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Allegorical Readings of the Bible

Origen followed Clement in relishing the use of an ‘allegorical’ method of understanding the meaning of literary texts, which by then held a long history in Greek scholarship. This s how learned Greeks had read Homer and how learned Alexandrian Jews like Philo read the Tanakh. Allegorical readers of scripture saw it as having several layers of meaning. The innermost meanings, hidden behind the literal sense of the words on the page, were not only the most profound, but also only available to those with eyes to see.[p152, A History of Christianity by Diarmaid McCulloch]
Thoughts on: Muhammad in the Bible? Debate between Zakir Hussain (Hussein) and Samuel Green
I think this is a timely reminder to folk that looking at the Bible allegorically is nothing new. I recently viewed a debate between a Muslim (Zakir Hussain/Hussein) and a Christian (Samuel Green) about whether Prophet Muhammad was in the Bible.
I thought the Muslim gave a cohesive presentation and was rather impressive. He drew the audience's attention to the  unaccommodating approach Christians have towards prophecies of Muhammad (p) in the Bible compared to the accommodating approach they have for prophecies of Jesus (p) in the Old Testament.
 The Muslim speaker began his presentation by making mention of  Matthew, in ch.2:14-15, who uses an allegorical interpretation of Hosea 11:1 to support his belief that this is a Prophecy of Jesus. I think this was a really good start to his presentation as the more balanced Christian viewer would have to be inclined to give the Biblical verses presented as prophecies of Muhammad (p) a fair opportunity.
I wonder whether the Christians (including Samuel Green) would be prepared to give an allegorical reading of the Biblical passages Zakir presented as prophecies of Prophet Muhammed (p) an opportunity during moments of  quiet reflection...

Cross Dressing (Another Christian Fundamentalist Lie)

Sad Cross Dresser

Right, just in case other Christian and Muslims are deceived by Christian rabble-rousers on the internet whom are propagating the cross dressing lie I think it’s time for another post on this issue.

So recently some Christian apologist donned his wife’s pink dress and put forward a video on You/tube in which he claimed Prophet Muhammed (p) wore his wife’s (Aisha’s clothing).

 This lie has already been refuted here in article form, however I did decide to pour scorn on this missionary’s cross dressing and deceptive antics via video. After producing this video I noticed Ayaman1 had already made a more thorough and comprehensive video (Did Prophet Muhammad wear his wives' clothes? another missionary lie) in which he highlights this cloth seems to refer to 'house'. I'd recommend, if you want to be educated on this issue you view Ayaman1's video
 Rebuking a Cross Dresser

Recommended and Thorough Video Refutation by Ayaman1: Did Prophet Muhammad wear his wives' clothes ? another missionary lie


Notes and Summary of Ayaman1's Video
 Ayaman1 in his video (~4.30) brings forward a hadith from Musnad Ahmed which doesn’t use thawb or mirt (or any word related to a cloth) but uses the words (in the) HOUSE  (fi bayt…).
For me it does appear the narration refers to a house. Ayaman1 does mention the word cloth (used in the other narrations already discussued) is a metaphor for ‘house’ as well. Whatever the case may be, we are all certain NONE of the narrations refer to women’s dresses/clothing.

As for the word ‘mirT’, Ayaman1 highlights that it’s an unsewn cloth which can be worn by men and women. It’s not a dress or garment of a woman. I guess facts are what these Christian mischief-makers dislike.

In all reality, I’d imagine even the most ardent Christian fundamentalist feels these claims of cross-dressing to be false but out of sheer mischief-making and attention-seeking we see a handful of internet Christian missionary characters propagating such absurd claims. May Allah guide them. Ameen.

The ‘abomination’ that is David Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics

 This cross dresser who is collecting cash for his ‘Christian’ missionary efforts is actually an abomination according to the Bible he is claiming to preach. I wonder what his financial supporters make of this as well as Bassim Gorial (ABN), Samuel Green, James White (Alpha and Omega Ministries):

“A woman shall not wear a man’s garment, nor shall a man put on a woman’s cloak, ufor whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God. [Deuteronomyt 22:5 ESV]

Perhaps this creepy rabble-rouser will like to explain his open defiance of the Bible he is supposedly advocating…

Stupidity and Desperation

 If you are going to seek donations for your internet activities (Christian fundamentalist rabble-rousing) then surely you wearing your wife’s pink dress on camera is only going to further tarnish your credibility as an apologist (if you had any remaining)? Surely propagating a lie which you borrowed from your missionary side kick (Sam Shamoun) is hardly going to do you any favours – especially considering the lie is old, tired and refuted?

I really think Christian fundamentalists think their donors are stupid? Why else would they constantly regurgitate the same refuted absurdities over and over and present it to their financial donors as something convincing…

I think the mind set of the financial supporters of such mischief-apologists could be summed up by this fictitious dialogue:

Sam and David: Give us some support boys.
Chump 1: Here’s $50 David

Chump 2: Have you got any new material coming out?

David: What, didn’t you see me and my cross dressing video?!

Chump 1: I certainly did, you looked really pretty in the pink dress and lip stick.

Chump 2: Uh? But I saw that stupid claim years ago and Muslims refuted it easily. In fact the same goes for your other claims…

David: Do you hate Muslims? If you do, then shut your mouth and give some financial aid to your brother Sam Shamoun so he doesn’t have to get a real job.

Chump 2: Erm, guys I’m going to stop being a chump. BTW Wearing women’s clothing is an abomination according to the Bible. You David are an abomination and a deceiver. Good bye.

Chump 1: Is it possible he is a Muslim now? Shall I drink his blood?

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