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Christians Reject the Holy Spirit

Is the Holy Spirit Jesus’ God?

Right, we know Christians believe Jesus had a human nature as well as a divine nature (“the god-man”). You’d think Christians would believe the Holy Spirit, the Son and the Father were ALL the God of the human nature of Jesus as Christians believe all three to be “persons” of God. However, Christian beliefs to do with the Holy Spirit and the Trinity in general never cease to baffle.

One Christian apologist, in response to this difficulty wrote:

The Holy Spirit did not become Christ’s God at the Incarnation. Rather, it is the Father alone who became and continues to be the God of Christ

Yes, it does not make sense at all. Welcome to the world of the Trinity and Incarnation.

After a fair amount of illogical scribbling our Christian friend concludes:

In light of this, the Son does not submit to the Holy Spirit as his God despite the fact that he was dependent upon God’s Spirit to guide and empower him during his earthly ministry, since it was the Father who had decreed that such would be the case. Rather, it is the Father alone that the Son submits to and honors as his God since it was the Father who sent him and it was his will which Christ came into the world to accomplish. The Holy Spirit was sent to assist Christ to perfectly carry out the mission which the Father sent him to do.

Talk about illogical to the extent of absurd.

The Holy Spirit is sent by the Father too! Surely, by the way of extended logic this apologist should ONLY believe the Father (abba) to be God as He is very much in charge by sending both Jesus and the Holy Spirit!

The Truth is right underneath this apologist’s nose – that BOTH Jesus and the Holy Spirit have a God – hence are not God

Here is their belief in the Holy Spirit tying them in further knots

An appeal to Abrahamic monotheism

God has given you reasoning. You must put this in use rather than blindly following the argumentations of apologists who agree with your worldview.

Do you believe in the incarnation?

Become a Muslim today


Sunday, 27 February 2011

ABNSAT Challenged: The Jesus and Muhammad Show (IslamDunkTV)

The misinformation on ABNSat's "Jesus or Muhammad" show is outrageous. Their staple diet is one of demonising Muslims, the Prophet (p) and Islam.

ABNSat? Enough already..

This Spring sees the propaganda of David Wood and Sam Shamoun (yes, they are the sex hoax purveyors) challenged - inshaallah.

Jibreelk and Sheikh Essam Tawfik will present clarity and genuine insight by the Will of Allah.

The Jesus and Muhammad Show Teaser Trailer

I will be frank, I have grown weary of tackling the distortions, fabrications and spin of Dave and Sam. What the folk at ABN do with these "Jesus or Muhammad marathons" is not evangelism - it's mud slinging.

Debates and Sam Shamoun tapping out

No doubt Sam Shamoun will see this as an opportunity to issue a few debate challenges to the Sheikh/Jibreelk in an attempt at obfuscation and ego-massaging.

Debates are not the best medium to convey your points - especially points of refutation. It is best to humbly and sincerely present your information so there is a bank of knowledge for the truth-seeker to browse through. I'm pretty sure IslamDunkTV will opt for the more beneficial mode of disseminating the Truth.

In any case, I can't imagine Jibreelk will bother with such misdirections as he has already debated Sam Shamoun - Sam Shamoun tapped out (yes good 'ol WWE style). I'm not kidding, Sam really did throw in the towel (as well as a few insults)!!!

A quick word on Sam and David

Firstly, let me illustrate how fragile and defensive Wood is. Recently, he had the audacity to link to one of my blog pages - he soon removed the link as I jazzed the page up with a link to one of his outlandish lies (the video in which he was claiming the Quran instructs the torture/killing/amputating of cross-wearing Christians!). He soon removed the link - I guess he's semsitive when it comes to his fans realising he purveys scandalous lies.

As for Sam Shamoun, last I checked on that fella, he was STILL calling people "dogs".

Bassim Gorial must be wondering as to the feeble calibre of his employees; no backbone, no scholarship, no integrity and no class.

A word on Jibreelk and IslamDunkTV

You know, making videos and writing articles takes time - specifically his time. Even this short promo video must have taken a siginificant chunk of time. The least we can do is pray for him.

Get involved

You know, getting involved is easy. If you are a Muslim, reupload videos onto YT, blog about the exchanges (like we are doing here), be proactive and generally do whatever you can (no matter how little it is) to promote the Truth.

Personally, I look forward to blogging about the shows - inshaAllah - I will do my bit.

Invite people to Islam - even if they do not accept initially, you have planted a seed in the back of their mind which will remain with them.

A thought for the sincere Christians...

I interact with a ton of Christians on the net. Sadly, the insincere and disingenuous types get more attention but there are a ton of friendly and genuine Christians on the net who do not follow the modus operandi of folk such as Sam and Dave (or other fundamentalists at ABN - yes, I'm taking about you Pastor "I don't want Muslim bus drivers" Joseph amongst others).

Sadly, Muslim critique and rebukes of the disingenuous Christian "missionaries" gains the headlines whilst fine Christian-Muslim dialogue goes relatively unnoticed. Google "Shabir Ally" and you will be subjected to a shed-load of positive Muslim-Christian interaction.

Invitation to Islam

If you are a Christian, please go to your local mosque and ask the Muslim leaders questions - learn from them - you have nothing to lose. I assure you, they will not harm you. I hope you will be pleasantly surprised - perhaps you will even make new friends.

Muhammad and Jesus (p)

Christian Missionary Pastor converts to Islam

Bible: Muslims are blessed


Saturday, 26 February 2011

Sexism Led Scribes to Change the Bible!

Junia/s (the female “apostle”) + Bible alterations?

We all know there were some dishonest scribes entrusted with the Bible but this bout of sexism-fuelled dishonesty is quite astonishing and embarrassing to the Church.

Junia/s is mentioned in Romans 16:7 by Paul and described as an apostle [1]. Many of us in 2011 would not bat an eye lid at this verse BUT it appears some of the scribes of the Bible considered it an appalling anomaly and even (dishonestly) changed it to a male name whilst others simply regarded it as a male name without reason:

Most strikingly, there is Junia, a female ‘apostle’, so described alongside another ‘apostle’ with a male name – this was considered such an appalling anomaly by many later readers of Romans that Junia’s name was frequently changed to a male form in the recopying of manuscripts, or simply regarded without any justification as a man’s name [2]

Patriarchal societies, I understand, but dishonesty…

Yes, I understand, these copyists/scribes were indeed from male dominated societies so I can contextualise their concern BUT to dishonestly change the Bible to suit your world view is quite staggering – even more staggering with a touch of embarrassment when it’s sexism which leads you to the tampering of “scripture”.

Von Tischendorf’s discovery of Codex Sinaiticus highlighted an unauthorised addition (forgery) to the Bible (12 verses added to Mark!) so we know scribes were willing to add hefty chunks (also refer to John 7:53-8:11) in order to suit their agendas – be they sexism, story telling, theological point making, or other agendas.

Muslims to help Christians find the forgeries?

I suspect there are still a number of unrecognised forgeries/alterations lingering in the Gospel manuscript tradition - a tradition from which scholars are compelled to reconstruct the New Testament as there is no Urtext.

