Monday, 21 June 2010

Dr James White Vents Fury at Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Awal

Dr James White rages with fury as Sheikh Muhammed Ahmed Awal cancels the debate; an unjust fury on the part of James White

The debate between James White and Sheikh Muhammad Ahmed Awal ("Jesus: A Prophet of Allah or Divine Son of God?") has been cancelled due to the irresponsible actions of an egomaniacal “evangelist” named David Wood.

 Responsible Muslim Decision

This is a responsible decision which was made by Sheikh Awal and the mosque which was due to hosting Awal. I applaud the responsible decision by Sheikh Awal and the Muslims of the locality

However, Dr James White is furious; this man really wanted the debate to go ahead and does not understand the decision for some reason. White angrily exclaims:
“I am truly disgusted. I just got off the phone with Sheikh Awal. Here is the situation: the members of the mosque that is hosting him have demanded that he not debate me tonight. Why? Because David Wood was arrested at the Arabic Festival a few days ago. Miss the connection? So do I, and so does any honest, rational human being. “

James White seems to be acting selfishly and unjust; White really wanted to debate and the disappointment is influencing his demeanour, which is a demeanour soaked in fury!

James White needs to think of the bigger picture and act responsibly. The good folk of the mosque do not want any controversy; Muslims are under a microscope and are being scrutinized for any irregularities and disconnections in public relations. Thus it would have been reckless of the mosque and Sheikh Awal to continue with the debate especially considering David Wood is connected in a noticeable way with James White.

James White insults the mosque leaders in connecting the shamed David Wood with Dr James White and he questions how a connection can be made. James White should know better; his emotions were clearly clouding his judgement when he wrote this derogatory piece against Sheikh Awal and the senior Muslims hosting and advising Sheikh Awal.
James, the Connection is Elementary

Dr James White misses the connection but the astute mosque leaders made the OBVIOUS connection. Both James White and David Wood are intrinsically linked by a common supporter base; especially when debating Muslims. Thus David Wood’s supporters would have been at the event and the vigilant Muslims were mindful of this.

Therefore, the decision of Awal and the senior Muslims was the correct decision and in the best interest of all concerned; the nightmare scenario would have been the debate going ahead and David Wood’s more vocal and aggressive supporters turning up causing a scene and even bedlam.

In any case, with tensions already high, in the locality, between Muslims and Christians thanks to the controversial “evangelist”, David Wood, a debate would have only served to FUEL TENSION – this of course is not in the best interest of dialogue

It was a decision based on foresight, safety and a spirit of good friendship – we just wish Dr James White would see it this way

Dr James White and his Friends: Unwise

For a good while I have been inviting James White to disassociate himself from dubious characters and White’s lack of positive action is affecting him negatively. Why in the world did James White agree to be part of a debate series which included two of the most controversial “apologists” within Christendom (Sam Shamoun and David Wood)?

There was every possibility debates would have been jeopardised based on the mere presence of David Wood and Sam Shamoun. Both being friends of Dr James White

James White Unfairly brands Sheikh Awal a Bigot
Dr James White states, rather angrily:

“then it is perfectly correct, in the minds of bigoted men, to hold others responsible for their actions.”

Calm down James, you are being unjust.

Dr James White is simply being immature and allowing his disappointment of the cancellation to get the better of him. This was an uncalled for and unjust attack on Sheikh Awal and the Muslim leaders. They simply made a decision which was in the best interest of the local community, the rationale for their decision has already been explained, above, and this rationale is sound.

James White needs to stop throwing his toys out of the pram as he is only portraying himself in a poor light.

Intimations of Insincere Motives

James White suggests the debate was called off because Sheikh Awal performed badly at the previous debate:

“If last night's debate had gone well for the Islamic side, would this objection even be offered? I will let you judge that”

James White has lost sense of rational perspective; even if Awal performed badly at the previous debate (I have not seen it) it does not mean Awal would cancel this debate as this debate is about a completely different topic. In fact this  isa topic which has traditionally been a favourite of Muslim debaters – I would imagine Sheikh Awal is not different and enjoys debating the topic related to the claims of “deity” Trinitarian Christians put on Jesus (p).

