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Problems with the Old Testament?

There is a fabulous discussion with regards to the inconsistencies in the Biblical Exodus by Dr Louay Fatoohi and Prof. Shetha Al Dargazelli in their co-authored book. [1]

It is quite a lengthy discussion but well worth the read. Dr M. M Al Azami offers an excellent synopsis of the problem our Christian and Jewish brethren encounter with regards to the Biblical numbering of Israelites at the Exodus.

Number of Israelites at the Exodus estimated at 2,000,000 (two million)

"One year after the Exodus, Moses and Aaron counted the total number of men who were at least twenty years old and of fighting strength. Their tally yielded 603,550 Israelites [see Numbers 1:20-46].

The Levi tribe was not included in this figure, and neither were the females of all ages, old men, and any young men under twenty. Taking these groups into account as well, we can infer that – according to the OT – the total number participating in the Exodus probably exceeded two million Jews.

I will leave it to the imaginative reader to surmise how a tribe of seventy people, freshly arriving in Egypt, were able to multiply in excess of two million within a mere 215 years, especially when their male newborns were being systematically killed for the previous decades. Such is the OT which rests in our hands today." [2]

Summary of the problem

You have the OT asking us to believe 70 new settlers in Egypt yielded a progeny of ~2 million in roughly 200 years. Now, even the most fundamentalist of Christians will start asking questions as it is very unlikely the Biblical account is accurate:

The self-refuted claim here is that the descendents of less than 100 persons counted some 2-3 million after four generations! This contradiction has already been picked up by scholars [e.g. Houtman 1993: 512].

However, in the interest of fairness the fundamentalist Christian answer can be presented and scrutinised…

Fundamentalist Christian answer analysed?

"One way of harmonizing the above contradictions is by suggesting the Hebrew word dor is not to be understood as “generation” in the modern sense. Thus, in his attempt to show his suggestion that four dor equal 400 years is not a mere harmonization exercise, Kenneth Kitchen, Professor of Egyptology at Liverpool University, points out that in Ugaritic and early Assyrian sources, the word daru, and hence the Hebrew word dor, can mean a span of eighty years or more (Kitchen, 1996:54).

Yet even if this was a valid definition of the term dor it does not explain why there were “four” rather than “five generations”, particularly given that 430 is the exact number of years anyway.

This explanatory attempt implies that it was merely fortuitous that Exodus 6:14-26 shows Moses to be from the fourth generation of the descendents of Jacob. Kitchen also eliminates the contradiction caused by Exodus 6:14-26 by suggesting that these verses do not give a full genealogy of Moses, despite the fact that there is no reason, not to give the full genealogy, apart from the harmonization motive, to suggest otherwise." [3]

An easier answer to the problem – suspect the SCRIBES!

Let’s be realistic. We know scribes were changing the New Testament through inadvertent errors (or at times utter dishonesty). Simple reasoning would lead us to suspect the OT scribes were of a similar nature too – thus producing the problem in Numbers 1:20-46.

It’s a simple answer. Our fundamentalist Christian friends will jump through hoops to circumnavigate such simplicity.

To persuade our fundamentalist friends to consider this reasonable approach (of suspecting the scribes) we can appeal to Jeremiah. Here is Jeremiah to tell us the scribes were unreliable and untrustworthy:

"'How can you say, "We are wise, for we have the law of the LORD," when actually the lying pen of the scribes has handled it falsely? [NIV,Jeremiah 8:8]

Allah knows best.


[1] History Testifies to the Infallibility of the Quran – Early History of the Children of Israel, Dr Louay Fatoohi and Prof. Shetha Al-Dargazeli, Adam Publishers and Distributers, Delhi, 1999, p 8-18

[2] The History of the Quranic Text from Revelation to Compilation – A Comparative Study with the Old and New Testament, M.M. Al-Azami, UK Islamic Academy, Leicester, 2003, p216

[3] History Testifies to the Infallibility of the Quran – Early History of the Children of Israel, Dr Louay Fatoohi and Prof. Shetha Al-Dargazeli, Adam Publishers and Distributers, Delhi, 1999, p 12

Further reading:

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Hate Comes to Ohio – Tea Party and Usama Dakdok

You just could not make it up. After the debacle in Orange County you’d think the Tea Party would have been a little more cautious for their Ohio meeting [1]. Sadly common sense and the right wing don’t mix.

The Tea Party have enlisted the services of an Arab (Copt) Islamophobe (Usama Dakdok). Yes, an Arab anti-Muslim bigot who will (no doubt) be blabbering on about how all Muslims are killing machines (better and scarier than terminator!!!).

Erm, if that Islamophobic drivel was true, Mr Usama Dakdok would not be living. The same applies to the ~10 million Coptic Christians in the Arab world. I guess that’s why most folk don’t take Arab Islamophobes seriously

Who is Usama Dakdok?

Usama Dakdok is an Anti-Muslim bigot whom we featured in 2010 due to his crazed Islamophobic ranting. He claimed there is “no good Muslim”, Muslims are “demons”.

He gets WACKIER as he believes Barack Obama is Muslim [2].

Oh, just for good measure, he’s also a charlatan. He has “translated” the Quran despite possessing no relevant academic credentials and a failure to meet ANY of Von Denffer’s criteria for a translator of the Quran.

It get’s worse still as old Usama is a bit of a salesman too as he has been selling his translation as the only true translation and has suggested his “translation” is the first translation by a Non-Muslim. MANY Non-Muslim translations have been produced prior to Mr Dakdok’s “effort” – George Sale, J Rodwell, AJ Arberry and EH Palmer. [3]

Tea Party's charlatan

In my brief exchange with Usama Dakdok, after exposing the fact Mr Dakdok does not meet Von Denffer's criteria to translate the Quran, he claimed to have had support from professors, doctors (from Al Azhar university) whilst "translating" the Quran. He even claimed "ex-muslims" from Al Azhar university had helped him too!!!
I asked for names. He supplied no names at all. Nothing but silence. It's amazing how this blog turns the most talkative into mutes...
The man is a charlatan. Sadly, there is a ton of them within the evangelical community.

Christians buying fancy cars for bigots

Arab Islamophobes are never taken seriously, but some (i.e. Shoebat, Saleem, Botros et al) do make cash – quite a substantial amount – through their fertile imaginations and the gullibility of the evangelical Christian community in America.

It looks like old Usama Dakdok is coining it in too:

I've heard reports out of Clay City that at least where Dakdok's car is concerned, he seems to be doing quite well for himself. [2]

Usama Dakdok's Islamophobic rant


[1] CAIR: Ohio Groups to Ask School to Drop Anti-Islam Tea Party Speaker



Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Keith Ellison on Muslim American Hero

Rep. Keith Ellison gives an emotional testimony of a Muslim hero of 9/11. Sadly Rep. Peter King is making life even more difficult for American Muslims – these hearings are un-American. Ironically, Rep Peter King has links to the IRA – a TERRORIST organisation!