To the Arabs and Jews in the Middle East, please check your attics, basements, valleys, caves, etc for manuscripts. Christian scholars would be appreciative – you could sell fragments off at $2.80 per square centimetre as Mohammed Edh-Dhib was doing for the Dead Sea Scrolls (OT specific) [3]

A light hearted post with a deadly serious subtext!

Bible: Muslims are Blessed

Learn about Islam

Christian Missionary Pastor converts to Islam


[1] Greet Andronicus and Junias, my relatives who have been in prison with me. They are outstanding among the apostles, and they were in Christ before I was. [ Romans 16:7, NIV]. The Bible commentaries (Smith’s, Easton’s, Nave’s) seem to have very little information on Junia.

[2] A History of Christianity, Diarmaid MacCulloch, Penguin Group, 2009, p 117

[3] In 1947, Muhammed Edh-Dhib (a Bedouin) discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran. This is a revolutionary discovery with regards to the study of OT textual criticism.

“The going rate for fragments was apparently $2.80 per square centimetre” - The Story of the Scrolls, Geza Vermes, Penguin Books, 2010, p47

How Daphne Iking Converted to Islam?

Malaysian Celebrity Daphne Iking's Conversion Story

Another celebrity has embraced Islam. Malaysian TV host, Daphne Iking, was introduced to Islam by the Malay businessman, Azmi Abdul Rahman (Joe) – now her husband.

Daphne Iking converted to Islam after study and spiritual enlightenment:

Daphne insists she would only have converted out of her free will.

"Islam is a beautiful religion. I've been studying it, especially after all the trials and turbulence in my life."

Her decision to embrace Islam and subsequently, marry Joe came in December last year, as she visited the Taj Mahal in India.

Its sorrowful sight, alongside passages of the Al-Quran, which decorated the majestic Islamic architecture, really moved her. The calligraphy on the Great Gate read: "O Soul, thou art at rest. Return to the Lord at peace with Him, and He at peace with you."

"I was spiritually enlightened. I told Joe I wanted to become a Muslim and be his wife. He was shocked," Daphne recollected.


Daphne's New Muslim name?

Ms Daphne, 31, who adopted the Muslim name of Dahlia when she converted in January []

We hope this will encourage others to study Islam and ultimately convert - God willing.


Paris Hilton Conversion Hoax

Angelina Jolie defends Muslims

Hijab in the Bible

Christian Missionary Pastor converts to Islam

Haters and the Pakistan porn statistics


Thursday, 24 February 2011

Dr James White: Shocking Blunder of Inconsistency!!! (by 1MoreMuslim)

Recently, somebody was using James White’s controlled/uncontrolled argument in favour of the New Testament (uncontrolled preservation) and arguing against Quranic preservation (controlled preservation).

This argument is flawed as it misrepresents/misunderstands Quranic preservation BUT is also inconsistent as it argues AGAINST the Old Testament as the OT was preserved in a controlled environment!!! [I hope those whom I was interacting with recently are taking note of the video]

So James White’s argument is inconsistent and unchristian as it throws mud at the Old Testament – what a blunder! It seems James White’s desperation to project an argument for the preservation of the NT leads him to the blunder of inconsistency – roll on the video!

James White kills his own argument, VS Bart Ehrman

Video description: James White shoots himself in the foot. He spent a few minutes trying to build an argument for the preservation of the NT, but during the Q&A period, he destroys his own argument in few seconds. (Video is by 1MoreMuslim)

Why is James White looking silly in 1MoreMuslim’s video?

Firstly, kudos to 1moreMuslim for the amazing video!

I advance the idea James White is looking ludicrously inconsistent, to the extent of “silly”, due to what he is working with. He is desperate to make a case for the New Testament, thus all levels of reasonable consistency and scholarship go out of the window.

Now, if James White is shown to be so whimsical in making argumentations for the preservation of the NT you must start asking yourself with regards to the reliability of the NT. Why is it this man is incapable of presenting a reasonable and consistent argument for the NT?

We have already seen, in the debate with Dr Bart Ehrman, Christians do struggle to present the NT as a reliable document. See footnote two for the link to the review.

A few further points

Preservation of the Quran

Sadly, James White has misunderstood Quranic preservation or communicated unclearly – or was simply being disingenuous. Uthman’s (ra) controlling of the text was carried out in agreement with (and alongside) the community (a community consisting of Prophetic companions). Sadly, White represents it as an “Uthmanic” act – if he looked into it further he would have realised, through Ali’s (ra) statement, that the actions of Uthman were indeed agreed upon by everyone [1]

In fariness, perhaps White is simply being unclear due to time constraints. However, there is no excuse for the illogical supporters of White who are influenced to present an illogical line of reasoning.

Facts for the logical, not for the illogical

Does the New Testament have those who sat down with Jesus (p) controlling the text? No - the text, which Jesus never saw nor sanctioned, was controlled by scribes (many of whom were poorly skilled and we KNOW some were dishonest to the extent of DELIBERATELY CHANGING the text!

Does the Quran have those who sat down with Muhammad (p) controlling the text? Yes - this was within a community of Muslim saints who had amonsgt them huffaz (people who had memorized the whole Quran). Oral transmission as well as written preservation of the Quran amongst the most trustworthy Muslims is obviously a better mode of preservation than leaving it in the hands of unknown "scribes" who we KNOW were unskilled and/or dishonest.

Only the most desperate (or illogical) would try to present the NT preservation as superior to the Quranic preservation. Sadly, I have encountered at least one commentator who was influenced by White's irrational thoughts - he was soon corrected!

Are they serious?

In addition, Muslims KNOW the contents of the Quran, whilst our Christian friends admitted they do not know the content of the NT for certain – they believe (faith conviction) they have the NT preserved in the manuscript tradition BUT when it comes to the variants the Christians are NOT certain as to which variant is from the original NT. [2]

Now, are Christians really serious in telling us their method of preservation is better because they have more “manuscripts” in an “uncontrolled” environment? Erm, the forgeries which were plucked out from the NT due to Von Tischendorf’s find in the 1800’s tell us James White and those Christians who espouse such “hopeful” argumentation are indeed on to a loser! [3]

The Holy spirit and the Bible?

James White says he knows Arabic, but does not...

Invitation to Islam

Would you like a relationship with your Creator? Would you like to worship the God of Jesus – the same God Jesus worshipped? Would you like to become a brother/sister of Jesus? If yes, come to Islam.

Bible: Muslims are blessed

Feedback: (If you want to conatact the video maker please see here)

[1] Ibn Abi Dawud, al Masahif, p22; see also pp 12, 23 (sourced from Sheikh Al Azami, The History of the Quranic Text, UK Islamic Academy, 2003, p94

[2] See the debate review: Does the Bible misquote Jesus

[3] Dr Von Tischendorf discovered the Codex Sinaiticus (from Saint Catherine’s monsatery), this codex does NOT contain the last 12 verses in the gospel of Mark. These are believed to be forgeries. Sadder still, Christians, prior to this find believed those words to be faithful to the New Testament.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Why Did James White Claim to "Know Arabic"? He Does NOT!

This blog recently done away with misinformation concerning Dr James White’s doctorate - we confirmed James DOES have a doctorate BUT James does himself no favours by claiming he “knows Arabic” – he does not know Arabic!