So James should stop with the insinuations and insults as he is displaying himself in a negative fashion. Sheikh Awal does not deserve such an unwarranted attack. I hope Dr James White sees good sense, after he has calmed down, and apologizes

An Unchecked Platform

Dr James White decided to go ahead to the venue in Romulus and give a presentation after the debate was called off. White said:
So I am going to head to Romulus tonight and I will give the presentation I was going to give on the deity of Jesus Christ. Then I will play some portions of Sheik Awal's comments video taped in a debate in 2009 and refute them. Then I will take questions
I hope White’s unopposed platform was not misused in the sense of White presenting myopic arguments which are easily countered by the Muslim position. Muslims eagerly await the footage
Rescheduling of the Debate
As a gesture of friendship and good will between Muslims and Christians I would like to encourage both parties concerned to reschedule the debate once all the controversies have died down.
Appendix 1:
Jonathon Dupree challenges James White to prove his claims concerning the incident involving David Wood and White is also accused of “embellishments”:

Appendix 2:

David Wood and his partner (Nabeel Qureshi) are presenting misinformation about the event and insulting the integrity of the police force and Wood’s intentions are looked into:


mirele said...

I don't get why White wouldn't understand why Sheikh Awal was asked to withdraw from the debate. All you have to do is look at James' blog.

In between posts about how he's getting ready to go to Michigan to have this debate and then, how the debate was called off, he's supporting not just any other ministry out "preaching" to Muslims, but it's David Wood and Acts 17 Apologetics. As in, the same ministry, in Michigan, that just had these problems from their insistence that they didn't have to follow the rules everyone else had to follow.

And, if James had looked at a map, like I did, he would have noticed that Romulus is the next city over from Dearborn. So this most definitely was a local thing.

I'm also annoyed with James because he posted Wood's misleading video about how Acts 17 Apologetics wasn't allowed to pass out the gospel of John at the Arab International Festival. It wasn't because it was Acts 17 Apologetics, and it wasn't because it was the gospel of John. It WAS because they were in the five-block buffer zone around the festival. Granted, it's likely the buffer zone is unconstitutional. BUT, if they thought the law was unjust, they could have gone the civil disobedience route and risked jail in the name of a "higher law." However, that would have required acknowledging the (current) legitimacy of the restrictions, and these aggropreachers have no intention of doing so. They are essentially lawless.

But don't let the facts confuse James White!

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of God, As salamu 'alikum wr wb.

Mirele TOUCHE my dear sister TOUCHE!

Anyone care for some caviar?

Rafa-el_1 said...

If sheikh anwal hath a problem with david being arrested. why didn't ha call off the first debate he hath with james white? could it be that James white chrushed his opponent(i.e. sheikh anwal)? And that the sheikh was looking for a way to save face?

Anybody care to listen to the first debate between Anwal and White?

This is exactly why yayha applauded his cancellation. A 2e debate would be just embaressing

minoria said...

I think a better debate would have been on the Cordoba House building,on Zakir Naik and his irresponsabilities,on the South Park incident.
The mainstream press should really debate this.Not just 15 min here and there but a 2 hr discussion between both sides...the ratings would go up very fast,everybody would watch it,it would bring alot of money to the stations(which is all they really care about).

maratsafin said...

@rafael i have never heard of sheik anwal and i dont think james white has ever debated him. Also what the hell does chrushed mean?btw james white did not win the debate.

Anonymous said...


Awal literally made a laughing stock out of himself...and islam...

Rafa-el_1 said...


I noticed that you have difficulty comprehending statements.

You questioned if they even debated yet concluded that White didn't win that debate. Do you see the contradiction in that statement?

Wow , Anyway I supplied the link to the debate in my earlier post.

Abdul Azim said...

its very difficult to wake somebody who is not sleeping" thats how u are,this topic is like milk in a baby's mouth for Sh.M.Awal