Cenk Uygur (Young Turks) denounces Peter King as un-American, accuses him of links to the IRA and highlights Keith Ellison’s moving testimony.

Truth About King's Muslim Hearings - Cenk Uygur on MSNBC

MSNBC host Cenk Uygur shares a clip of passionate testimony Rep. Keith Ellison and explains why he believes Rep. Peter King's hearings on 'Muslim Radicalization' are un-American. He also talks about how we should be investigating all radicals (he points out that since 9/11 there have been almost twice as many terror plots from non-Muslims).

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Why was Prophet Muhammad’s Father Called “Abdullah”?

It appears there is some confusion on this issue as Prophet Muhammad’s father’s name (Abdullah) meant the “slave of Allah” – questions have been asked as to why the name Allah was known BEFORE Islam was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (p).

Typically, our Christian missionary friends have been spinning this as to mean Allah was a pagan god as the pagan Arabs knew of the word “Allah” before the coming of the Prophet and Islam.

Highlighting ignorance…

This simply highlights the Christian missionary’s/critic’s ignorance as the word Allah was initially used in a monotheistic sense by Ishmael (son of Abraham) and those of his followers. However, with time, these Arabs later slipped into paganism which ultimately led to the Arabs of Mecca leaving the pure belief of Allah being the ONLY God by making Allah a high god of their pantheon of gods.

The Prophet Muhammad (p) brought the Arabs back onto the worship of Allah alone with the introduction of Islam – the same beliefs Ishmael (p) introduced to Arabia.

A brief history of Meccan-Arab religious practice

We know that the word “Allah” was in use before the time of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). If we read Ar-Raheeq ul-Makhtum we realise that the early Arabs did believe in Allah as the Only God. This is dated all the way back to the time of Prophet Ishmael (p) who resided in Makkah (Mecca) and learned Arabic as well as settling there [1]. He preached the message of pure monotheism; “Most of the Arabs had complied with the call of Ishmael and professed the religion of his father Abraham. They worshipped Allah, professed His Oneness and followed His religion...” [2].

This shows that Allah was known as the Only God, just like the Muslims believe Him to be. Indeed Abraham and Ishmael (pbut) are considered to be Muslims, i.e. those who had submitted to the Will of the Only God, Allah.

How paganism was introduced after Ishmael and Abraham (pbut)

The issue of paganism came into the equation as the Arabs forgot this pure monotheism which was taught by Ishmael and his followers. The idolatry was originated from the actions of a man named Amr bin Luhai, he was known as a devoted and righteous man, well respected by his peers. However, after a trip away from Mecca he saw idol-worship in Syria.

Upon his return to the Meccans he introduced idol worship to the Meccans by bringing an idol named Hubal back from Syria and this resulted in the spread of a great many idols across Mecca.

They now (wrongly) believed Allah to be the high god of many gods

Despite the Meccan pagans’ acceptance of idols they still proclaimed belief in Allah in the sense that they saw Allah as the High God but used the idols as ‘lesser deities’ whom they believed “could intercede before Allah for the fulfilment of their wishes” [4].

Quite simply they had a pantheon of ‘gods’ but believed that Allah was the High God of their pantheon. [6]

The theory of Allah being considered as a High God is backed by Ar-Raheequl-Maktoum, Karen Armstrong [6] and W. M. Watt [7].

Effectively over the years they changed their belief in Allah, from the belief that Allah was the Only God (the Abrahamic teachings) to the belief that Allah was the High God of their many deities (pagan/polytheistic teachings).

There were 360 different idols, belonging to the pagans of Mecca, around the Ka’bah when Prophet Muhammed took charge of Mecca. These idols were subsequently broken, removed and burned under the authority of Prophet Muhammed [3].

Prophet Muhammad’s father - Abdullah

Another source that attests to the fact that the pre-Islamic Arabs used the name Allah and held a ‘belief’ in Him is the genealogy of Prophet Muhammed, his father’s name was actually Abdullah (meaning servant of Allah) [5]. Interestingly enough, some of these pagan Arabs believed that Allah was the same God that the Jews and Christians worshipped [6]

Prophet Muhammad reintroduces Abrahamic monotheism

In 610 CE, the Prophet Muhammad began to call the pagan Arabs back to the pure monotheism which was taught by Abraham and Ishmael centuries earlier. By 632 CE the Meccan Arabs had given up their idols and returned back to pure monotheism – believing in Allah as the only god.

1. Ar-Raheequl-Makhtum by Safi-ur-Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri, Darussalam, 2002 pg 26-28
2. Ibid pg 45
3. Ibid pg 45-46
4. Ibid 46
5. Ibid 63
6. Islam a Short History by Karen Armstrong, Phoenix Press, 2001, pg 3
7. What Is Islam by W.Montgomery Watt, Longman Group, Second Edition, 1979, pg 47


History of paganism in Arabia

Ancient Arab Pagan Claims

Allah is not a moon god

Learn about Islam:

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Moon God Exposed - Christian Missionary Hypocrisy and Deceit!

When we (Muslims) hear American Christian missionaries twitter on about the "moon-god being Allah"  we simply roll our eyes and feel pity for them as their co-religionists (other Christian missionaries) have armed them with LIES - obvious LIES!

Here we catch two Christian missionaries (Sam Shamoun and David Wood) presenting the moon god nonsense

Sam Shamoun and David Wood Disgrace ABNSat

If the video does not play, please see:

The moon god claim is a lie which was popularized by Dr Robert Morey and Jack Chick. There is no evidence for it, yet our Christian friends in America believe it as their leaders and co-missionaries teach this stuff. I guess, it is easier to lie about the opposition (the Muslims) than to meaningfully engage with them...

The word "Allah"

The word Allah is used by Arab Jews and CHRISTIANS too!

The crescent moon on some mosques?

Let it be said that the ‘moon’ symbol on some mosques and flags has nothing to do with Islam. There is no teaching within Islam that teaches the over-reverence of the moon or instructing Muslims to adopt it as a representative symbol. Early Muslims did not use the crescent (moon) for flags nor Mosques and did not have any symbol to represent them. This symbolism was introduced during the Ottoman Empire much later on and was adopted from a city they conquered; “It wasn’t until the Ottoman Empire that the crescent moon and star became affiliated with the Muslim world. When the Turks conquered Constantinople (Istanbul) in 1453, they adopted the city’s existing flag and symbol”

Missionaries are worrying

Christian missionaries are worrying as they have little regard for the truth, thus they can quite easily mislead folk. We should always double check what they say. Sadly, the biggest victims of Christian missionary deceit are lay Christians.