A MUSLIM has to nudge Christians to accuracy yet again. Perhaps brother James made a mistake whilst filling out his Face Book profile or perhaps he was over-selling himself - I don't know as to the reason behind such an inaccurate statement BUT it needs to be corrected as it is misleading.

Anyway, the simple fact is, he does not know Arabic!

As you know, I’m not Dave Wood so I don’t make stuff up and here is the screen shot to reinforce my investigations; click, then click again with the magnifier for a better gander (nice English word!)

Oh yeah, I was forced to set up a Face Book account. I’m not a fan of FB though. If you require any other Christian outreach to be investigated please do not hesitate to email me - however, I do have a backlog  of issues to bring to the public (cyber) realm.

Muslims Abjure Christians

I'm glad MUSLIMS are at the forefront of calling Christian apologists to accuracy. At this minsitry we do investigate Christian outreaches to Muslims and we are yet to see one pass our criteria of investigation - fine decorum, accuracy of information, honesty and consistency.

In fairness to brother James, he could have made the claim in haste (or as the commenter pointed out - simply imitated others who use lax criteria on FB). I do, also, ask him to double check the claim of knowing Latin whilst making the required corrections to the "knowing Arabic" claim. Kudos to the CHRISTIANS (see Peter Lumpkins' comment boards) who brought this issue to the fore. However, we should be slow to denounce the chap harshly as the design behind the comment is not known.

Are you  really guided by the Holy Spirit?

New book on Islam by Dr James White?


Muslim Tells Truth: James White's Doctorate

Christian “exaggeration” and subsequent misinformation

As Muslims, we are called to holiness and righteousness so it is our duty to speak out over misinformation. Over at this blog we expose hoaxes and other bouts of deception regularly. Sadly, misinformation regularly emanates from Christian comment boards on the internet and we should endeavour to verify their claims prior to accepting them.

Repeating myself

A while ago I was asked to investigate James White’s doctorate; there are people who believe his degree to be fake/forged and were generally accusing White of deception. I found the Christian attacks on White’s doctorate to be unfounded and/or exaggerated.

Sadly, Christians are MISLEADING (wilfully or unknowingly) folk on the internet by making a huge issue out of James White’s doctorate.

Let me reiterate:

~ James White did NOT forge his doctorate

~ James White does have a degree

~ James White is NOT deceiving you over his doctorate

~ Christians are misleading you via their exaggeration and zeal in their attempts to discredit Dr James White’s qualification.

So what are these Christians banging on about?

The only issue here is that of accreditation – James White’s degree was awarded by an unaccredited institution (Columbia Evangelical Seminary). I’ve seen Peter Lumpkins, Dave Armstrong and Paul Owen criticise White’s academic qualifications BUT subsequent commentators are WRONGLY concluding James White has a forged degree and/or is guilty of deception concerning his qualifications - this erroneous concluding is through NO fault of Peter Lumpkins, Dave Armstorn et al.

People are presenting warped understandings of these investigations. It is just an issue of accreditation – White DOES have a degree. From what I can recall from my previous investigations, James White has already commented on the lack of accreditation!

ALWAYS verify information on Christian comment boards as they do have a dishonest track-record on the internet.

Why are MUSLIMS needed to correct Christians?

I have a ton of deception to correct – specifically Christian deception, including material from Kent Hovind, Father Zakaria Butros and Dave Wood.

Please do not ask me to investigate James White’s doctorate – he has a doctorate!

I invite you all to Islam

UPDATE: Christians claimed James White claimed he knew Arabic on his FB, we investigated it:

UPDATE: Patty Bonds (James' sister) has confirmed James White has a doctorate:


James White’s book on Islam

Father Zakaria Butrous: Disturbed Lies


Sunday, 20 February 2011

A Funny Word on Bassam Zawadi Vs James White + Serious Concerns

Here we go, it seems the latest instalment of Sam Shamoun Sunday is a little light-hearted. It appears our Sam was firing off frantic advice/arguments/responses (whatever the case may be) to James White DURING his debate with Br. Bassam Zawadi.

I’m not kidding you. It looks like our Sam was attempting to debate via proxy. I guess he was not so confident in White’s ability/performance thus decided to email. [For the dishonest man who has a history of misconstruing my words in order to deflect away from his dishonest episodes – I am suggesting this appears to be the case – imo]

As you know, I’m not Dave Wood so I don’t’ make stuff up – I have the audio for you to decide… (There is a bonus clip where Shamoun shows his inability to discern correctly)

Learning from the dishonest and unscholarly?

That's our Sam

Quite what Sam Shamoun hopes to add to the debate is beyond me. This man is uneducated and dishonest to an extreme. This bloke peddles lies such as sex hoaxes, claims of bestiality, cross-dressing and other products of his debauched mind. (See the Sam Shamoun section)

Sam Shamoun’s latest outrageous blunder: We had to educate him in Hebrew and Arabic so he would desist from spreading offensively absurd lies which were blasphemies according to Arab CHRISTIANS!

When he is not spreading lies, this is the extent of the man’s argumentation.

No self respecting truth-seeker would “learn” from him.

We have a maxim which essentially goes; be wary of whom you learn from [1]. It is so potent with regards to some of the unqualified and uneducated folk on the internet. Judging by Shamoun’s limited vocabulary, lack of sound decorum, utter inability to reason rationally and think critically I posit the idea he has never been to university or received any formal instruction in matters pertaining to faith. I bet I’m correct.

James White never learns

Now, James did not have time to assess the stuff our Sam was emailing over to London during the break but the fact James bothers with this man’s emails in the midst of a debate suggests James could possibly have received “instruction” from our Sam prior to the debate.

Now we know what happened last time James was reliant on Sam Shamoun – Sam Shamoun made him look like a dishonest and unscholarly amateur. I proceeded to correct this man’s bout of jahaliya (ignorance) and his pride overwhelmed him. Thus, White claimed he and Sam were correct despite all the dictionaries, translators and experts telling him he was wrong. Here is a summary of the sad episode.

You’d have thought he would have dumped Shamoun, he clearly has not. Some people never learn. As Sheikh Qaradawi stated, there are two types of ignorant folk; those who are ignorant and know it and those who have a compound ignorance (they think they have knowledge when in reality, they know next to nothing).

White falls into the category of compound ignorance, this man is even writing a book about Islam. Last I checked on the bloke, he was asking people to buy him the books so he could write his book. I’m not kidding, see here.

Does the Quran misrepresent Christianity?

I have not viewed the debate yet but I do plan to review it some time this calendar year (I hope to review all Br. Bassam Zawadi’s debates this year as well as some imam Shabir Ally and Yusuf Ismail material, Insha’Allah it will be beneficial for the online brothers and sisters).

The problem James White would encounter is that it would be impossible for him to make a positive claim stick as the immediate Christian audience are thought to have different (“heretical”) beliefs.

I mean, does White’s denomination believe in a Prophet who was imminent in Medina in the 7th century? According to Salman al Farsi this was the belief of his last Christian guide [2]. Bahira the monk seems to have been on a similar pattern of belief [3]. The same belief structure could be attributed to Waraqa Bin Naufal who recognises the incident in the cave as the visitation of Al Namus Al Akbar [4].

