātu), meaning they [the words] came to him, and these were [those of] the verse Lord, we have wronged ourselves [Q. 7:23], with which he supplicated, and He relented to him, that is,
He accepted his repentance; truly He is the Relenting, to His servants, the Merciful, to them.


It is clear through the context, translations and Tafsir literature that Allah did NOT repent. The evidence shows Allah accepting the repentance of Adam.

The Christian critics are spreading falsehood and should be rebuked (corrected) by sincere Christians.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Dr James White Vents Fury at Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Awal

Dr James White rages with fury as Sheikh Muhammed Ahmed Awal cancels the debate; an unjust fury on the part of James White

The debate between James White and Sheikh Muhammad Ahmed Awal ("Jesus: A Prophet of Allah or Divine Son of God?") has been cancelled due to the irresponsible actions of an egomaniacal “evangelist” named David Wood.

 Responsible Muslim Decision

This is a responsible decision which was made by Sheikh Awal and the mosque which was due to hosting Awal. I applaud the responsible decision by Sheikh Awal and the Muslims of the locality

However, Dr James White is furious; this man really wanted the debate to go ahead and does not understand the decision for some reason. White angrily exclaims:
“I am truly disgusted. I just got off the phone with Sheikh Awal. Here is the situation: the members of the mosque that is hosting him have demanded that he not debate me tonight. Why? Because David Wood was arrested at the Arabic Festival a few days ago. Miss the connection? So do I, and so does any honest, rational human being. “

James White seems to be acting selfishly and unjust; White really wanted to debate and the disappointment is influencing his demeanour, which is a demeanour soaked in fury!

James White needs to think of the bigger picture and act responsibly. The good folk of the mosque do not want any controversy; Muslims are under a microscope and are being scrutinized for any irregularities and disconnections in public relations. Thus it would have been reckless of the mosque and Sheikh Awal to continue with the debate especially considering David Wood is connected in a noticeable way with James White.

James White insults the mosque leaders in connecting the shamed David Wood with Dr James White and he questions how a connection can be made. James White should know better; his emotions were clearly clouding his judgement when he wrote this derogatory piece against Sheikh Awal and the senior Muslims hosting and advising Sheikh Awal.
James, the Connection is Elementary

Dr James White misses the connection but the astute mosque leaders made the OBVIOUS connection. Both James White and David Wood are intrinsically linked by a common supporter base; especially when debating Muslims. Thus David Wood’s supporters would have been at the event and the vigilant Muslims were mindful of this.

Therefore, the decision of Awal and the senior Muslims was the correct decision and in the best interest of all concerned; the nightmare scenario would have been the debate going ahead and David Wood’s more vocal and aggressive supporters turning up causing a scene and even bedlam.

In any case, with tensions already high, in the locality, between Muslims and Christians thanks to the controversial “evangelist”, David Wood, a debate would have only served to FUEL TENSION – this of course is not in the best interest of dialogue

It was a decision based on foresight, safety and a spirit of good friendship – we just wish Dr James White would see it this way

Dr James White and his Friends: Unwise

For a good while I have been inviting James White to disassociate himself from dubious characters and White’s lack of positive action is affecting him negatively. Why in the world did James White agree to be part of a debate series which included two of the most controversial “apologists” within Christendom (Sam Shamoun and David Wood)?

There was every possibility debates would have been jeopardised based on the mere presence of David Wood and Sam Shamoun. Both being friends of Dr James White

James White Unfairly brands Sheikh Awal a Bigot
Dr James White states, rather angrily:

“then it is perfectly correct, in the minds of bigoted men, to hold others responsible for their actions.”

Calm down James, you are being unjust.

Dr James White is simply being immature and allowing his disappointment of the cancellation to get the better of him. This was an uncalled for and unjust attack on Sheikh Awal and the Muslim leaders. They simply made a decision which was in the best interest of the local community, the rationale for their decision has already been explained, above, and this rationale is sound.

James White needs to stop throwing his toys out of the pram as he is only portraying himself in a poor light.

Intimations of Insincere Motives

James White suggests the debate was called off because Sheikh Awal performed badly at the previous debate:

“If last night's debate had gone well for the Islamic side, would this objection even be offered? I will let you judge that”

James White has lost sense of rational perspective; even if Awal performed badly at the previous debate (I have not seen it) it does not mean Awal would cancel this debate as this debate is about a completely different topic. In fact this  isa topic which has traditionally been a favourite of Muslim debaters – I would imagine Sheikh Awal is not different and enjoys debating the topic related to the claims of “deity” Trinitarian Christians put on Jesus (p).