May Allah protect lay Christians and Muslims from Christian missionary deceptions, may Allah guide us all. Ameen.
Bible: Muslims are Blessed

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Christian Missionary Pastor converts to Islam


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Spirituality and the “Ex-Muslim” ABN

Puzzling: C.L.Edward’s Testimony on ABN

I have been aware of this gemtleman’s YouTube activity but he seems to be celebrated as an ex-Muslim by Christian missionaries. I fear this man has entered Christianity without thorough investigation. Not only this, I am extremely concerned as to his alleged claim of not feeling spirituality whilst in Islam. Alarm bells always ring when“ex-Muslims” make such a claim. Louder still, as this gentleman, claims to have been a Muslim for a decade. Now, why in the world are you going to stay in a faith which offers you no spirituality for TEN YEARS???

I don’t know if he truly was a Muslim in the past or whether he is doing an Ergun Caner. Nevertheless, if this man reckons he will experience more spirituality whilst worshipping Prophet Jesus (p) he has another thing coming. Jesus did not even worship Jesus!

Jesus worshipped God. I’d advise our friend to ponder upon that.

Spirituality in Islam

Did this gentleman ever pray, sincerely? When I pray I can feel overwhelming spirituality – an out of this world experience. The same applies to reciting the Quran or even listening to it. The Muslim feels tranquillity whilst remembering the Lord through prayer or general remembrance of Allah (God). I can attest to it.

I’ve seen Jesus (p) (Jesus was supplicating to Allah) and other pious figures in my dreams. I’ve heard and seen the Quran in dreams. I’ve had other fabulous spiritual experiences which are not uncommon amongst Muslims. These are spiritual experiences which are the blessings from God and are beneficial to those who reflect deeply.

Now, if somebody wants to sit there and seriously tell me, for ten years as a Muslim, he/she never felt spirituality whilst praying, I’d be shocked. To further compound the shock the gentleman left pure monotheism (the monotheism of Abraham, Moses and Jesus, pbut) for the worship of the Trinity. It does not make any sense!

You are closest to God whilst in the state of prostration. The spirituality you can experience whilst being in such a state is mind-blowing. Jesus experienced such spirituality as he, too, worshipped Allah (God) like the Muslims do.

I invite, this gentleman, to have a rethink and enter Islam.

Spiritual Battle: Muslim vs Demon

Muhammad and Jesus (p)

Christian Missionary Pastor converts to Islam

Bible: Muslims are blessed


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Problems Facing Christian Apologists

Christian apologist, James White, highlights what he perceives to be the biggest problem Christian apologists are facing. White believes it to be a disconnection with the local church. As an outsider who regular looks into Christian apologetics’ ministries I reckon White has a point when he refers to Christian apologists who have become “apologetics disasters” – some of these disasters are catalogued on this very blog.

However, a lack of attachment in the church is not the biggest obstacle Christian apologists are facing. James, as an apologist, should know this!

The two biggest problems Christian apologists are facing are thus:

Christianity itself – the product they are working with is dysfunctional - noticeably dysfunctional. It comes as no surprise to see Christian apologists struggle in the field whilst regurgitating inadequate arguments from apologetics manuals from a bygone era. This is all they have to work with.

To give you a quick example, the Gospels are obviously unreliable and errant. Prior to Von Tischendorf’s find in the 1800’s, Christians believed the last portion of Mark was the inspired word of God. After this find, we now realise it’s a forgery!

Simple, if you need folk to hunt down manuscripts in order to pluck out forgeries your Gospels are unreliable – the possibility of further significant manuscript finds still haunts Christian apologists. Please do keep in mind we have not even mentioned the irreconcilable contradictions between the Gospels when describing the SAME event or the noticeable evolution of Christianity from Mark to John (Mark is a Gospel which does not present Jesus as divine but John does present Jesus as divine).

Dishonesty – Christian apologetics is riddled with dishonest folk, thus lay people distrust Christian apologetics. Ergun Caner is the highest profile dishonest casualty in apologetics. It took a Muslim, Mohammad Khan, to blow the whistle on Caner’s dishonesty. Other notable dishonest folk within Christian apologetics include Kent Hovind, Jack Chick, Sam Shamoun, Father Zakaria Botros, David Wood, Robert Morey and Pastor Joseph Najm.

Book: James White on Islam

Sexism: A reason to change the Bible?


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Bible: Male Rape Victims to be Killed - Bernadette Brooten

The rise of gay churches and clergy men (and women) is startling to those who have an orthodox grounding in the Bible. Sadly, Christian ethics are blighted by the secular manifestations which “have become increasingly in terms of purely individual self-fulfilment and self-expression.” [1]

Basil Mitchell expresses the potential dangers in the reliance on “the personal” and does advance the notion; this criterion (“the personal”) could be used to justify same-sex unions and relations outside marriage. [1]

Let’s be frank, this is exactly what we are seeing in the West – more and more Christian leaders are essentially following the secular band-wagon and presenting Christianity as secularism with an added belief in Jesus.

Gay Christians, prepare for the shock!

We would like to ask the churches who are so accepting of gay and lesbian clergy and congregations to have a closer look at the Old Testament and the writings of Paul of Tarsus (aka Apostle Paul). It will surprise you and Bernadette J Brooten’s interpretation will send shock waves down your very being.

Bible: death penalty for gays

I find it peculiar that it’s a Muslim who has to point this out – the Bible is vehemently opposed to same sex relationships.

“Leviticus 10.13 prohibits sexual relations between men, defines them as an “abomination” and places them under the DEATH PENALTY (see also Lev.18.22)” [2]

Liberal Christians, I will tell you that it gets more shocking as, according to Brooten, this death penalty includes rape victims – including children.

Bible: Male Rape Victims put to DEATH – Bernadette J Brooten

Brooten writes, “Ethical considerations such as consent, coercion or the power imbalance inherent in adult-child relations are not legally relevant in these passages (nor in the surrounding Levitical Laws on adultery, incest and bestiality). Thus, regardless of the sexual relationships of the participants (a man and his consenting male partner, an adult male whom he had raped, or a child victim), all are equally culpable, since all are equally defiled (see Philo, De spec.leg.3.7.37-42).” [2]

According to Brooten, Paul (in the New Testament) “does not employ the ethical categories of consent or age for distinguishing between sanctioned and condemned sexual relations” [2]

I acknowledge this is Brooten’s interpretation – an interpretation which could well be wrong.

Nevertheless, our liberal Christian friends will point out these laws are from the Old Testament and that they follow the New Testament. They may well call the OT laws a “curse” – Jesus’ following of this “curse” coupled with those Christians who maintain Jews must still abide by OT laws militates against this outright dismissal of the OT.

However, Paul (in the NT) AGREES with the OT laws concerning homosexuals.

New Testament: Gays “DESERVE TO DIE”

“Paul Describes male-male relations as “impurity” and asserts such men “deserve to die (Rom. 1.24-32). [2]

This information may be faith-shattering to gay Christians but it must be said regardless of the ramifications. Paul offers no acceptance for lesbian Christians either…

Paul is against lesbianism too!

“Paul extends the prohibition to include sexual relations between women (Rom. 1.26) as do other postbiblical writings.” [2]

Sharia or Biblical law?