The "Christianity" Prophet Muhammad (p) encountered would have differed from the way we consider Christianity today. This is essentially what the orientalists Foster and Margoliouth believed, the latter compares such "Christians" to heathens!

Foster, erroneously believing the Prophet received instruction from the surrounding Christians “suggests the type of Christian ideas Muhammad received were from the Gnostics”. [5]

"Margoliouth shares similar view, that the Christians in those days were not that committed and in many cases not very different from the heathen [5]

So you can see White’s difficulty in putting forward a positive case based upon his view of Christianity.

So White had an impossible task as consistency, accuracy and fair scholarship would all have gone out of the window if he genuinely tried to make his argumentation stick. If he just rattled off drivel from Sam Shamoun’s website then that would have been anti-scholarship. I'm pretty confident Br. Bassam Zawadi would have come across in a more positive light than his Christian counterpart.

However, TGV did state it was an interesting debate.

There is an insightful paper on the subject of Christians in the Quran and the Sunna by the scholar Ahmad Von Denffer (published by the Islamic foundation).

Facts for the Honest Not for the Dishonest

Just for the dishonest and disingenuous (Radical Moderate and co.) who tried to pass off the insults to Mormon and Russian women as no big deal…

Well, it appears CHRISTIANS are calling it an act of misogyny and they are up in arms at James White’s (and Rich Pierce’s) offensive remarks – including a female supporter of aomin – tell them it’s no big deal!

Kudos to the sincere Christian, minoria, who immediately denounced the comments as “sinful”.
PS, our rebuke made mention of Sam Shamoun who (despite there being no pictures of the wives of Prophet Muhammad, p) insults these saintly women in a similar vain – in fact worse.

Why is it left to the Muslims to clean up Christian ministries? It speaks volumes in telling us who is actually on the truth.

Let's talk Nabeel and Dave

Talking about cleaning up the ministries, let’s talk Nabeel Qureshi and David Wood. Just in case you missed their more recent episodes of outrage.

Here is Nabeel Qureshi presenting a lie within a church setting – a lie which will knock the informed and truthful off their feet, a lie which comes with its own health warning - Nabeel, made his OWN hadith up:

Nabeel’s dishonesty is geared towards converting people but Dave Wood’s deception is an entirely different kettle of fish.

Dave looks to dehumanize Muslims. We caught this dishonest man claiming the Quran instructs Muslims to kill, torture, crucify Christians who fix church roofs or wear crosses. I’m not kidding you, he really peddles such fabrication as fact:

Last I checked on these two chaps, they were planning a "conference" on Islam. The blind leading the blind! What were we saying about ignorance?

Anti-Calvinists Attack James White rather than rethink their belief in the Holy Spirit

It appears our latest video featuring James White’s exegesis of 2 Corinthians 4:4 has left Christian folk red faced and has subsequently led them to bash White and Calvinism. Why? Why denounce your co-religionist when the underpinning problem is the Christian belief in the Holy Spirit. This was quite evident in the video. Sadly, some folk have a desire to deflect attention from the problematic nature of their belief in the Holy Spirit rather than rethinking it.

Here is our video and here is the Christian attacking James White (with a clip from our video – Jordan Day’s initially)!!!

James White claiming he knows Arabic

CHRISTIANS (see comment section here) are claiming James White has claimed to know Arabic on his Face Book - they are suspecting him of dishonesty.

White does not know Arabic. IF these Christians are correct then White is not being straight forward. I ask him to correct such information. I don’t want to waste time looking into it…

UPDATE: We have investigated this - HE has claimed to know Arabic:
Recently I corrected Sam Shamoun in Hebrew – I would never claim to know Hebrew. Even if you know how to read a language it does not mean you know the language.

More dishonesty from Christian apologists

I have just found material from Kent Hovind – he was presenting some absurd Chick Publication lies about Islam. Considering the deceptive episodes above and old Kent Hovind, we need to push lay Christians into holding their “representatives” to greater account.

At this ministry we investigate Christian outreaches to Muslims; thus far, every single outreach we have investigated has failed. The criteria we generally use are that of accuracy, honesty, consistency and the ability to act with a modicum of decorum.

Again, christian apologetics is shown to be lacking in a genuine desire for accuracy and meaningful interaction as well as moral probity.

Sadly all have failed.

Ergun Caner to debate a Muslim?

He seems to be getting himself together. Perhaps, those who debate, amongst the students of knowledge/scholars (especially those in North america), would like to issue a challenge his way. It does get boring listening to the same school of Christian debaters. I advance the notion; folks at Liberty University have greater followings than the Christian camp Muslim debaters are currently plundering opponents from. Just a thought…go on, put the cat amongst the pigeons, you know you want to!

Get on the blower to SBC's Peter Lumpkins and get it arranged, pronto!   :)

May Allah send his peace and blessing upon the last Messenger of Allah. May Allah reward all those involved in dawah and guide us all. Ameen.

Invitation to Islam

Would you like a relationship with your Creator? Would you like to worship the God of Jesus – the same God Jesus worshipped? Would you like to become a brother/sister of Jesus? If yes, come to Islam.

Bible: Muslims are blessed


[1] Thus knowledge constitutes your deen (religion), so be wary of whom you take your religion from – Ibn Sirin [Ibn Hibban credited this statement to other scholars too]

[2] Men and women Around the Messenger, Sa’d Yusuf Abu Aziz, Darussalam, 2009, p292

[3] The encounter with Bahira is mentioned in Ibn Hisham’s Sira rasul Allah and Ibn Sa’d’s Tabaqat.

[4] Ibn Sa’d, Vol 1 pp225

[5] Image of the Prophet Muhammad in the West, Jabal Muhammad Buaben, The Islamic Foundation, 1996. p77 [For those who study works of the orientalists, you will find this work to be very useful in indentifying themes adopted by Muir, Margoliouth, and Watt]

Perverted: Father Zakaria Botros’ Necrophilia Hoax Revisited!

Named and SHAMED: Perverted Lie from Father Zakaria Botros [also spelled "Boutros" "Butrus"]

I know we have already denounced Father Zakaria Botros’ crazed sex hoax here BUT I have come across another narration which further shows Father Zakaria’s gross (and debauched) distortion of reality.

For those unaware, Father Zakaria Botros claimed the Prophet Muhammad had sexual relations with his dead aunt whilst in the grave. This was the talk of the town amongst the ignorant and malicious - they were joyfully peddling it like crazy, and now they are realising it as a product of the sexually-fertile imagination of Father Zakaria Botros!

Summary of what the Prophet ACTUALLY did

Fatima bint Asad was the wife of Prophet Muhammad’s uncle (Abu Talib). She, along with Abu Talib, took care of the Prophet after his grandfather (his then guardian) passed away. Thus she was like a foster mother to the Prophet Muhammad.

The Prophet’s aunt/foster mother passed away. He dug the grave himself. Once he completed the grave, the Prophet lay in the grave and prayed for his deceased aunt. His deceased aunt was NOT in the grave at the time according to the narration (below) and then the Prophet and the companions proceeded to perform the funeral prayer and then the blessed lady’s body was lowered into the blessed grave. Of course, the fact Fatima bint Asad was buried in a grave the Prophet had laid in was an honouring and a blessing for her – the same applies for her being dressed with the Prophet’s shirt.