So James should stop with the insinuations and insults as he is displaying himself in a negative fashion. Sheikh Awal does not deserve such an unwarranted attack. I hope Dr James White sees good sense, after he has calmed down, and apologizes

An Unchecked Platform

Dr James White decided to go ahead to the venue in Romulus and give a presentation after the debate was called off. White said:
So I am going to head to Romulus tonight and I will give the presentation I was going to give on the deity of Jesus Christ. Then I will play some portions of Sheik Awal's comments video taped in a debate in 2009 and refute them. Then I will take questions
I hope White’s unopposed platform was not misused in the sense of White presenting myopic arguments which are easily countered by the Muslim position. Muslims eagerly await the footage
Rescheduling of the Debate
As a gesture of friendship and good will between Muslims and Christians I would like to encourage both parties concerned to reschedule the debate once all the controversies have died down.
Appendix 1:
Jonathon Dupree challenges James White to prove his claims concerning the incident involving David Wood and White is also accused of “embellishments”:

Appendix 2:

David Wood and his partner (Nabeel Qureshi) are presenting misinformation about the event and insulting the integrity of the police force and Wood’s intentions are looked into:

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About Sex With Animals and Islam

Allegation of Bestiality against Islam is Discussed
Bestiality is not allowed in Islam but some people who are looking to demonise and degrade Muslims (and Islam) erroneously claim it is allowed in Islam.

“Bestiality” in this article refers to “Sexual relations between a human and an animal” [1]

Of course, those who have studied religion will find it inconceivable that any religion would allow this practice as religions are forces for conservatism. As a keen student of religion I would disbelieve any religion would allow a sexually depraved practice such as bestiality.

Sadly, Islam is a religion which is being targeted by mud slingers, a worrying side show is that amongst these mud slingers are serious evangelical Christians (see appendix 1)

In an effort to be thorough and treat the claim seriously we shall go through this hateful claim and show it to be false. The quickest way to show a claim to be false is to call in the experts. Let us simply ask an expert on Islam whether sex with animals is allowed or not.
Expert: Sheikh Ibn Hajar Haytami (1503-1566)
The expert we shall refer to is Ibn Hajar Haytami; he was a classical Muslim scholar who was an expert in Sacred Law (Islamic Law) and a well renowned authority.

In his list of enormities (sins) he listed bestiality (w52.1, 338-43) as a sin, thus clearly showing sex with animals is not allowed in Islam and is deemed as sinful [2]

That is unequivocally telling us those making this malicious claim against Islam are completely incorrect.

Hadith Literature Denounces Sex with Animals

In fact the experienced apologist, Bassam Zawadi, has already discussed this allegation and brought forward a saying from the Prophet Muhammed (p) which teaches us the prohibition (not allowing) sex with animals:

…Cursed is he who goes in unto (has sex with in other words in Arabic) an animal. Cursed is he who does what the people of Lot did (sodomy; the people of Sodom and Gomorah). (See appendix 1for the full Hadith which is presented by Bassam Zawadi, Sahih Al-Jami'a, page or number 5891)

This is overwhelming evidence to show the mud-slingers to be wrong.
To be even more thorough we shall offer the reader a chance to browse through (and analyze) the prominent supporting arguments used by those who claim Islam allows sex with animals (bestiality)

The Accusers Use Anecdotal Stories of Muslims and Falsely Impute this on Islam

You will read/hear the accuser point to stories of Muslim men committing this lewd act in Muslim countries. This will be their basis for claiming Islam allows sex with animals. This type of reasoning by the accusers (mud-slingers) is long on rhetoric but extremely lacking in rational reasoning.

Well, I could give you anecdotal stories of Muslims drinking, eating pork and gambling; would this mean Islam allows such acts?

Of course not, there are many “bad” Muslims who do not practice the religion of Islam in a full capacity and these “bad” Muslims contravene (break) many Islamic rules which a sincere Muslim is meant to observe.

To highlight the fallacious nature of the reasoning on the part of the accuser we can use the examples of Christian sex scandals amongst Christian spiritual leaders or the widespread availability of pornography in “Christian” countries.

Does this mean pornography and extramarital sex is allowed in Christianity? No, certainly not. Thus it would be silly and desperate to claim Islam allows bestiality just because you heard a story of a Muslim committing the depraved act of bestiality.

The fact remains, Islam as a religion disallows this practice.
The Critics Spin Fiqh (Jurisprudence) Literature
As Muslims have to pray (perform Salah) five times a day whilst being in a state of purification there is a plethora of Fiqh (jurisprudence) literature on what mode of purification (i.e. bath or ablution) is required after a whole range of different occurrences. The critic tries to capitalise on this in order to support his/her malicious claim

You may see critics present literature of Fiqh which explains what a man must do in order to purify himself for prayer after committing the act of bestiality and append such material with lurid and sensational claims such as “ISLAMIC LAWS ON HOW TO HAVE SEX WITH ANIMALS”. Of course, this is downright dishonest

As Fiqh is a science which covers all areas of life (and a whole load of possibilities) you will come across some Fiqh literature explaining what a person must do in order to purify himself after sex with an animal.

It is obvious to the reader that the Fiqh literature is not approving the act of bestiality but just giving rulings on purification after certain events.

To highlight a couple of examples we could look at Reliance of the Traveller (A Shafi Fiqh manual); in its purification section (e7.4) we learn a person must perform ablution if he/she touches the private parts of oneself or somebody else’s private parts. [3]

Of course, the Fiqh manual is not saying it is allowed for Muslims to touch other people’s privates but merely gives us rulings on purification if such an instance occurred.

Perhaps these rulings were initiated by questions from people who were tasked with the job of circumcising, doctors or mothers nursing young children.

