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Perverted: Father Zakaria Botros’ Necrophilia Hoax Revisited!

Named and SHAMED: Perverted Lie from Father Zakaria Botros [also spelled "Boutros" "Butrus"]

I know we have already denounced Father Zakaria Botros’ crazed sex hoax here BUT I have come across another narration which further shows Father Zakaria’s gross (and debauched) distortion of reality.

For those unaware, Father Zakaria Botros claimed the Prophet Muhammad had sexual relations with his dead aunt whilst in the grave. This was the talk of the town amongst the ignorant and malicious - they were joyfully peddling it like crazy, and now they are realising it as a product of the sexually-fertile imagination of Father Zakaria Botros!

Summary of what the Prophet ACTUALLY did

Fatima bint Asad was the wife of Prophet Muhammad’s uncle (Abu Talib). She, along with Abu Talib, took care of the Prophet after his grandfather (his then guardian) passed away. Thus she was like a foster mother to the Prophet Muhammad.

The Prophet’s aunt/foster mother passed away. He dug the grave himself. Once he completed the grave, the Prophet lay in the grave and prayed for his deceased aunt. His deceased aunt was NOT in the grave at the time according to the narration (below) and then the Prophet and the companions proceeded to perform the funeral prayer and then the blessed lady’s body was lowered into the blessed grave. Of course, the fact Fatima bint Asad was buried in a grave the Prophet had laid in was an honouring and a blessing for her – the same applies for her being dressed with the Prophet’s shirt.

Certainly NO sexual relations took place. Sadly our debauched “Christian” missionary (Father Zakaria Botros) advanced the fabrication of “sex with a dead person” as a product of his sexually-perverted mind.

An act of devotion

Sadly, this act of devotion on the part of the Prophet Muhammad for his aunt (she was the wife of Abu Talib and cared for the Prophet. A fuller account [square brackets denote explanation from me and emphasis is mine]:

Anas bin Malik, Allah be pleased with [him], said: When Fatimah bint Asad bin Hisham, the mother of Ali died, (ra), the Messenger of Allah enter upon her [i.e. entered her house] and sat by her head and said: “May Allah have mercy on you, O my mother, you, after my mother, went hungry while you fed me. You were short of clothes while you clothed me. You denied yourself nice things while you provided me (with them) seeking by that the countenance of Allah and the Home of the Hereafter”

Thereafter, he ordered that she be washed three times. When they got to the point of using the water in which there is camphor, Allah’s Messenger poured it with his own hand and then removed his shirt and dressed her in it and he shrouded her in a garment he was wearing. Then the Messenger of Allah called Usamah bin Zayd, Abu Ayyub Al Ansari, Umar bin Al-Khattab and two young black boys to dig her grave. When they got to the point of excavating the lahd, the Messenger of Allah dug it himself and scooped out sand with his own hands.

When Allah’s Messenger finished, he entered the grave and lay in it [Thus the Prophet was in the grave ALONE] and said “O Allah, Who gives life and takes it, He is the living who never dies, forgive my mother, Fatimah bint Asad, and instruct her proof, and widen her entrance, by the right of your Prophet and all the Prophets before me for you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy”.

He [Prophet Muhammad] made four takbir over her (i.e. during the funeral prayer) and he lowered her into her lahd [grave] along with Al-Abbas and Abu Bakr As-Siddiq. May Allah be pleased with them”

Al Haythami said: It is reported by At-Tabrani in Al Kabir and Al Awsat in its chain is Rawh ibn As Salah in whom is some weakness. However the rest of the narrators of the Hadith are trustworthy. Majmu No (15399)

Disturbed: Zakaria Botros

As you can see, this was a public funeral and the Prophet lay in the grave prior to lowering Fatima bint Asad into the blessed grave. There was no sexual relations at all. To suggest an act of necrophilia took place, in light of all this information, in full view of those present at the funeral, is offensively absurd to say the least.

May Allah send his peace and blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad and all the other Prophets. May Allah send further honour on the blessed Fatima bint Asad. May Allah protect the pious predecessors from the evil mouths of the misguided. Ameen.

Men and Women Around the Messenger (s), Sa’d Yusuf Abu Aziz, Darussalam, 2009, p520-521

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Anonymous said...

Man , Zakaria is a joke , the arabic speaking Muslim apologists are refuting him every single day , to the point where he left his former tv channel .

No just elmukhalis tv , but there is another brother named "AntiShubuhat" his refutations and lie exposure of zakaria botros is actually very informative and sometimes funny because zakaria is such an ignorant person.

Anonymous said...

The Christians who peddle this kind of nonsense only reveal their own warped and twisted minds.

They're sick people.

Ali said...

zakaria was featured on a canadian christian show "michael coren show". he said he just refutes muslims with whats in our books. shamed person.

brother yahya i have a question. a commenter on my blog left something that i'm stuck on. the post was about interfaith marriage and she said a muslim woman can marry a non-muslim according to verse 24:3. could you explain that verse?

Unknown said...

To Ali:
Surah 24:3 speaks about prohibition not permissions.
وَحُرّمَ ذلكَ عَلـى الـمُؤْمِنِـينَ

Means: That is forbidden to the BELIEVERS ( to marry Mushrik or prostitutes) , so the beginning of the verse is speaking about permission to the Non-believers, the end about prohibition for the believers.

Ali said...

thank you marouane