Christian Islamophobes are constantly prattling on against Sharia but are absolutely oblivious to the hypocritical depths they sink to whilst doing so. A law based on the dictates of God is never going to be morally unacceptable as true morals are taught via divine revelation. The real problem crops up when folk who are motivated by their desires decide to change a religion for purposes of “self-fulfilment” – this is what we are seeing within Christian circles as we speak.

Earlier today, I had a conversation with a Catholic and told him of the Muslim view of the Bible having been altered by men – I told him this belief is easily proven too – he agreed!

It is the job of the truth seeker to seek out the true religion. Christianity makes more sense when one utilizes the lens of Islam to view it.

[1] The Oxford Illustrated History of Christianity, Edited by John Mcmanners, Oxford University Press, 1990 p. 624

[2] The Oxford Companion to the bible, Edited by Bruce Metzger and Michael G Coogan, New Oxford Press, 1993 p. 288-89

Bible: Muslims are Blessed

Learn about Islam

Christian Missionary Pastor converts to Islam


Christian Islamophobes Afraid of Gays and Lesbians in Dearborn

Right, we know of at least one Islamophobic group (Acts 17) who carts itself off to the Dearborn Arab International Festival each year wielding cameras in the “guise” of evangelism BUT where are these folk when the Gay and Lesbian Comedy Festival comes to Dearborn?

On March 5th, the Gay and Lesbian Comedy Festival was held. I just don’t see a bunch of Christian Islamophobes making a big deal out of it. Why?

Is it because targeting Muslims is acceptable whilst targeting gays is unacceptable? If Christian Islamophobes want us to really believe they are targeting Muslim communities in the US, in order to convert them to the worshipping of Prophet Jesus (ironically, Jesus worshipped God!), then they would have to offer a level of consistency and target other Non-Christian groups (I presume this gay/lesbian comedy festival was full of Non-Christians) AND they would have to conduct sincere evangelism of other groups (such as Jews, Hindus, Agnostics, etc.) and NOT turn up with cameras looking for a scoop to plaster over YouTube.

Which one is it? You decide:

1. Christian Islamophobes seem to lack the testicular fortitude in tackling the gays but go after the easier target of Muslims - typical bully behaviour.

2. Christian Islamophobes don’t care about the “salvation” of gays/lesbians

3. These gays/lesbians are already Christians

4. You raise more cash and popularity for your “ministry” if you target Muslims so the gays are left on the back-burner

5. Christian Islamophobes were at the gay comedy festival but they were doing serious evangelism so did not bother taking their cameras and sensationalising it

I think 1, 2 and 4 combined would offer something resembling accuracy!

Bible: Muslims are Blessed

Learn about Islam

Christian Missionary Pastor converts to Islam


Saturday, 12 March 2011

Hamza Yusuf and Abdal Hakim Murad Meet a Christian in England, Woking Mosque

This seems like an excellent interfaith discussion. We can all learn from this type of approach our scholars are taking.

Interesting points

The Christian, Reverend Richard Cook, is trying to overcome fear and ignorance related to Islam and Muslims by teaching people about Islam. A good way to combat Islamophobia.

Abdal Hakim Murad (aka Dr Timothy Winter): In the 17th century there were 3 cases of Muslims being killed for not converting to Christianity in Britain

Hamza Yusuf never felt he was giving up Jesus when he converted to Islam (from Orthodox Christianity) - he saw it as an enhancement and an adoption of a unitarian understanding of Christianity.

Abdal Hakim Murad: There are no two religons which are more interlocking than Christianity and Islam

Hamza Yusuf highlights the tolerance the Prophet (p) and Umar (ra) extended towards Christians.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Rabbis Doubted Song of Solomon and Ecclesiastes

Before discussing Song of Solomon and Ecclesiastes we should ask our Christian friends as to why they have MORE than twenty-two books in their Old Testament. Protestants (39), Catholics and other Churches ALL have MORE than twenty-two books in their OT canons. WHY??? [1]

ONLY twenty-two books enjoyed “confidence”

Geza Vermes tells us, according to Josephus, only twenty-two books enjoyed confidence , implying that only they were held to be authoritative or canonical and no other writing was worthy of trust (see Against Apion I:38).” [2]

In fact, “the figure twenty-two was commonly accepted by Jews – and not only by Josephus – as representing the number of books in the biblical canon.” [2]

***See the update appended at the bottom for the Christian explanation courtesy of brother Ken***

Jesus never sanctioned the Christian Old Testament

“…more than one Qumran scholar maintains that no proper canon of the Old Testament existed until some time after the destruction of the Temple in 70 CE” [3]

So, Christians who claim Jesus sanctioned the Old Testament canon are indeed noticeably far off the mark – that is to say they are WRONG as a “proper canon” of the OT only came about AFTER Jesus’ earthly ministry.

Rabbis Doubted Song of Solomon and Ecclesiastes in the 2nd century CE!!

Some rabbis doubted the authority of these two books for internal reasons – in the case of the Song of Solomon it – the language was deemed unacceptable by the rabbis:

“…in the early second century CE questions were raised in rabbinic circles about the canonicity of the Song of Solomon (too erotic for the liking of some rabbis) and Ecclesiastes (because of the apparent doubts expressed in it regarding God)…” [3]

It gets one wondering:

"'How can you say, "We are wise, for we have the law of the LORD," when actually the lying pen of the scribes has handled it falsely? (NIV Jeremiah 8:8)


We see further problems the Christian evangelical community have to contemplate upon. Can Christians really claim their Old Testament is “inspired” despite the above information and the inter-church variation with regards to the OT canon – whilst remaining intellectually honest? I do not believe so.

UPDATE: A sincere Christian has offered an explanation with regards to Josephus' 22 book canon:


The 22 books of the Jews that Josephus mentions are the same as the 39 in the Protestant canon of the OT.

Ruth was appended to Judges.

Lamentations was appended to Jeremiah

the 12 minor prophets were considered "one scroll".

1 & 2 Samuel were one book, Samuel.

1 & 2 Kings were one book, Kings.

1 & 2 Chronicles were one book, Chronicles.

And Ezra and Nehemiah were one book.
Later in history, the Christians separated some of the books into parts 1-2 and the one scroll of the Twelve into 12 separate books, etc.
So, the 39 of Protestant bibles are the same as the Jewish Canon, in fact Protestants have stronger evidence than Roman Catholics on the canon of the OT, because of this.
The Jews did not accept the Apocrypha books that were written between Malachi and when John the Baptist came.
The Full quote of Against Apion 1:8 by Josephus, and he shows the books written from the 5 books of the Law of Moses, through the Prophets and to the time of Artaxerxes ( Esther(Xerxes), Ezra-Nehemiah, Malachi, Chronicles, Haggai, and Zechariah. (the period of the Persians - from Cyrus to Darius the Persian to Xerxes to Artaxerxes.)
Romans 3:2 - the Jews were entrusted with the oracles of God.
Malachi (and Chronicles) were the last written OT inspired Scriptures.