From the same section we also note ablution is required (for prayer) if one touches the private parts of a deceased person [4]. Again, this does not mean we (as Muslims) are allowed to touch dead people’s privates.

It simply refers to purification IF such an event happened. You can imagine this ruling may have been initiated by questions from people who were tasked with washing and enshrouding bodies of the deceased.

The same applies for Fiqh literature (on purification) concerning those who commit the sin of bestiality. The Fiqh literature is not endorsing the act but simply giving us the mode of purification if somebody did commit this depraved act. (see appendix 1)

You can imagine purification rulings in Fiqh literature related to the sin of bestiality came about because somebody was caught doing such a deed (or rumours of such deeds were abound at the time of the jurist) and people asked regarding the purification route the one who committed the act must take in order to perform Salah (prayer)
So spinning Fiqh literature related to purification is deceptive, especially so if the one spinning the literature knows that the classical scholars considered bestiality to be a sin (i.e. not allowed in Islam)

Beware of the Forgeries, Spin and Other Malpractice

The critics bring forward a Shia leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, and claim he allowed this practice. His “quotes” are clouded with doubt.

However, this Shia leader did not approve of sex with animals. He was simply giving his opinion related to purification with regards to the crime of bestiality and has become the victim of the spin we have already discussed.

In any case when he spoke of such an act (hypothetically) he appended the words “Allah protect him from it” thus indicating he did not approve of such an action.

“If a man – Allah protect him from it! – fornicates with an animal and ejaculates, ablution is necessary” [5]

As for many quotes attributed to him, on the internet, there is a huge deal of suspicion surrounding the translations and whether they are forgeries or not. An alleged fourth edition of his Tahrir al Wasilah is being denied to ever exist.

For the record, in the interest of fairness, this man (Khomeini) did not appear to approve of bestiality so it would be unfair to accuse him of allowing such an act.

As a side note: any quotations of Khomeini used as a polemic against Islam should just be shrugged off as most Muslims (roughly 90%) do not view him with any authority whatsoever. This seems to be a common ploy used by insincere types against Islam; they use quotations from people who are unaccepted or on the fringe, all the while being contradicted by accepted authorities.

Bogus Argument: There is No Set Punishment in Islam for Bestiality

The other “supporting” material the accuser will use is the claim that Islam does not have a defined punishment for those who have sex with animals. This is an argument which is built on misconception and thrives on fertile imaginations.

It is spin based on a misconception; “The major myth of many people is that judges in Islamic nations have fixed punishments for all crimes. In reality the judges have much greater flexibility than judges under common law.” [6]

Just because a fixed punishment for this sin is not set it does not mean it is allowed in Islam or that it goes unpunished. In fact, it has been clearly shown the act is not allowed in Islam, thus the judge will decide on the punishment for somebody proven to have committed the degrading act of bestiality.
A Typical Claim Examined
For good measure I have appended a rebuttal, by Bassam Zawadi, to a Christian who was making the argument that Islam allows sex with animals. This Christian’s (Sam Shamoun) work was characterized by the spin of Fiqh which we have touched on in this article and bizarrely enough this Christian was so desperate to see his claim stick he even resorted to making up his OWN translation of a Quranic verse. How debauched can one get! (see appendix 1)
Overall Effects of this Claim
The lack of believability factor in this argument against Islam only serves to counteract the work of the mud-slingers and thus their other claims are further doubted;
as in the case of the boy who cried “wolf”.
Article put together by Yahya Snow

[1] Free dictionary

[2] Reliance of the Traveller, Ahmad ibn Naqib al Misri, edited and translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller, Amana Publications, 1994

[3] Ibid

[4] Ibid

[5] The Little Green Book at the Prophet of Doom, (doubts concerning authenticity of translations).



Appendix 1
Bassam Zawadi refutes the “bestiality” argument by a Christian evangelist:

Appendix 2

Interesting reading about Sweden and zoophiles:

Ergun Caner Supporters Attack a Christian Scholar (True?)

James White: A Victim

Pastor Tim Rogers asked a question related to James White’s teaching history at Golden Gate (see appendix 1). White has taken umbrage to this type of scrutiny. In fact White has gone further and is now intimating he is being victimized for his part in exposing Ergun Caner’s dishonesty.

James White in an effort to support his claim of victimization says “Before my first word about Ergun Caner's deceptive statements, my teaching history was documented and well known. There was no question about it, no mystery, no controversy”

So White is telling us that this intense scrutiny (victimization) is all due to his “whistle blowing” on Caner. White intensifies the air of victimization to his message by finishing his post with “Just another amazing chapter in "What Happens When You Seek Honesty in Ministry."

It appears as though White’s potential as a future teacher at Golden Gate has gone up in the ether due to this scrutiny and “victimization” from his fellow Christian brothers. White would have us believe he is the innocent party being subjected to vilification because he sought “honesty in ministry”.

Why Have They Rounded on James White?

The motives are far more ranging than simply being a case of tit for tat; James White takes down Ergun Caner and the Caner-ites take down White.