Certainly NO sexual relations took place. Sadly our debauched “Christian” missionary (Father Zakaria Botros) advanced the fabrication of “sex with a dead person” as a product of his sexually-perverted mind.

An act of devotion

Sadly, this act of devotion on the part of the Prophet Muhammad for his aunt (she was the wife of Abu Talib and cared for the Prophet. A fuller account [square brackets denote explanation from me and emphasis is mine]:

Anas bin Malik, Allah be pleased with [him], said: When Fatimah bint Asad bin Hisham, the mother of Ali died, (ra), the Messenger of Allah enter upon her [i.e. entered her house] and sat by her head and said: “May Allah have mercy on you, O my mother, you, after my mother, went hungry while you fed me. You were short of clothes while you clothed me. You denied yourself nice things while you provided me (with them) seeking by that the countenance of Allah and the Home of the Hereafter”

Thereafter, he ordered that she be washed three times. When they got to the point of using the water in which there is camphor, Allah’s Messenger poured it with his own hand and then removed his shirt and dressed her in it and he shrouded her in a garment he was wearing. Then the Messenger of Allah called Usamah bin Zayd, Abu Ayyub Al Ansari, Umar bin Al-Khattab and two young black boys to dig her grave. When they got to the point of excavating the lahd, the Messenger of Allah dug it himself and scooped out sand with his own hands.

When Allah’s Messenger finished, he entered the grave and lay in it [Thus the Prophet was in the grave ALONE] and said “O Allah, Who gives life and takes it, He is the living who never dies, forgive my mother, Fatimah bint Asad, and instruct her proof, and widen her entrance, by the right of your Prophet and all the Prophets before me for you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy”.

He [Prophet Muhammad] made four takbir over her (i.e. during the funeral prayer) and he lowered her into her lahd [grave] along with Al-Abbas and Abu Bakr As-Siddiq. May Allah be pleased with them”

Al Haythami said: It is reported by At-Tabrani in Al Kabir and Al Awsat in its chain is Rawh ibn As Salah in whom is some weakness. However the rest of the narrators of the Hadith are trustworthy. Majmu No (15399)

Disturbed: Zakaria Botros

As you can see, this was a public funeral and the Prophet lay in the grave prior to lowering Fatima bint Asad into the blessed grave. There was no sexual relations at all. To suggest an act of necrophilia took place, in light of all this information, in full view of those present at the funeral, is offensively absurd to say the least.

May Allah send his peace and blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad and all the other Prophets. May Allah send further honour on the blessed Fatima bint Asad. May Allah protect the pious predecessors from the evil mouths of the misguided. Ameen.

Men and Women Around the Messenger (s), Sa’d Yusuf Abu Aziz, Darussalam, 2009, p520-521

A longer refutation of the necrophilia lie

Christian Missionary Pastor converts to Islam

Bible: Muslims are blessed


Friday, 18 February 2011

Is Jameela Jamil a Muslim? No.

OK, I have never heard of this celebrity (perhaps due to the absence of a TV in my house) BUT it appears there were claims of her being a Muslim. LM have cleared this one up by linking to a tweet. Jameela Jamil confirms she is not a Muslim:

@afra_chaudhary no i don't mind you asking at all! I'm not a muslim. Just wasn't brought up with any religion at

She is of Bangladeshi origin (as well as her name) BUT it is not true. She is not a Muslim.

Muslims in the Bible - Ali Ataie

Ali Ataie | Jesus in Islam | February 28, 2014

Christians having dreams and converting to Islam

Learn about Islam

Invitation to Islam

Jesus taught people to do the Will of God (according to Mark 3:35) in order to become his brothers, mothers or sisters. A Muslim means one who submits to the Will of God. Do you want to become a brother of Jesus? If yes, become a Muslim.


Thursday, 17 February 2011

100% Proof the Holy Spirit is Not Guiding you in the Bible!

Christians Cannot Differentiate Between God and Satan - 2 Corinthians 4:4

This is bizarre to an extreme. Christians (collectively) cannot differentiate between God and Satan in their Bible (2 Corinthians 4:4) despite all claiming to be led by the Spirit. Some Christians think it is a reference to God whilst others think it is a reference to Satan. How worrying can it get?

The most confusing verse in the Bible?

Interestingly enough, this problematic verse comes from the unsanctioned and unauthorised Paul of Tarsus:

3 And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing.
4 The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. [2 Corinthians 4:4 NIV]

Some Christians say “the god of this age” is God, whilst others will claim it to be a reference to Satan. Don Hartley and James White believe it to be GOD. In fact Don Hartley has even written a book on this subject.

Surely, this is proof enough to the fact the Holy Spirit does not guide Christians in the Bible. The Christian is asked to rethink their views on the Holy Spirit.

I call Christians to follow the message of Jesus. The way to follow Jesus fully is by becoming a brother/sister of Jesus.

Muhammad and Jesus (p)

Christian Missionary Pastor converts to Islam

Bible: Muslims are blessed


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Jesus and Muhammad: Casting out Demons – Proof of a true Prophet?

A while ago I received an email concerning a Christian who was advancing the idea that true Prophets must cast out demons. Now, the Christian’s criteria is not consistent as this would lead him to reject John the Baptist and Old Testament Prophets – thus his criteria is flawed. Nevertheless, according to his criteria, he has to accept Prophet Muhammad.

Casting out demons and other signs

According to the Gospels Jesus cast out demons and performed miraculous signs. However, I have stumbled across a tradition where the Prophetic brother of Jesus, Prophet Muhammad, is said to have cast out a demon:

Ibn Abbas said, “A woman brought her son who was possessed. The Prophet stroked his breast and the child vomited up something like a black puppy and was healed [1]

Just like Jesus, Prophet Muhammad performed miracles (by the Will of God). Many will be unaware of the Prophet Muhammad performing more recorded miracles than Jesus as “the scholars have collected more than a thousand miracles regarding the Prophet (p)” [2]

Jesus and Muhammad: a summary

We know both performed wonderful signs by the Will of God and both were Prophets who preached pure monotheism.

I recall preaching the Truth to a Christian leader (a vicar) and the Christian leader remarked that he believed in Muhammad as a Prophet of God. Sadly, some Christians try to make it a case of Jesus “or” Muhammad but the noble and just belief would incorporate Jesus “AND” Muhammad.

Muslims believe in both – you can do this without any conflict by believing both are Prophets of God.

May God send His peace and blessings upon both Jesus and Muhammad.

Learn about Islam

Christian Missionary Pastor converts to Islam

Bible: Muslims are blessed


[1] Muhammad, Messenger of Allah – Ash Shifa of Qadi Iyad, translated by Aisha Abdarrahman Bewley, Madinah Press, 2004, Pg. 179

[2] The Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.), Imam Ibn Kathir (Abridged), Al Firdous Ltd, part 2, 2001, Pg. 11.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Muslims are blessed according to the Bible (Genesis 12:3)

Muslims are blessed
We already know Muslims are the brothers/sisters of Jesus but do you know it does not stop here; according to the Bible, God says this, whilst addressing Abram (Abraham):

I will bless those who bless you,and whoever curses you I will curse;
and all peoples on earth
will be blessed through you.
(Genesis 12:3 NIV)

Thus Muslims are blessed according to the Bible (Genesis 12:3)

So obviously, those who take this Bible verse seriously will be asking God to send peace and blessings upon Abraham (p).