Luke quotes from Malachi 4:5-6 in Luke 1:17 to show that revelation stopped in Malachi (the time of Artaxerxes, in Persia, referenced in Against Apion 1:8 ( or in other versions 1:38-41) see
Luke quoting from Malachi shows the gap, that the books written in between (Apocrypha - Maccabees, etc.) were not inspired God-breathed revelation.

The 22 books that Josephus mentions are the same as the TaNakh (Law, Prophets, Writings) as in Luke 24:44.


and Jerome, the translator of the Vulgate around 400 AD
All affirm that same canon of the OT that protestants have today.
See Roger Beckwith, The OT Canon of the NT Church.
Also, William Webster's articles are very good.

Dr Jerald Dirks: Which Bible?

Sexism – a reason to change the Bible?


[1] OT Protestant Bible is 39 books whilst the Roman Catholics add a number of books to this as well as additions to the book of Daniel and the book of Esther. Greek Orthodox add EVEN MORE than the Roman Catholics; they have a 151st Psalm rather than ending with 150. They have additions to the book of Jeremiah and add 3rd and 4th Maccabees amongst others. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church has a canon of 46 books in their Old Testament. [Refer to the notes from Dr Jerald Dirks’ lecture Which Bible?]

[2] The Story of the Scrolls, Geza Vermes, Penguin Books, 2010, p 101

[3] The Story of the Scrolls, Geza Vermes, Penguin Books, 2010, p 100

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hamza Yusuf on Islamophobia and the rising Anti-Muslim Rehtoric

Pat Robertson and the Bill Maher’s show

Hamza Yusuf addresses Pat Robertson’s claim of Islam being “a violent political system” rather than a religion – Sheikh Hamza Yusuf denounces it as a “ridiculous” assumption.

Have Muslims replaced to Cold War communist bogeyman in the American psyche?

Interesting comment: Last year more people died from dog bites than from terrorist acts in America. Many of these attacks are carried out by fundamentalist CHRISTIANS against abortion doctors etc.

Media magnifying glass on the threat of terrorism

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf finds the distortion and over-blowing of the threat troublesome.

Sharia and the U.S

Quotes: “Sharia is not a threat to the U.S constitution”, “many aspects of the Sharia are completely distorted”, “America has always been multicultural”, and “If you live in America you have to follow US law”.

There are 16 states in America which are targeting Sharia!

Hamza Yusuf discusses Sharia and the misunderstandings behind such a Law. He teaches us it is mostly about prayer, fasting, charity. Islamic commercial law prohibits the exploitative usury laws which are in existence in the US.

Post 9/11 problems and Islamophobia

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf discusses Islamophobia and contrasts Europe (UK, France and Germany) with North America. He also touches on the impact on the Muslim community after 9/11. In fact there are more crimes against Jews than Muslims – so it is not as bad as people make out.

Presenting Islam as an “evil religion”

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf touches on the barrage of attacks directed against Islam via the media. The type of rhetoric Hamza Yusuf is concerned about is the mocking, attacks. Attacks such as demonising; “Muslims are demonically inspired” and “the Quran breeds terrorism” are denounced by Hamza Yusuf as “untruths”.

Peter King’s Congressional hearing on the “radicalization of American Muslims”

Quote: “Anything a Muslim does now, it is not seen as a lone nut case”

The right is trying to lump these isolated people (or small groups) into the larger Muslim community. These lone individuals/small groups do not represent Muslims as a whole.

Hamza Yusuf is concerned about the potential “demonization” of Muslims and is deeply troubled by idea of the US attacking Iran.

Muslims do have double standards

We, as Muslims, do criticize the West but are less vocal when it comes to wrongs committed by Muslim countries. Hamza Yusuf uses the poor treatment of South Asians (the maids) in Arabia as an example.

Protests in Orange County

Hamza Yusuf gives a balanced analysis of what happened at the protest. A lot of people left the protest when it became unsavory (i.e. aggressive). He does teach us (Muslims in the US) to acknowledge the pain/fear many Americans are experiencing.


Islamophobia in Orange County, CA

Arab Christian Islamophobes


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Ergun Caner’s Latest Controversy and Brother James Keeps the Pressure on

Update: Ergun Caner is Back see here:

Before moving on to some good journalistic endeavours from James White, I’d like to showcase an observation I made whilst on Ergun Caner’s official YouTube page.

Did I find a whopper of a lie? No, BUT I did notice Ergun Caner’s ONLY subscription was to a dishonest and shamed “Christian” ministry called Acts 17 Apologetics – which also passes itself off as learned in Islam. I guess the dishonest attract the dishonest I kid you not. The awful proof:

Note: to magnify, double click the image - do view the entire magnified image as the sub to Acts 17 is at the bottom left corner

Dishonesty attracts dishonesty

Just in case you are unaware of Acts 17’s extent of dishonesty. Here are the co-founders of Acts 17 ministries simply making stuff up (perhaps that’s what Ergun Caner was attracted to):

Nabeel Qureshia whopper of a lie

David WoodDangerous Lie

I’m pretty sure you are familiar with the Ergun Caner scandal – he was rumbled by a British Muslim vlogger (Mohammad Khan); ultimately the media got wind of it and dear old Ergun was removed from his position as the PRESIDENT of LIBERTY UNIVERSITY (yep the university where blokes such as Gary Habermas, Norman Geisler and co roll).

To put simply, it’s the biggest example of MUSLIMS helping to clean up Christian ministries bar none.

James White: Mark D. Siljander’s Book Endorsed by the shamed Ergun Caner

James White has been investigating Ergun Caner for a while and continues to heap the pressure on Caner’s shoulders with some silky journalistic endeavours. I know White has his faults and detractors but he has given those complicit in the Ergun Caner cover up both barrels and has kept Ergun Caner under scrutiny. The more shaky “Christian” missionaries put under scrutiny the better – they need an impetus to stick within the realms of honesty.

OK, endorsing a book is hardly a crime BUT endorsing a book which promotes the Insider Movement IS a crime – especially considering Ergun Caner has denounced the “camel toe” method as deceptive.

For those unaware, these are deceptive Christian missionary methods to convert Muslims to Christianity. This is how desperate these evangelical folk are. Inventive, yet deceptive!

Since brother James’ reporting the book endorsement was scrapped from Siljander’s website. Somebody has got something to hide. In any case, what in the world are folk doing seeking “endorsements” from brother Ergun? He knows next o nothing about Islam and is duplicitous to boot as highlighted by James showing Ergun disagreed with material within Siljander’s book but still endorsed it. What do book endorsements from Ergun Caner mean? Next to nothing. Could someone nudge brother Louis Ruggiero.

Christians CLOSE the doors!