For those who are familiar with the “whistle blowing” of Ergun Caner will know James White is not a chief protagonist and is effectively a late-comer who is clinging on to the coat tails of those who did the ground work and the real “whistle blowing”. White, in relative terms to the chief protagonists is a cheer leader.

Much of White’s work is simply echoing Mohammad Khan’s diligent efforts. In the reporting of the Caner scandal I have yet to see White’s name mentioned, whilst Debbie Kaufman and Mohammad Khan are being credited with the ground work and real effort, especially Khan (see appendix 2).

White and Caner are old rivals, Caner has been at the wrong end of White’s wrath for denouncing Calvinism prior to the current Caner saga (see appendix 3)

With all the elements in place it is no wonder Christians at Golden Gate are looking at James White’s motives with genuine suspicion; is White simply using the Caner saga to cash in with some credibility and popularity whilst simultaneously settling old scores with his rival, Ergun Caner?

It seems “certain men” have taken to the idea of White being insincere and self-motivated, hence the scrutiny which is falling to bear on White.

Or is James White Sincere?

Have James White’s Christian brethren got it wrong? Is White really a sincere man seeking “honesty in ministry”?

A quick acid test would be to search the archives and check whether White did the same to other fallen evangelists Ted Haggard, Anis Shorrosh, Benny Hinn and Jimmy Swaggert. Does White have a history of badgering fallen Christians under the guise of “honesty” and “integrity”? You would expect somebody who is sincerely after “integrity” and” honesty” in the ministries to have a plethora of fallen Christian scalps to his name, especially considering White has been running his ministry since 1983.

So where is this long list, spanning years, of Christians who White has “outed” and rebuked based on “honesty” and integrity”? It is conspicuous by its absence; quite frankly White has no note worthy record in this regard. And White wonders why his fellow Christians look upon him with suspicion!

A stronger point for the “certain men” who do not trust James White is White’s association (friendship) with a sub-Christian evangelist named Sam Shamoun (see appendix 4) and to a lesser extent White’s association with the controversial evangelist, David Wood (see appendix 4).

Has White ever rebuked or ended his association with Sam Shamoun’s sub-Christian and sub-scholarly endeavour? No, yet the numerous “Sam Shamoun sagas” impact upon the ministries in the same negative fashion as the Caner scandal (see appendix 4).

This does point to discrepancies in the shape of inconsistencies on the part of James White. Surely a man who was sincerely concerned for the ministries would have rebuked others of similar dispositions rather than singling out Ergun Caner.

James White’s “Honesty” Charade is Ill-Conceived

It is not simply a question of whether James White’s motives are sincere or not, this is now impacting on White’s credibility and honesty. Those “certain men” asking questions of White would also be questioning White’s honesty, hence Tim Rogers’ investigations concerning White’s teaching history. These “certain men” are probing on the grounds of honesty. White’s commitment to honest endeavour is clouded.

If White had genuine desire for honesty then he would not be dishonestly featuring incorrect material on his YouTube channel knowingly (see appendix 5) and he would have answered related to his inconsistent endorsement of a deceptive article by Shamoun which White oddly labelled as “excellent Quranic insights”

White’s charade of honesty is further questioned in his refusal to answer questions related to his source material used in a debate with Shabir Ally. White’s silence is deafening, he has been silent for a good while (see appendix 6)

White is not naïve, he knows of these issues and deliberately remains silent on these issues as he knows he has no legitimate defence, thus is well and truly in the realm of double standards and even dishonesty.

James White is Doing His Fellow Christians a Disservice

White is sullying the reputation of “certain” Christians who are linked to Golden Gate and whether he likes it or not White is doing Golden Gate a disservice.

White is a veteran, you would imagine he knows what he is doing and knows of the far reaching (potential) consequences and damage which is being sustained within the Church due to his actions.

Undeniable: James White is a Victim

Yes, James White is a victim of his own self-interest and desire to be noticed as a paragon of virtue and expertise. White wanted attention and now he has got attention but it appears as if this intense scrutiny of White is not the type of attention he wanted. What did White expect us to do? Proclaim him to be a hero and give him a licence to teach Islam instead of Caner?

The Realities

James White is not being hung out to dry by “certain men” of the Church due to his desire for “honesty”. This is a sad victim mentality White is wringing furiously in order to gain sympathy and have one final bitter dig at the secret enemy with the Church.

James White Turned a Winning Position into a Spectacular Defeat

If James White had simply stayed quiet during the Caner saga and kept his nose clean as far as his material on Islam he would have been touted as a strong contender to pick up some of the prestige vacated by Caner’s exit.

Yet, White’s inability to accurately represent Islam, efforts to be SEEN as knowledgeable in Islam and desire to be noticed (to an obsession) in the Ergun Caner saga has led him to be distrusted and dare I say “abandoned” by his fellow Christians and colleagues as well as mocked as a “student” of Islam.

White had the goal at his mercy, somehow his ego clouded his vision and he missed spectacularly

James White’s Future in the Ministry

James White is a veteran though, he and his ministry are significantly weakened by this saga but he and his ministry will regroup and will be back.

This is also a set back for those hoping White would disassociate himself from dubious anti-Muslim ministries; this seems remote as White is in a position of powerlessness and as we all know, powerlessness corrupts just as quickly as power.

