Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Is the U.S. Government Responsible for the Underwear Bomber and other "terrorists"??

Passengers From the Same Plane the 'Underwear Bomber' was on Say the U.S. Government Escorted the Bomber Onto the Plane Without a Passport

Eye witnesses suggest the underwear bomber was escorted on to the plane he was tasked to blow up by the US governement in order to further the "war on terrorism", garner support for body scanning and increase TSA budgets.

Flight 253 The US Government Escorted Abumutallab Through Security Without A Passport

Lengthy video description has been pasted into the comment section

Are Muslims really responsible for terrorist acts in the West?

Of course it goes without saying, 9/11 and all the other terrorist acts in the West are indeed deplorable and unislamic BUT we need to start asking ourselves are ALL these acts carried out by Muslims or are Western governments responsible for some/most/all of the attacks?

Folk are quick to hold Muslims and Islam responsible for such acts but the same people need to re-examine what is put before them rather than sleepwalking into the demonization of Muslims and mass-hysteria.

Terrosism is not Islamic

Terrorist attack on a mosque in Dearborn, Michigan

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Yahya Snow said...

Video Description:

Flight 253 details: The government of Yemen reports that Islamic terrorists there have been arrested who have proven ties to Israeli intelligence.
The alleged terrorists in Yemen had been in Guantanamo Prison. They were released without trial by the Bush Administration even though they were reported as among the most dangerous detainees.
Abdulmutallab's father, though we are told is a retired "Nigerian banker," ran their defense industry in close cooperation with Israeli Intelligence (Mossad).
Abdulmutallab's father warned US embassy officials of his son's dangerous behavior; this is corroborated with other US intelligence of warning.
Abdulmutallab's visa to the US was never withdrawn, though he was on a "terrorist watchlist." This would make his trip impossible unless protocol was ignored.
Flying from Nigeria, Abdulmutallab entered the Netherlands without passing through customs; impossible to do without assistance from an intelligence agency.
At the Amsterdam airport, Abdulmutallab was assisted by a man appearing to be Indian, who claimed Abdulmutallab was a Sudanese refugee with no passport (he would not have been allowed to enter the EU without a passport through customs). This man and whoever authorized boarding without a passport are huge stories we haven't heard. Where is the airport videos of this?
Airport security in Amsterdam is contracted to an Israeli company with the most sophisticated technologies who had developed the concept of security profiling.
During the flight to the US:
Witnesses reported a man standing ten rows behind Abdulmutallab stand and use his camcorder to film the incident before it began. This important testimony was not pursued to discover the identity and role of this seemingly complicit person.
Witnesses report Abdulmutallab was oddly vacant and calm; typical of a programmed "Manchurian Candidate." This might explain the behavior of the person filming: a "handler" who gave the code for Abdulmutallab to perform an act. Manchurian Candidates are now acknowledged historical fact. Research this if you are unfamiliar with the disclosed history.
After the flight:
Witness on flight 253, attorney Kurt Haskell, reports that there was another suspect handcuffed at the airport after landing that the FBI repeatedly lies and changes their story in explaining. Haskell says the detained passengers were told this man was identified by a bomb-sniffing dog as having explosives in his luggage.
The Detroit News confirms the FBI has changed their story four times.
A photo of Abdulmutallab with an alleged al Qaeda flag is from the same organization that previously photo-shopped false background images.
50 grams of PETN positioned on a seat and cushioned underneath a passenger are tested and would not cause significant damage to the plane.
The US and UK government are using this incident to justify attack and possible invasion of Yemen.
We're reminded that yes, Yemen has oil and natural gas reserves worth stealing.

Anonymous said...

OMG ! I remember back in 2009 when this story was used for islamophobic reasons , in fact it was used by this "Rachid" character in al-hayat tv on so many episodes where he tried to prove Islam was violent....I guess I'll send this video to him and see how he feels

Anonymous said...

NEW DELHI, INDIA (BosNewsLife)-- Suspected Islamic militants have killed two Christian teenagers who were reading the Bible in the disputed Kashmir valley, divided between India and Muslim Pakistan, BosNewsLife established Tuesday, February 8.

The victims were identified as Arifa, 17, and Akthar, 19, the daughters of Gulam Nabi Dar, said local missionary Mercy Ciniraj, who knew them well. "The [murdered] girls were believers and used to read the Bible through underground ministries."

She told BosNewsLife that "the girls were shot dead" last Monday, January 31, in the Baramulla area in Indian-controlled northern Kashmir, bordering Pakistan.

They were "brutally murdered" by at least three fighters of Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Pakistan based Islamic militant "terrorist" group, she explained. Local police reportedly said in statements that they found two bodies near their home and that militants were to blame. (Read more