Stop allowing the dishonest amongst your community to dress up as “authorities” in Islam while they know next to nothing. Last year, 2010, we spent a considerable amount of time rebuking the lies of James White’s friend (Sam Shamoun) along with the chaps at Acts 17, Walid Shoebat, Kamal Saleem, ABN etc…

This year it seems to be the SAME players are still lurking. Ergun Caner is STILL very much active – Shamoun, Saleem, Wood, Dakdok, CP, Father Zakaria Botros and Shoebat are still plying their dishonest trades whilst covering up their past indiscretions. To this year’s bunch we can add Dr Kent Hovind to the list. I’m pretty sure we will find a few others to preoccupy us as 2011 unravels.

When are we going to see real and meaningful accountability coming out of Christian discernment ministries? When? We (Muslims) have been waiting centuries. Yes, centuries! (A brief history of Christian missionary deception).

Peruse this blog and you will see countless examples of deception from “Christian” evangelists who are representing you.

Question for the honest: Who’s more devious?

Right, we have the current crop of dishonest men in the Church BUT are they as dishonest and deplorable as the scribes who changed the Bible for inane reasons such as SEXISM?

A light hearted thought with a deadly serious subtext!


A new book by James White?

Ergun Caner vlogged


Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Dr James Moffatt on Isaiah 9:6 and the Jewish View of Isaiah 9:6

If we were to read the translation of another Christian, for example Dr James Moffatt, we would find that in his translation ‘The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments’ the verse reads:

“For a child is born to us, a child has been given to us; the royal dignity he wears, and this the title bears – ‘A wonder of a counsellor, a divine hero, a father for all time, a peaceful prince’”

[Sourced from Misha’al ibn Abdullah’s What did Jesus Really Say, IANA, 2001, p108]

We can see, from Dr Moffatt's translation, Isaiah 9:6 is not pointing to the divinity of Jesus. In fact the Jewish interpretations teach us this verse does not even refer to Jesus at all!

Jewish view on Isaiah 9:6 (from JewsforJudaism)

There are several Jewish interpretations offered to explain this verse, but they all recognize that the verse is speaking of Hezekiah’s salvation from the threat of Sennacherib. The words “he called his name” can be read in three different ways. 1) That the following phrases are all names of the child (this is how the Christians read the verse). 2) That the phrases following the introduction (“he called his name”) are descriptions of the one doing the calling. 3) The concept of calling a name is not being used in its literal sense, but rather in a metaphoric sense as in Ruth 4:11, where the phrase “and call a name” is used to mean - making a mark, or leaving a memory. According to this interpretation the phrases are not names of the child or of the name-giver. Rather these describe concepts that people will associate with the memory of the child. All of these interpretations conform with the grammatical structure of the verse, and the Jewish commentators may utilize any of the three readings (or a combination of these explanations) of this introductory phrase.

Assuming that the names are titles of the child, one Jewish commentator offers the following interpretation. The child will be called “The Mighty God, Father unto eternity and Prince of peace is planning a wonder.” In other words, the child’s name is a complete sentence describing God’s action. Another interpretation in keeping with this reading of the introductory phrase ascribes all of these titles to Hezekiah, but changes the translation. Hezekiah was a wonderful counselor to his people. The words “e-l gibbor”, generally translate as “mighty God”, but they could just as easily mean “mighty warrior”, with no reference to divinity. In fact the same expression “el gibbor” is found in Ezekiel 32:21 (in the plural form) and the context makes it obvious that the reference is to humans with no connection to divine strength. “Avi ad” is generally translated as “father of eternity”, but that is not the literal meaning of the words. The literal translation is “father unto” or “father until”, with the implication of “father unto eternity.”

Some would argue that Hezekiah’s personal life reflected God’s control over time, for he merited two miracles that violated the natural laws of time (Isaiah 38). Others would say that the translation is incorrect, but rather it should read “father of spoils”, which is an apt description of Hezekiah’s victory over Sennacherib. And Hezekiah was indeed a prince of peace, as Isaiah prophesied (39:8).

The Targums refute the evangelical Christian missionary view

The oldest Jewish commentary (Targum – which probably predates the advent of Christianity) explains that the first three titles in the verse are those of the One giving the name, while the name given to the child is “prince of peace.” So God is the wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, and Father unto (eternity), while Hezekiah is the prince of peace.

The spirit of the verse, is that the child will somehow be a cause for the salvation of the Jewish people from the oppression of Sennacherib. Indeed, Hezekiah’s prayer was the catalyst for God’s intervention on behalf of His people (Isaiah 37:21, 2Kings 19:20). Isaiah is comforting his people. Although Achaz (Hezekiah’s father) was evil, but his child was holy and righteous. In the merit of this holy child, who bore upon his shoulders the government of his people, the nation could hope to survive the onslaught of Sennacherib and his hordes.


When Christians present passages from Isaiah PLEASE double check them as they impose their Trinitarian presuppositions upon the verses. The fact remains, Jesus did not teach the Trinity (as indicated by early Christian source material - the Gospel of Mark), yet over zealous missionaries impose Trinitarian understandings upon the Old Testament. I've even noted some neo-trinitarian Christians imposing their presuppositions to the OT and coming up with the conclusion of an ANGEL being God - I kid you not, there are some missionaries who DO go to such extents!

Search for the Truth and the Truth shall set you free...

Muhammad and Jesus (p)

Christian Missionary Pastor converts to Islam

Bible: Muslims are blessed


Monday, 7 March 2011

Is Shia Labeouf a Muslim or Jew?

You can understand folk thinking Shia Labeouf has a Muslim background due to his full name “Shia Saide LaBeouf” BUT according to wikipedia Shia Labeouf has a Jewish background and was raised as a Jew:

LaBeouf's mother is Jewish and his father is a Cajun (once described by LaBeouf as a "Ragin' Cajun"). LaBeouf was raised in his mother's Jewish religion and had a Bar Mitzvah, though he was also baptized

Muslims should not call this Hollywood actor a “Muslim” unless Shia Lebeouf claims to be a Muslim. The internet is awash with rumours. As Muslims we should strive for accuracy and steer clear of fueling misconceptions and hoaxes concerning celebrities.


Paris Hilton Conversion Hoax

Angelina Jolie defends Muslims

Hijab in the Bible

Christian Missionary Pastor converts to Islam

Haters and the Pakistan porn statistics

People having dreams and becoming Muslim:

Quran Mathematical Miracle:

Conversions to Islam:

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Arab + Assyrian Christian Islamophobes are Self Refuting!

Ancient Cairo Church
Islam Saved Coptic and other Eastern Christians

Sadly, there is a huge volume of Arab/Assyrian Christian Islamophobes on the internet; these people are propaganda merchants to say the least.

I’m sorry but when I hear the usual Islamophobic sentiment of “Muslims are ordered to kill all disbelievers” emanate from Arab/Assyrian Christians I simply roll my eyes and think all his/her carping is self-refuting; why did these “barbarous Muslims” spare you and your families – a question which rocks their anti-Muslim propaganda!

I could go further and point to the 5-15 million Coptic Christians in Egypt [1] – all alive and kicking despite Muslims having ruled Egypt since 641 CE [2]

Oh the irony, ISLAM saved Arab and Assyrian Christians – Islamophobes eat your hearts out!