It is a pity White did not act when he was in a position of power

Any questions contact the author (Yahya Snow)

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Appendix 1

Pastor Tim Rogers questioned Dr Jeff Lorg regarding James White’s teaching history:

Appendix 2

A couple of news reports mentioning Mohammad Khan, whilst the name “James White” is conspicuous due to its absence:

Appendix 3

White lays into his rival (Ergun Caner) concerning Calvinism (prior to the Caner scandal):

Appendix 4

An example of White’s friend Sam Shamoun’s sub-Christian behaviour:

White’s associates (Wood and Shamoun) are rebuked and shunned on moral grounds:

Muslim debater and apologist, Bassam Zawadi, invites James White to rebuke his friend Sam Shamoun, White refuses:

White’s friend Sam Shamoun asked to leave the ministry:

Appendix 5

James White’s dishonesty and support of unscholarly modes of practice:

Appendix 6

Muslim debater and apologist, Bassam Zawadi, questions JamesWhite on his research:

Appendix 7

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Masjid Under Threat, Need Help

Masjid al Haqq, currently rents from a building located on E. High St in Pottstown, PA. The community has kept up-to-date with the rent for the building however the owners of the building were not able to keep up with the mortgage of the building, and as such the building is in the foreclosure process and scheduled for a sheriff sale July 28, 2010. The community would like to purchase this building

We are expecting the building to be sold with a value in the range of $20K to $100K (as this is an auction it is difficult to estimate because we do not know how many investors may attend the auction) as of today the community has generated $12,000 in a short space of time. Insha'Allah, we are requesting financial help as well as your duas.

Funds can be sent directly to the bank:

National Penn Bank,
377 E High St,
Pottstown, PA 19464

Routing Number: 031308784
Account Number: 0000000216807573

Make checks payable to: Masjid Al Haqq
Tax ID #: 94-3450330

To donate online visit:

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The Dr James White Scandal Continues at Alpha and Omega Ministries

UPDATE: James White is STILL featuring (knowingly) inaccurate material onhis YouTube page. He knows about this, I have sent him a number of emails, three video responses and Christians have let him kow of my material. James KNOWS about his mistake yet continues to feature the inaccurate material on his page for his Christian audience to view...why?

This is an abandonment of regard for truth and accuracy on the part of White.

White also refusesto comment on his inconsistency in supporting, endorsing and promoting an article by his friend, Sam Shamoun, in which Shamoun makes up his own translation of a Quranic verse wothout telling his readers (deception).

White has an awful lot of explaining to do but still remains silent...his silence only serves to highlight these words: hypocrisy, scandal, dishonest, corrupt, inconsistent, unscholarly, untrustworthy and misleading.

This "latest" video is over 5 days old now and White has had well over a wekk to correct his mistake and speak on his endorsements of shamoun's deceptive methodology.

4420 people have seen the inaccurate material on White's page, yet White leaves it there without letting people know of the inaccuracy; effectively White is deliberately misinforming his audience now (4420 people is alot!!!)

For further insight please view (copay and paste into browser):

Post by Yahya Snow

Monday, 14 June 2010

Ergun Caner's Scandal Hits Tehran

I have recently been warning unscrupulous Christian ministries, geared towards converting Muslims, that their dishonesty and malpractice will only further the distrust Muslims have of Christian missionaries.
It seems as though this practice of dishonesty within Christian ministries is becoming more publicized. The following article is found in the TehranTimes:

Ex-Muslim preacher exposed as fake

Caner has come under fire for suspicious claims he has made about his Muslim past. A prominent Christian preacher that reportedly converted to Christianity from Islam has come under fire for making suspicious claims about his Muslim past.

Ergun Caner, the dean of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary in Lynchburg, Virginia, claims that he was a radical Muslim teenager before immigrating to the U.S. from Turkey and discovering Jesus Christ at a church in the U.S. state of Ohio.

Soon after the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York and Washington, DC, Caner and his brother, Emir, published a book labeled Unveiling Islam: An Insider's Look at Muslim Life and Beliefs.

In the book, Caner portrays himself as a one-time extremist who received terrorist trainings in Turkey.

The publication of the book quickly propelled this unknown Baptist minister to the heights of fame, and in 2005 granted him his current post as the dean of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Since then, Caner has established himself as a leading Christian critic of Islam using his stature as the dean of one of the most prominent Evangelical theology schools.

However, Caner's contradictory stories and remarks have cast doubt on his past.

Recent reports show that he and his family had moved to Ohio when he was just a child -- before being able to receive terrorist training -- and that some ""Arabic"" phrases he had uttered in some of his speeches were actual gibberish.

Following the revelations, Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. has initiated a probe into Caner's behavior, with results due later this month, the Associated Press reported recently.

Jerry Falwell Sr., the founder and former chancellor of the Liberty University who died in 2007, was an outspoken rhetorical critic of Islam that lacked little scholarly knowledge of the religion. On numerous occasions he had made offensive remarks regarding the Prophet of Islam (PBUH).

Many critics regard Caner to be just an opportunist who has sowed tension between the world's two largest faiths.