Muslims do pray for Abraham (and all other Prophets) – when we mention any previous Prophet’s name in everyday conversation we say alaihissalam (peace be on him) – thus according to this passage in the Bible Muslims are indeed blessed.

It is interesting to note Muslims are the ones who maintain this practice of praying for Abraham whilst Christians do not.

Learn about Islam

Christian Missionary Pastor converts to Islam


Thursday, 10 February 2011

Christian Missionaries and the 4 Witnesses for Rape Misconception

OK, it seems more and more people are realising it is a MISCONCEPTION to claim Muslim women require four witnesses to convict rapists.

Sadly, this misconception is being kept alive by Christian missionaries. We have just caught a Christian apologist (David Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics) propagating such falsehoods at Chris Arnzen’s (from Iron Sharpens Iron) conference for pastors.

Correcting this Christian’s falsehoods on rape, rapists and Islam

If this video does not play, please view:

Christian leaders being misled

Sadly Christian leaders were being taught this misconception as a fact by their speaker. Sadder still, they even thought their speaker was an expert on Islam. Quite why there are so many self-proclaimed “experts” out there in evangelical communities is beyond me.

Advice to Chris Arnzen: If you decide to hold another conference please hire qualified folk, a Muslim imam would be a good start – at least he will know a thing or two about Islam!

Advice to David Wood: Dave, please remove this misconception from your repertoire. Please gain knowledge from reputable sources rather than second rate websites/books. Please educate yourself via the link below. An apology to Chris Arnzen and the pastors at the conference would be highly encouraged. Cheers.

Advice to Muslims: Be wary of internet lies and misconceptions. If you hear a strange claim be sure to check it with EXPERTS. Sadly, there are too many non-muslims parading as experts on Islam whilst presenting disinformation.

The facts about Islam and rape


David Wood and his sex hoax

Learn about Islam

Pastor converts to Islam


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A Muslim word to Negeen Mayel’s Parents + Family

I hope your daughter, Negeen, manages to overturn the ruling against her “conviction”. I do believe it is unjust and the police were motivated by “revenge” for the negative reporting Dearborn suffered at the hands of Acts 17.

I am concerned that she claims to be a former Muslim who is now a Christian. From my experience, Muslims who do convert to Christianity have either been mis-sold Christianity and/or were not familiar with the Islamic faith.

However, I am further concerned as to the company she is keeping. The co-founder (David Wood) of the Acts 17 group is of particular concern as his efforts in demonising Islam do not resonate with fine reason. Here is Mr Wood presenting an extremely disturbing sexual lie about Islam:

He is a man who peddles propaganda against Islam. Here are some of his outrageous episodes which have been catalogued on this site:

My concern is that this middle-aged man may have a negative long-term influence on your daughter which will lead her to unwise decisions which get her into further trouble. Please do look into matters and talk with her. Thank you.

Learn about Islam

Truth about the Indonesian mob that beat Ahmadis to death

I was sent a link to a stomach churning video where a group of vigilantes in Indonesia had beaten Ahmadis to death.

A note to the Islamophobes who are glorying in such butchery

This action is NOT Islamic. If a crime is purported to have been committed by these Ahmadis then Islam dictates it is judged via the AUTHORITIES, thus matters are NOT taken into the hands of vigilantes as judge, jury and executioners.

Indonesia is a Muslim country and the President of Indonesia (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono) has denounced the mob attacks:

"The president is deeply concerned and condemned the violence and said that the country must be firm in defending the constitution, that would never allow small groups to use religion to attack groups of different faiths,"

Obviously, the president of Indonesia does NOT believe this act of violence was Islamic.

I am not Ahmadi. I have no idea what crime the Ahmadis are alleged to have committed; I do know they do suffer injustice and persecution in Muslim countries such as Pakistan. This could be the case with Indonesia.

Islamophobes PLEASE STOP taking delight in this misery

Muslims do not support such actions.

Muslims use the internet for social and study purposes. PLEASE stop hounding Muslims by shoving this stomach churning YouTube video in our faces. We are not responsible for the non-Islamic actions by a mob in Indonesia.

May Allah guide us all. Ameen

Angelina Jolie defends Muslims

Christian Missionary Pastor converts to Islam

Haters and the Pakistan porn statistics


Monday, 7 February 2011

Is Islam Racist? No.

There is a deceptive ploy on the internet which suggests Islam is racist against black people.

Those who propagate such a claim use the two narrations in Ash-Shifa of Qadi Iyad which highlights the opinion of Ahmad ibn Abi Sulayman concerning those who call the Prophet Muhammad (p) black. Ahmad ibn Abi Sulayman was of the opinion whoever does so should be put to death [1]

Sadly, these rabble rousers fail to mention this was the opinion of Ahmad ibn Abi Sulayman and NOT of the Prophet (p).

Their deception is worse still

However, their deception gets worse as the context of the statement is omitted (though it is in the SAME segment of the book) as this statement would have been made within the back-drop of ANYBODY who alters the description of the Prophet being considered a disbeliever and even liable to execution:

Habib ibn ar-Rabi’ said that it is disbelief to alter his description and its details. The one who does that openly is an unbeliever. He is asked to repent. The one who conceals it is a heretic and is killed without being asked to repent. [2]

So we see the problem was not racism but the problem could have been that of altering the description of the Prophet.

To highlight their deception further we can look at the quote they use:

Ahmad ibn Abi Sulayman, Sahnun's companion, said that whoever says that the Prophet was black is killed. The Prophet was not black [1]

However, they do not quote the paragraph immediately below which further shows the issue was not racism but the issue being, stating falsehoods which constitute denial:

Abu ‘Uthman al Haddad said something similar and said that if someone said that the Prophet died before his beard began to grow or that he was in Tahart (Morocco) and not Tihama, he is killed because this constitutes denial. [2]

Let’s be realistic

During such a time there may have been a racist undercurrent amongst the ignorant/hypocrites who used this as a slur (i.e. calling people “black”), thus Ahmad ibn Abi Sulayman would have recognised the INTENT was to disparage the Prophet (p) hence his calling for the death of such folk. It is not racist on the part of Ahmad ibn Abi Sulayman and it certainly has NO bearing upon Islam!

Sadly, the rabble rousers are not willing to scratch the surface or attempt to be intellectually honest – they work agendas to mud sling at Muslims and Islam.

I feel this attack against Islam is simply a devious design to stem the conversion to Islam amongst our brothers and sisters in African communities as Islam has resonated well amongst Afro-Caribbean communities in the West (and beyond) and many are leaving Christianity for the Truth of Islam.