Of course, the very reason why Muslims had not killed or forcefully converted their Arab/Assyrian Christian forefathers is because of ISLAM:

Whoever killed a Dhimmi will never smell Paradise [Sahih Bukhari, No 3166]

Prophet Muhammad also said said:

“Verily whoever oppressed a Dhimmi (a non-Muslim under Muslim rule), took from his rights, or took from him unjustly, then I am his opponent on judgment day…” [Ibn Hajar al Aslam, Muwafaqat al Khabar, Number 184/2] (Sourced from Mustafa Zayed’s Book Refutation of Robert Spencer)

*Dhimmi refers to “A non-Muslim living under the protection of an Islamic government” [Hilali/Khan's Glossary from their Translation of the Holy Quran]

Why were these folk not forcefully converted – Islam forbade it! [There is no compulsion in religion (see Quran 2:256)]

So, if the Islamophobic depictions of Muslims were true, our Arab/Assyrian Christian friends would not exist. The reason why they were not exterminated or forced into Islam was due to ISLAM’S tolerance.

Arab Christians less credible in the business of Islamophobia

I guess this is one of the reasons why Arab/Assyrian Islamophobes are afforded less credence in the West in comparison to Western Islamophobes. I mean, why aren’t the Arab/Assyrian Christians making as much cash out of Islamophobia as Western Islamophobes – after all, Islamophobia is a business…

Eradicating the Christian faith?

John Taylor Caroline confirms Muslims COULD have eliminated Christianity if they so wished BUT they did NOT:

But we have not heard – under Islamic rule – about any attempt to force non-Muslim communities to accept Islam, or about any organized oppression to eradicate the Christian faith. If the Muslim Caliphs had chosen the above two plans they would have swept Christianity with the same ease that Ferdinand and Isabella swept the Islamic faith out of Spain… [3]

Hmm, if Muslims are as bad as the Arab Christian Islamophobes are making out, then why did they not opt for a holocaust or a forced conversion on mass? The answer is ISLAM.

Eastern Churches testify to Islam’s tolerance

Yep, read it and weep, Islamophobes:

The eastern churches in Asia were already separated from the rest of the Christian world which was not to support them in any way considering them heretics of the religion. Therefore the sheer existence of these churches today is in itself a strong evidence of the general tolerance of Islamic governments towards them (Sir Thomas Walker Arnold) [3]

UPDATE: I have just been alerted to an excellent article by Adnan Rashid of the Hittin Institute which covers this issue extensively. An excerpt concerning the Egyptian Christians:

Egypt saved from the Chalcedonian persecution:

The same seems to have taken place in Egypt where, according to Dionysius, the Coptic Patriarch submitted Egypt voluntarily to the Muslims:

‘We have found in the tales and stories of Egyptians that Benjamin, the Patriarch of the Orthodox in Egypt at the time, delivered the country to the Arab general Amr b. al-As out of antipathy, that is enmity, towards Cyrus, the Chalcedonian (Byzantine) Patriarch in Egypt.’[12]

This enmity, however, was due to the persecution of the Orthodox Church in Egypt at the hands of the Byzantine Church. John of Nikiou (690 CE), who was a Coptic bishop in Nikiu (Egypt), confirmed the testimony of Dionysius:

‘When Muslims saw the weakness of the Romans and the hostility of the people to the emperor Heraclius because of the persecution wherewith he had visited all the land of Egypt in regard to the orthodox faith at the instigation of Cyrus the Chalcedonian Patriarch [in office 631/2-41], they became bolder and stronger in the war…And people began to help the Muslims.’[13]

And in some cases the Egyptians refused to fight the Muslims at all [14]. One must keep in mind that these are contemporary Christian sources testifying that the Muslims were actually being helped by the Egyptian Orthodox Coptic Christians to put the Chalcedonian Byzantine Christian persecution to rest. Alfred J. Butler, a leading authority on the history of Egypt, believed that the Muslim arrival benefited both Christian factions by enabling them to live in peace together under the Islamic protection:

‘After all that the Copts had suffered at the hands of the Romans and the Patriarch Cyrus, it would not have been unnatural if they had desired to retaliate upon the Melkites [the Romans]. But any such design, if they cherished it, was sternly discountenanced by ‘Amr, [the Muslim conqueror of Egypt] whose government was wisely tolerant but perfectly impartial between the two forms of religion. Many facts might be cited in proof of this contention…So that the two forms of Christianity must be imagined as subsisting side by side under the equal protection of the conquerors.’[15]

It is evident from the testimonies cited above that the Muslims came as a mercy for the wider Egyptian population. The Coptic Christians in Egypt were also a target for the Byzantine terror and it was this terror which caused the Copts to join the Muslims against their co-religionists. ‘Amr bin al-‘Aas (may Allah be pleased with him) had established a peaceful abode for all parties and this he did by implementing the Shariah Law in Egypt. Thus the real operation “Enduring Freedom” was accomplished successfully in the land of Pharaohs.

(Emphasis is mine - Yahya Snow)

You can (and should) read the ENTIRE article here - entitled A 7th Century War On Terror


We can see why Arab and Assyrian Islamophobes are taken with a pinch of salt as they go off on their spiel against Muslims. I invite you to move away from hatred and obfuscation by discussing the genuine objections to the Bible and the Trinity Muslims are advancing. Sly games of mud slinging are not helpful to anyone.

[1] Copts in Egypt constitute the largest Christian community in the Middle East, as well as the largest religious minority in the region, accounting for an estimated 10% of Egyptian population (Wikipedia)

[2] A Chronology of Islamic History 570-1000 CE, Ta-Ha Publishers Limited, p72

[3] Mustafa Zayed’s The Lies about Muhammad, How you were deceived into Islamophoia, 2010, p285

Muhammad and Jesus (p)

Christian Missionary Pastor converts to Islam

Bible: Muslims are blessed


Friday, 4 March 2011

Muslim Analysis: Shocking Islamophobia in Orange County, California

We all know Islamophobes can be scary but when they band together the results can be terrifying. Here hundreds of them got together to ultimately hurl abuse and intimidate Muslims who were attending a CHARITY dinner (ICNA Relief 2011) at Yorba Linda, CA.

The usual culprits were involved in sponsoring the rally against Muslims; the Tea Party, ACT! For America, Pam Geller, etc.

Islamophobic Hate Comes to Orange County

Chants of “USA”

Erm, since when was a Muslim charity dinner anti-American? NEVER!

I guess these bigots needed something to chant.

Chants of: “Go back home”

Erm, America is their home. There are millions of Muslims in America. In fact, many are converting to Islam. Notable Muslim scholars/speakers are American converts – Hamza Yusuf, Zaid Shakir, Yusuf Estes, Dr Jerald Dirks, Dr Laurence Brown etc.