""He's done enormous harm … To listen to someone like Caner, you'd think house meetings to decide what to blow up next are daily fare for all Muslims,"" said Charles Kimball, director of religious studies at the University of Oklahoma.

Analysts say that Caner's climb to fame, however, illustrates how important Muslim conversion stories are among American Christian communities today.

It also brings back to mind the longstanding fascination of the American society -- dating back to the colonial period -- with tales of Muslims converting to Christianity.

(Source: Press TV)

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Is James White Helping Muslims Clean Up Christian Ministries?

It never astounds me to note different depths Christian ministries will go to in order to win Muslim converts. I’m not just talking about “rice-converts” but of course speaking of my findings related to my studies with regard to Christian outreaches to Muslims.

I am desensitized to the gullibility of the Christian audience to simply absorb the material on offer, regardless of the intellectual bankruptcy the material in question espouses; as long as it is from a Christian source they will accept it blindly.

Obvious Example: Ergun Caner

The obvious example would be Dr Ergun Caner (Christian evangelist) and the scandal surrounding him. Of course, I and many other Muslims have been aware of Caner’s wilful deception of his gullible Christian flock for quite some time (see Appendix 1). The real concern is that it takes such a long time for responsible Christians to click on and say “hey this is not on”.
There is an investigation into the whole Caner saga and Christians have began to vocalise their concern and efforts to clean up Christian apologetics, especially Christian apologetics related to Islam.

I have often wondered why Christian evangelists/apologists misinform Muslims or misinform about Islam; I used to simply say to myself it is because the Muslim is the toughest to convert to Christianity, however more refined reflections lead to the thought it is a combination of factors, one of these factors is sheer ignorance on the part of Christians when it concerns Islam.

Dr James White: Cleaning up the Christian Ministries

This leads us nicely to a superficial warrior amongst the Christian arena of apologetics named Dr James White. He has been a source of amplification, of late, in helping bring Dr Ergun Caner to account. Some Christians (Canerites) have had misgivings concerning White’s involvement and intentions. As a Muslim who dabbles in apologetics, from time to time, I must say I was impressed (initially) with White’s stand up type of approach and his desire to do the right thing in bringing Christian outreaches to account (i.e. clean them up)

Actions are Judged on Intentions

James White’s Christian brothers, such as Peter Lumpkins and other Canerites, are viewing White with suspicion. What is White’s motive? Is it really to “seek integrity in ministry”?

It is difficult to believe James White is genuine with his guises of “integrity” and concern for the ministries. James White’s inconsistencies with regards to integrity and evangelical edification intimates White’s motives related to Caner are in some doubt.

White’s lack of regard for “integrity in ministry” is clear for all to see within his actions. Actions speak louder than words, James. (See Appendix 2 and 3)

James, Friends are Family Members you Choose

White has a weak link in his armour on the “integrity” front. He has an association (a friendship) with an internet Christian evangelist named Sam Shamoun. Shamoun is not renowned for his integrity but is renowned for his unscholarly work as well as manner within Christian-Muslim apologetics. (see Appendix 4)

The only thing which precedes Sam Shamoun is his tongue. A tongue which unleashes horrific comments directed at Muslims (individuals he is meant to be “saving”). Naturally this has repulsed a great deal of Muslims, yet James White is still friends with this sub-Christian character.

James White is so loyal to his Caner-esque friend that he has declined opportunities to denounce Shamoun publically. In fact, it is on the contrary, White has endorsed this individual by featuring his work on his blog as “excellent Quranic insights” and declaring Shamoun as having a “vast knowledge of Islam” whilst on air.

Shamoun and White do not exactly make obvious bed fellows but rest assured White’s actions of endorsement, friendship and a refusal to denounce his friend clearly highlight the pair are in league.

White has been under mild pressure from a Muslim debater, Bassam Zawadi, in the past to denounce Shamoun (see Appendix 5). This was met with James White avoiding the issue of Shamoun, basically staying silent on his pal. A silence which spoke volumes in saying White is a hypocrite and has no regard for the “integrity” and has no real desire to clean up Christian apologetics.

James White: One Rule for Caner, Another Rule for My Friend

White essentially operates a double standard when he bashes (to an obsession) Ergun Caner with sticks of “morality” and “integrity”. It is high time White removed himself from this realm of hypocrisy; either he stops with this obsession with Caner or deals some blows to Sam Shamoun with the sticks of “morality” and “integrity”.

Lumpkins and co are barking up the correct tree; White is not this paragon of sincerity and “integrity” he makes himself out to be whilst pressurizing his Christian brother (Ergun Caner), White’s motives in jumping on Caner are far from sincere. If he genuinely cared for “integrity” he would have dealt with Sam Shamoun by now, we are still waiting for this superhero of the ministries to clean his friend’s act and ministry up. This is a far more pressing issue than Caner; Ergun Caner is all but over, thanks to persistent Muslim investigation by Mohammed Khan, it hardly requires James White to focus all his “integrity” laden energy on delivering the final blow Caner. James, save some of that energy for your pal (Sam Shamoun).