Obviously Islam is against racism

Islam does not condone racism at all. In fact, the real criteria for judgement (in Islam) is that of conduct, NOT skin colour – this is learned through the holy Quran [3]

Muslims believe there were black Prophets (in fact Prophets of every skin colour) as Allah (God) sent warners to every nation. [4]

Muslims respect and love ALL Prophets (p). In addition, some companions of Prophet Muhammad (p) were indeed black in skin colour (the most well-known is Bilal), thus some of our saintly predecessors are indeed black!

Obviously Islam is not racist.

The Prophet considered racism as “ignorance”

When his Arab Companion Abu Dharr called Bilal 'son of the black woman', the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) got angry and told him: 'You are a man who has ignorance in him.' Abu Dharr felt such a great remorse that he put his cheek on the ground and asked Bilal to tread on his other cheek if he’d like to. [5]

Imam Shabir Ally on racism

Discover Islam


[1] The citations Islamophobic rabble rousers are using:
Ahmad ibn Abi Sulayman, the companion of Sahnun, said, "Anyone who says that the Prophet was black should be killed." (p. 375)

Ahmad ibn Abi Sulayman, Sahnun's companion, said that whoever says that the Prophet was black is killed. The Prophet was not black. (p 387)

[Both from Muhammad Messenger of Allah, Ash-Shifa of Qadi 'Iyad, Qadi 'Iyad Musa al-Yahsubi, translated by Aisha Abdarrahman Bewley, Madinah Press Inverness, Scotland, 2004]

[2] Muhammad Messenger of Allah, Ash-Shifa of Qadi 'Iyad, Qadi 'Iyad Musa al-Yahsubi, translated by Aisha Abdarrahman Bewley, Madinah Press Inverness, Scotland, 2004 p387.

[3] O mankind! Lo! We have created you from male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that ye may know one another. Lo! the noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct. Lo! Allah is Knower, Aware. [Pikthal’s English translation of Quran, 49:13]

[4] Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi writes:

Allah has mentioned in the Qur’an that He sent Messengers and guides among all people. Allah Almighty says: “ And verily We have raised in every nation a messenger, (proclaiming): Serve Allah and shun false gods. Then some of them (there were) whom Allah guided, and some of them (there were) upon whom error had just hold. Do but travel in the land and see the nature of the consequence for the deniers!.” (An-Nahl: 36) He Almighty also says, There was not any community except a Warner who lived among them.” (Fatir :24).

In his Musnad, Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal has stated that Allah sent 124, 000 Prophets, and from among them 315 were Messengers.

Read more:

[5] In his famous Farewell Pilgrimage sermon, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) declared: "O people! You are all to Adam and Adam was made of dust. No Arab is to be preferred over a non-Arab except by virtue of his piety." In another hadith, he (peace and blessings be upon him) said: "Allah does not look at your images or your colors but He looks at your hearts (intentions) and your deeds. Creatures are the dependants of Allah and the closest among them to Allah are indeed the most useful to His dependants."

Read more:

Sunday, 6 February 2011

More Islamophobic LIES from "Christian Missionaries" [by Acts 17 David Wood]

Just when you thought "Christian" Fundamentalists were learning to be a tad more honest...

Right, we have already seen an overview of the history of Christian missionary dishonesty concerning Islam so it comes as no surprise to see some modern day “Christian ministries” peddling lies about Muslims.

The lies geared towards converting Muslims to Christianity are one thing but lies which have the potential to demonize Muslims and set Christians (and others) against Muslims endanger communities – especially Muslim minorities in the West.

Here we see an internet Christian ministry (David Wood of Acts 17) peddling the lie that Muslims are commanded to torture and kill Christians who FIX CHURCH ROOFS or WEAR CROSSES!!!

Now, the reasonable amongst you would pass this bloke off as misinformed at the very least – if not completely off his rocker. So why publicize this man’s lies? There are a number of reasons, here are three:

1. There are gullible folk out there who would believe such divisive lies simply because they trust “Christian evangelists” or are insincere in that they really want to believe such deceptions. This reinforces hatred and stereotypes, thus further endangering Muslims minorities

2. We need to make an example of Islamophobes – if they are peddling lies it is always nice to expose them as it makes other Islamophobes think twice – we help to nudge them to honesty and decency!

3. Lies can confuse folk so there needs to be a mopping up process.

“Christian” Missionary (David Wood) presented dangerous lies

If the video does not play, please visit:
Video is made by the “infamous” Yahya Snow :)

Obvious LIES and Distortions

The Quranic Verse the Islamophobe speaks about (5:33 – see footnote 1) has nothing to do with church roofs or wearing crosses. This is an OBVIOUS LIE presented by Mr Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics.

The Verse was revealed concerning a group of people who had committed the heinous crime of murder and theft – severe highway robbery [2]

Commentaries are quoted in the comment section

This “missionary” is exposed in more ways than one

Not only do the commentaries tell us this chap is lying through his back teeth but also Islamic jurisprudence tells a similar story as it uses this Verse (5:33) as a guide to punish those who commit the crime of highway robbery [3]

Jurists may also use this verse as a guide with regards to punishing other serious crimes such as rape at gun or knife point [4]

Leaky roofs? More like leaky vessels of honesty!

I hope you can see we are talking about serious crimes which have the potential to cause fear and panic amongst communities. We are not talking about fixing leaky roofs – the missionary was simply advancing LIES!!!

So the experts (the commentators and jurists) show us this fella is telling tall tales – that’s to say he is making stuff up. How sad

As we have seen in the video, Muslim societal norms also show this dishonest man to be misleading us. [5]

The Holy Spirit

Christian evangelists claim to have the Holy Spirit dwelling within yet time and time again we see Christian evangelists embroiled in such outrageous episodes of misinformation such as the one above.

How do you seriously expect Muslims and other Non-Christians to believe you when your missionaries engage in lies? In this case the lies were Islamophobic and contained the potential to lead misguided folk to harass Muslim minorities in the West. Perhaps that was the design for the lie, I don’t know - ask the man who peddled the lie!

I call him to public apology and repentance

Christians PLEASE stop supporting the disingenuous and dishonest “Christian ministries”

May Allah guide us all. Ameen.

Muslims are the brothers/sisters of Jesus

Missionary Pastor converts to Islam

Discover Islam today!

Helping to nudge insincere folk amongst evangelist communities to honesty


[1] The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom
[Pikthal translation 5:33]

[2] Ref Commentaries: Al Wahidi, Jalalayn, Ibn Kahir, ibn Abbas. (See comment section)

[3] See Shafi fiqh, Reliance of the Traveller, read entire o15 section (Translated by Nuh Hamim Keller – Amana Publications)
[4] See Sheikh Al-Munajjid’s material on the punishment for rape – the relevant excerpt is quoted in this article – follow the link to see the entire body of work:

[5] Not only that but Muslim societal norms militate against this man’s nonsense. In fact Muslims have even had the Pope visit wearing a CROSS – nobody tortured him. In the video I could have also shown further Muslim societal evidence. Mentioning the كنيسة القديس الياس دمشق, Saint Elias Church (Damascus-Syria) was sufficient as it was built in 1800 and has been twice renovated since but no tortured Christians could be found!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Has Paris Hilton Converted to Islam?

?Paris Hilton - Hijab pic?
Is Paris Hilton a Muslim? Rumour Alert!

OK, it appears there is a picture of Paris Hilton wearing the Hijab (head covering) and rumours are abound that she has converted to Islam. There is no statement from Miss Hilton but London Muslim squashes the entire hullabaloo:

For those thousands of you who are somehow finding your way to this blog to establish if Paris Hilton has reverted to Islam I can assure or perhaps reassure you she has not.

The rumour online appears to have spread rapidly and as Churchill mentioned a lie travels around a world before the truth gets it's pants on which was said before the Internet.

Muslims and non-Muslims should wait for confirmation from the individual concerned rather than fuelling rumours of celebrities converting to Islam. I recall there were similar scenarios over Ronnie O’Sullivan (snooker player) and Will Smith (Hollywood actor).

So wait for Miss Hilton to confirm/deny the rumours rather than believing them as the interent is awash with hoaxes, misinformation and rumour.

A word on Paris Hilton’s Hijab picture

I don’t know whether the picture is genuine or a photo-shop but it may help “promote” the hijab amongst those who are thinking or rethinking the Hijab.


The picture of Paris Hilton in Hijab seems to be a certain photoshop. LM reiterates Paris Hilton has not become a Muslim, though there are no comments from Miss Hilton:

Can LM for the last occasion try and make clear that Ms Hilton is not a Muslim, she has not reverted to Islam, does not wear a Hijab, her new name is not "Tahira" and she will not be opening a new Islamic school in Hollywood. However, should anyone out there be in a position to get a statement from her PR guys I'd be extremely grateful.

Angelina Jolie defends Muslims

Hijab in the Bible

Christian Missionary Pastor converts to Islam

Haters and the Pakistan porn statistics


Thursday, 3 February 2011

Re: Refuting three common Muslim misconceptions about Christianity

A Christian blogger (Hogan Elijah Hagbard) has produced a response to three “common” misconceptions amongst Muslims regarding Christianity.

1. Did the Apostles believe Jesus to be insane?

The Christian blogger writes:

The first relates to the personality of Jesus Christ. In the Gospel of Mark, chapter 3, verse 21:

'When his family heard about this, they went to take charge of him, for they said, "He is out of his mind"'

Some Muslims apologists have mistakenly been swayed toward the opinion, that Mark depicts Jesus as a mad personality

Muslim Response: I cannot recall any Muslim making such an argument so the appendage of “common misconceptions” is not entirely accurate as I’d imagine most Muslims have never heard of this argument - never mind espousing it!

I agree, Jesus (p) was NOT mad and nor was the unknown writer (named Mark) depicting Jesus as “insane”. HOWEVER it must be slightly worrying for the Christians to see those closest to Jesus (p) considering him to be out of his mind – especially considering our Christian friends believe Jesus (p) to be God incarnate!

Bible-believing Christians have some explaining to do – did Jesus’ family not consider him to be God? It certainly appears to be the case here which further strengthens the argument of Jesus (p) being developed into a “god-man” AFTER his departure from this world.

Of course, our Christian friend may claim Jesus had not told them he was "God" at that time. This leads to the question of why would God not tell people he is God and allow them to believe he is insane? You can see the problematic nature of this passage...

Muslims have the best approach to the Gospels and Jesus– Jesus is a Prophet and the Gospels are unreliable thus cannot be taken as “gospel” – pardon the pun – this saves the Muslim from the potentially faith-shattering difficulties our Christian friends have to contend with.

The Christian” explains” the problematic reference in a fashion which adds to the confusion:

Hence the 'He is out of his mind' utterence was not a specific reaction to Jesus as a person, but rather it records a blaze reference, to an occasion in which he set aside his physical need to minister to the people.

2. Did Jesus portray Christianity as a violent religion?

Our Christian blogger writes:

A second claim relates to the judgement of the nations; when Jesus in his second coming brings judgement upon his enemies.
But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them—bring them her and kill them in front of me (Luke 19: 27).

Muslim apologists have ignorantly purported the passage to portray a violent Christianity

Muslim Response: Now, I have seen this claim banded about and it can certainly be described as “common”. Previously, I have seen the Christian explanation of it referring to a parable rather than it being an instruction:

The passage belongs to the parable of the 'Ten Minas', and does not reveal direct description of an event

I think the Christian explanation should be factored into account by Muslim apologists. However, there are other passages in the Gospel of Luke which are used to support war – by the theologian John MacArthur:

3. Did Paul the Apostle encourage deception?

The Christian writes:

A third misconception is rooted in the Muslim failure to understand a Pauline saying in Philippians 1: 17-18:

'The former preach Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing they can stir up trouble for me, while I am in chains. But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice.'

Muslims Response: This is an argument which I have seen presented by Muslims countless times. I run a ministry on YouTube as well as on Blogger which helps call Christians to honesty (with regards to Islam) by show-casing their deceptive episodes – you can imagine folk sending me such a Biblical reference and appending words to the effect of "Christians are taught this by Paul".

I am glad to see our Christian writer does not take this verse as an instruction to deception:

Paul refers to certain individuals who preach the Gospel from a wrong motive; he is not describing deception or lies

However, he must understand how Muslims feel when we see characters such as Ergun Caner, Robert Morey, Walid Shoebat all utilizing clear deception despite holding credibility amongst Christian communities.

Moreover, here are some Christian deceptions our Christian blogger may be familiar with, see here and here.

What excuse do these folk, along with Ergun Caner et al have? They all claim to have the Holy Spirit within them whilst claiming to be furthering the Gospel…

In addition to these relatively recent liars within Christian evangelist communities we could point our Christian blogger to his evangelical predecessors whose lies about Islam were wide spread:

As Norman Daniel tell [sic] us in his work Islam and the West: “The use of false evidence to attack Islam was all but universal…” (p. 267)” [From An Authoritative Exposition – part 1, by ‘Abdur-Raheem Green]

Christian missionaries: A dishonest past

I’m sure he can understand how and why this “misconception” is prevalent in Muslim communities. I hope he works with us to help nudge Christian ministries into the realm of honesty.

Learn more about Islam

The incarnation, do you believe in it?


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Is the U.S. Government Responsible for the Underwear Bomber and other "terrorists"??

Passengers From the Same Plane the 'Underwear Bomber' was on Say the U.S. Government Escorted the Bomber Onto the Plane Without a Passport

Eye witnesses suggest the underwear bomber was escorted on to the plane he was tasked to blow up by the US governement in order to further the "war on terrorism", garner support for body scanning and increase TSA budgets.

Flight 253 The US Government Escorted Abumutallab Through Security Without A Passport

Lengthy video description has been pasted into the comment section

Are Muslims really responsible for terrorist acts in the West?

Of course it goes without saying, 9/11 and all the other terrorist acts in the West are indeed deplorable and unislamic BUT we need to start asking ourselves are ALL these acts carried out by Muslims or are Western governments responsible for some/most/all of the attacks?

Folk are quick to hold Muslims and Islam responsible for such acts but the same people need to re-examine what is put before them rather than sleepwalking into the demonization of Muslims and mass-hysteria.

Terrosism is not Islamic

Terrorist attack on a mosque in Dearborn, Michigan

Discover Islam