In any case, America was built upon immigration – Muslim immigrants (and their children) have as much right to call America their home as ANY other America. Do we forget the Native Americans were butchered to make way for the waves of Western migrants?

“Pure unadulterated evil”

Villa Park Council woman (Deborah Pauly) calls it “pure unadulterated evil”. Since when was a CHARITY event "pure evil"? Talk about hysterical!

Oh she does append it with – “I don’t even care if you think I’m crazy”.

Deborah Pauly inciting violence?

Oh, she “knows quite a few marines who will help these terrorists to an early meeting in Paradise”

Talk about whipping a few hundred bigots up into a frenzy of hatred.

Insulting Prophet Muhammad (p)

One bigot shouts “Muhammad is a child molester”, “pervert”.

Sadly, these folk are fed drivel from the internet. The marriage to Aisha (ra) was only consummated when she had reached mental and physical maturity. The Jesus scholar, Geza Vermes, suggests this type of union was in place at the time of Jesus. I guess bigots and scholarship do not go together. Rather than intimidating Muslim women and kids how about this man opened up a few books and checked the minimum age of marriage in his state a couple of hundred years ago.

“Muhammad was a fraud”

The same bigot yells “Muhammad was a fraud” and “false Prophet”. Muhammad had a chance to become the richest man Arabia (a king) but he declined in favour of his message. He performed healings and many other wondrous signs (miracles) whilst calling people to the worship of God. If you are going to call Muhammad a fraud then you are effectively calling Jesus a fraud too – if you are consistent!

Last I checked, frauds don’t perform miracles and call to the worship of the God of Abraham – Muhammad was NO FRAUD.

Try reading something other than drivel from anti-Muslim websites!

"Stupid terrorist, go you beat up you wife…are you a molester"

This woman goes into overdrive with her bigotry. She equates terrorists with Muslims despite there being FBI stats out there telling us Muslims make up less than 10% of terrorists. All terrorists are not Muslims. In fact, Islam forbids terrorism.

As for beating up wives every night– she has been visiting too many hate sites. Sad.


One woman is yelling “cowards”. Erm, since when was it brave to bring a bunch of bigots and intimidate families (including girls and boys) of minorities? Who are the real cowards?

“Sex with a nine year old”

Bigots always bring this up to demonise Muslims. It’s been explained a ton of times. Here is the American scholar, Hamza Yusuf speaking on the topic:

"One nation under God, not Allah"

I’m not kidding, one lady really yelled that!

Allah is God! Check your Arabic Bible and you will see the word for God is Allah. I guess they just don’t educate folk thoroughly in their hate camp.

"Take you Sharia, go home and eat sand"

Eat sand? Sharia? Crikey, talk about all the stereotypes!

Waving American flags

I guess these bigots needed something to wave.

Muhammad and Jesus (p)

Christian Missionary Pastor converts to Islam

Bible: Muslims are blessed


Mayor John O'Reilly Attacked by AnsweringMuslims.Com

Crikey, the propaganda machine of Acts 17 Apologetics just does not know when to quit. Here, they have Mayor John O Reilly depicted as Hitler, a “Sharia-enforcer”, an anti-Christian zealot etc…

When David Wood of Acts 17 is not towing his followers to Islamic events, raising cash to buy Islamophobic bigots fancy new computers or lying about Islam, he is making videos of this nature. I get the feeling the bloke has too much time on his hands.

Dearborn Mayor John O'Reilly -  Hitler Rant Against Acts 17

Honesty is the best policy – not exaggeration and bigotry

David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi would do well to drop the act of “Sharia in Dearborn!" There is NO Sharia there. Stop with this scaremongering – the simpletons amongst the online Islamophobic community will believe it and make it a Muslim Vs Christian issue – perhaps that’s what Dishonest Dave wants.

Yes, the police and the mayor did set Acts 17 up BUT it was not due to “Sharia” or pressure from “Muslims”. KEEP MUSLIMS AND ISLAM OUT OF THIS. Muslims in Dearborn have it tough enough already, the last thing they need is a new batch of boneheads being borne due to Acts 17’s drive for publicity and scaremongering.

The Christian volunteer is a the centre of this saga – his false complaint initiated the “arrests” and the over-zealous desire for the Dearborn Police Force to arrest Nabeel Qureshi, David Wood, Paul Rezkalla and Negeen Mayel (I’d imagine due to the negative perception they had of Acts 17) IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH MUSLIMS.

For some reason, Dishonest Dave continues to peddle this as a Muslim issue. I'd imagine this man's desire for publicity and expressions of bigotry lie (pun intended) behind such an approach. It’s not a Muslim thing. The real protagonists are indeed Non-Muslims (Christians?):

The Christian volunteer (Roger Williams), The “Christians”at Acts 17, Mayor O Reilly and the Dearborn Police Department.

Do not use it as a reason to bash Muslims

Acts 17 – a history of propaganda against Islam

Here are a few dishonest bouts from:

Nabeel Qureshi (Acts 17)

David Wood (Acts 17)

Propaganda campaigns

My advice to Dave Wood; stop with your propaganda campaigns and publicity-courting. You have a court case pending; allow the brunt of the law to take effect. In the meanwhile, try to keep your nose clean – I do not want to be admonishing you for ANY MORE lies regarding Islam – you have offered more than enough to keep us busy.

However, if Dave wants to put his video making skills to use, he would do well to make a video about the dishonest Bible scribes - who were changing the bible for reasons such as sexism, I'm not kidding:


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Muslim Response to : I want to have sex, drink, party, die and still go to Heaven!

You know, this type of attitude is common in the West. In my dawah activities I’ve come across people who genuinely object to Islam because they want to continue with their current lifestyle. In Britain we have a huge pub culture and there are people who object to not being able to drink alcohol. I used to tackle this issue by going down the health route but Nouman Ali Khan has given a response which cuts through the standard approach and invites you to the Lord in a beautiful fashion.

If you are not a Muslim PLEASE listen to this and think seriously about Islam

Brilliant response by Nouman Ali Khan to non-muslims

God being The Self-Sufficient is not in need of any of us. Rather, we are in need him as we are the created and he is The Creator. If this point is instilled in the mind of an individual he/she finds a unique determination. There is more to life than just drinking, partying, and intimacy.

In this episode of TheDeenshow the questioner wants to know why they can't have sex when they want to, with whomever they want, and then be able to party and drink and follow their own way of life without obeying God, and then after they die they still be able to go to heaven. This question makes for a great topic, enjoy this week's show.
Topics discussedIntroduction [start time 00:00]
Life of a Submissive Muslim is boring [start time 05:29]
Why were we put on this earth? [start time 08:19]
Finding your soul mate in Islam [start time 11:55]
Living for the weekend [start time 14:33]
Women in Islam [start time 18:31]
Are all religions man-made? [start time 21:43]
Death [start time 25:27]
Conclusion [start time 27:19]

Muhammad and Jesus (p)

Christian Missionary Pastor converts to Islam

Bible: Muslims are blessed