James White: Refuse to be Wrong (Even When Proven to be Wrong)

The embarrassing saga for James White continues. When White with his Arabic teacher (Issam) in tow was bashing Caner’s lack of Arabic in his latest YouTube video he ventured too far, beyond his realm of expertise. White, in an attempt to show off his Arabic teacher, asked Issam to “recite” the first Surah (chapter) from the Quran from memory. Issam recited a few verses in Arabic but it was not Surah al Fatiha (the first Surah in the Quran) as a verse was missed out (see Appendix 2).

White endorsed this “recitation” and presented it as Surah al Fatiha; it was not Surah al Fatiha. I (Yahya Snow) pointed this embarrassing and offensive mistake out to White via a video response.

To my utter amazement White censored my video response and did not even have the courtesy or respect to change/remove the embarrassing and offensive presentation. White’s pride meant he was unwilling to correct his material and would rather leave the inaccurate material for his Christian audience to view, quite simply White showed a complete lack of care for accuracy and honesty; he STILL keeps this inaccurate material on his YouTube page despite knowing it to be inaccurate. White’s pride is leaving his Christian audience with misinformation. Is this the action of a paragon of “integrity” or a man who basically feels he is above error and self-correction?

Essentially, White, his ministry (Alpha and Omega Ministries) and his pal (Issam) are looking foolish in front of all the Muslim audience but White’s pride does not allow him to remove the offending clip and acknowledge his error. This is a huge crime within the setting of genuine Muslim-Christian apologetics, intellectual dishonesty and even deception.

White Chooses Sam Shamoun Over Jesus

It gets worse as White’s unscholarly nature and intellectual
dishonesty is unearthed further. White is also challenged, in the video, to explain his endorsement of Sam Shamoun’s outrageously dishonest and unscholarly practice.

Shamoun, in his attempt to support his argument against Muslim apologists, made his OWN translation of a Quranic verse up (one which was in utter disagreement with all recognised translations of the Quran). For the record it is important to point out that Shamoun is by no means qualified or authorised to translate the Quran or any Quranic verse. This did not stop him; this is James White’s friend we are talking about, scholarly boundaries do not apply to him! (see Appendix 3)

Nevertheless, James White committed abysmal intellectual dishonesty and inconsistency by endorsing it as “excellent Quranic insights”. All this despite Shamoun not even telling his audience he was making his own translation up which disagrees with all the translations on record (i.e. the audience were being wilfully misdirected by James White’s friend). There were other heinous acts of scholarly savagery which were present within the article endorsed by none other than the man of “integrity”, Dr James White

The hypocrisy (inconsistency) of White sets in because there is NO way White would allow a Muslim to do the same to the Bible. White presents himself as a staunch advocate of consistency yet disregards all he holds sacred in order to support his friend Sam Shamoun. (see Appendix 6)

Caner Vs White

Dr Ergun Caner has his faults and his fair share of controversy; so does Dr James White. Yet, White compounds his problems by jumping on the “bash Caner bandwagon”. James, pride always comes before a fall!

White abandoned Caner under the guise of “integrity” but will not abandon Sam Shamoun who is notorious for his anti-Christian behaviour and his shoddy scholarship. In fact, to further present the picture of the real Sam Shamoun it would be advisable to note Muslim apologists/debaters have refused to engage him based on a moral question. It does not get any worse for a Christian ministry when their leader is being shunned on grounds of morality, where is James White to clean up the ministries?

James White’s silence on this issue speaks volumes, it really does.
Will we be seeing Christians abandon White and bash him with sticks of “integrity” and “morality” in order to clean up the ministries?


Appendix 1:

Ergun Caner of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary has been under scrutiny for some time:

Appendix 2:

James White being hypocritical, unscholarly and misleading (REFUSING to be WRONE, even When he KNOWS he is WRONG):

Appendix 3:

James White challenged to prove his intellectual and scholarly integrity:

Appendix 4:

One example of James White’s friend, Sam Shamoun:

Appendix 5:

Bassam Zawadi invites the man James white to rebuke his friend’s unchristian behaviour:

Appendix 6:

Sam Shamoun making his own Quranic translation of a verse and keeping it quiet (amongst other things):

Appendix 7

A couple emails sent to Dr White at alpha and omega ministries (aomin), please ignore the typographical errors, these emails were met with silence along with the shorter emails sending him links to my material referring to him:


I noted your unapproval of my video response concerning Sam Shamoun. I would like to remind you of the serious nature of the allegations/intimations withinthe said video.

I have given up hope of you responding which leaves me with the conclusion that you support uncholarly endeavour when it concerns the Quran but Muslims are not allowed to do the same to the Bible. This is a harsh conclusion; I was hoping you would have taken the time out to clear your name instead of simply resorting to censorship.

If I may, I will leave you with a parting shot; how can you rebuke Ergun Caner and be free from a double standard?

I genuinely believe this is another sad chapter added to the huge volume which concerns misbehaviour amongst Christian outreaches (ministries) to Muslims.

Yahya Snow

Dear Sir,

I have been waiting a good while for your response to my blog postings and YouTube videos related to the Sam Shamoun saga. I was little surprised in seeing you unapprove my video.

In my view this issue concerning Shamoun is more pressing than the issue of Caner.

Please let me know whether you are considering a response, if you are not looking to respond then please letme know so I can get some closure and concentrate fully on other projects.


Yahya Snow

Ending Racism by Shabir Ally

Article taken from Shabir Ally's Site:

How to end Racism

Recent events remind us that racism remains rampant. How can it end? Only understanding and education can end racism.

People must realise that God created all humans from one couple. The entire human race is therefore one large extended family. God says:

O mankind! Be careful of your duty to your Lord who created you from a single soul and from its mate; and from the two of them He spread abroad a multitude of men and women...(Qur'an 4:1).

O mankind! We have created you male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that you may know each other. The noblest of you, in the sight of Allah1, is the best in conduct (Qur'an 49:13).

The noblest is the best in conduct. Such persons may belong to any race or country. What really matters is their conduct and behaviour.

This is why the prophet Muhammad2 in a public address said that the Arabs are not superior to the non-Arabs, and one colour is not superior to another. He also said that people should obey their leader even if he is a black person.

Furthermore, we must understand that no race is superior to another. When we see a garden with many different flowers we appreciate the beauty of the entire arrangement. We have nothing against the colour of any flower because each contributes something to the beauty of the garden.

In a similar way we may see the world as a garden decorated with people of different colours. Let us appreciate that each variety of people contributes something to the spice of life in this world. God says:

He himself appointed a black person, Osamah, son of Zaid, to lead a Muslim task force.

As a result of following these teachings, many people are able to end racism in their thoughts and actions. You can still see racial harmony today in the mosques of cosmopolitan cities. There you will find people of various colours worshipping together, all with equal status before God. Rich or poor, black or white, king or pauper all line up side by side to worship. No special consideration is given to anyone based on colour or social status. In many mosques the leader is black and the followers white. There is no such concept as a "black mosque" or "white mosque." Islam removes such destructive concepts.

1Allah is the name of God used by Arabic-Speaking Christians and Jews, and by Muslims of every language.

2May peace, and the blessings of Allah, be on His messengers Muhammad, Jesus, Moses and others.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Comments are Approved Automatically

I have set the comments for newer posts to be approved automatically so if some dubious comments are displayed then please know I have not approved them. Thus, I take NO responsibility for comments other users make.

Grown up individuals should be responsible enough to be able to post in a reasonable way.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Dr James White Challenged to Prove his Consistency

Dr James white ignored the first video (despite it being emailed to him via a link).1st video:

White should realise these issues of controversy are NOT going to simply go away by ignoring them. It is time for White to comment, this could well turn White into a figure such as Ergun Caner. Sam Shamoun's credibility as a serious source on Islam vanished a long while ago; White's credibility is on the ropes now. 2nd video:

Video by Yahya Snow.

Questions for Dr James White:

Do you endorse Sam Shamoun?

Do you approve of making your own translations of the Quran up (and not informing anybody of such a doing)?

Do you approve of Shamoun's dubious use of Palmer's translation?

Do you think Shamoun acted in a Christian way? A scholarly way?

Why did you approve of Shamoun's article and label it as "excellent Quranic insights"?

Are you going to rebuke shamoun and distance your ministry from him and his shoddy work?

Do you feel this has impacted on your reputation?

For me it is clear Shamoun was being dishonest, what are your views?

White can still recover from this embarrassing saga by acting in an honest fashion (and nota fashion which tries to protect his friend). In my view YouTube Muslims will not let this slide (look at the Ergun Caner issue for an example of YouTube Muslim action) so White's silence is deafening. We await White's video response..

**** UPDATE****

White has unapproved the video on YouTube...why is he censoring this video? Furthermore, this means White is DELIBERATELY leaving inaccurate material on his page as he STILL has not corrected his inaccuracies concerning the clip of his Arabic teacher...this is dishonest, now 4,171 people have viewed James White's misinforation...White leaves it on his channel without even appending a note to let his audience know of the inaccuracy. So White has been misleading (wilfully) his audience for 5 days...and still counting...not very honest on his part :( (updated June 10)

NOTE: White's colleague told me the video was unapproved automatically due to the video settings

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Should Muslims Debate David Wood and Sam Shamoun? (No!)

This video was made a while ago and is being uploaded for closure purposes. David Wood knew about this video for a while; there is a related video which will not be uploaded for personal reasons. The video is well worth a listen for all those who are considering David Wood and Sam Shamoun for debate. Quite frankly these two individuals are lacking scholarly backbones as well as respect.

It is interesting to note it is the Muslims who are calling for civility and respect; whilst Wood's supporters STILL think Muslims are followersof Satan...Food for thought.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Early Christianity (the Origins)

Yusuf Ismail gives a fascinating lecture on the origins of Christianity and the early history of the religion. Yusuf Ismail is a respected member of the I.P.C.I and delivers a lecture which is well worth a listen by both Muslims and christians. Ismail is not abrasive and presents his information with an air of courtesy.

Some points to ponder upon whilst viewing his lecture:
Is Jesus God?
Did Jesus sanction or approve of the Book which we now call the Bible?
Are Christians really following Jesus or those who came after Jesus?

It is a four part lecture which is from the naliakbar channel

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4: