Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Christian Islamophobes Afraid of Gays and Lesbians in Dearborn

Right, we know of at least one Islamophobic group (Acts 17) who carts itself off to the Dearborn Arab International Festival each year wielding cameras in the “guise” of evangelism BUT where are these folk when the Gay and Lesbian Comedy Festival comes to Dearborn?

On March 5th, the Gay and Lesbian Comedy Festival was held. I just don’t see a bunch of Christian Islamophobes making a big deal out of it. Why?

Is it because targeting Muslims is acceptable whilst targeting gays is unacceptable? If Christian Islamophobes want us to really believe they are targeting Muslim communities in the US, in order to convert them to the worshipping of Prophet Jesus (ironically, Jesus worshipped God!), then they would have to offer a level of consistency and target other Non-Christian groups (I presume this gay/lesbian comedy festival was full of Non-Christians) AND they would have to conduct sincere evangelism of other groups (such as Jews, Hindus, Agnostics, etc.) and NOT turn up with cameras looking for a scoop to plaster over YouTube.

Which one is it? You decide:

1. Christian Islamophobes seem to lack the testicular fortitude in tackling the gays but go after the easier target of Muslims - typical bully behaviour.

2. Christian Islamophobes don’t care about the “salvation” of gays/lesbians

3. These gays/lesbians are already Christians

4. You raise more cash and popularity for your “ministry” if you target Muslims so the gays are left on the back-burner

5. Christian Islamophobes were at the gay comedy festival but they were doing serious evangelism so did not bother taking their cameras and sensationalising it

I think 1, 2 and 4 combined would offer something resembling accuracy!

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Anonymous said...

If only they had Sharia in Dearborn, then those homosexual's would of been killed. Inshallah

Anonymous said...

From the Desk of the Sharia Council of Dearborn MI
To Brother Yahya Snow

With the name of Allah, Peace be unto those who follow the guidance from their Lord

Brother Yahya, we of the Sharia Council of Dearborn MI, have noticed the great work you have been doing exposing these filthy Kaffir, Islamaphobes. It looks like you have done what we, at the Sharia Council of Dearborn MI, in cooperation with the Dihmi mayor and his Sharia compliant police department have not been able to do. May Allah reward you with many virgins.

Using the power of our camel computers running at a blazing speed of 2 humps, have hacked into the the email's of these filthy Islamaphobic Kaffirs. May Allah curse them with 50 spiting camels with flees the size of coach roaches, may the snakes and scorpions of the grave continually bite them, and may the angles bash there skulls with steel hammers.

The following is the intercepted communique between Nabel Qureshi and David Wood. May Allah curse them with the curses of his curses.

From Nabeel Qureshi
To David Wood

Subject: What do we do?

David have you seen the latest on Yahay Snows blog, he has found our kryptonite. What are we going to do, we can not defeat this.

From David Wood
To Nabeel Qureshi

re What do we do?

Yes I have just seen it, he really has got us now, he has really bested us. Drats and double Drats. How did he find out that we are soft on Homosexuals. He is diabolical.
The only thing we can do is take down our site, and hope nobody notices.

From Nabeel Qureshi
Yes I agree, thank God we have already gotten millions of dollars from all the Islamaphobes we fooled into supporting us.

From David Wood

Yes I agree, if we did not have the millions of dollars I would have to be a professor of Philosophy at a University in New York.

From Nabeel Quereshi

Yes David, thank God for the fear of the Islamaphobes, if it wasn’t for the millions we bilked from these gullible Christians, I don't know what I would do. Practice Medicine as a licensed Medical Doctor?


Yahay Snow may Allah be pleased with you.
You have beaten them, you have saved billions of Muslims from the threat of exposure from the crusaders from Acts17 ministry. May Allah reward you with many plump raisins with swollen breasts.

Anonymous said...

From the Desk of the Sharia Council of Dearborn MI
To Brother Yahya Snow

You have failed, there site is still up and they are still exposing Islam. We take back all our blessings. NO VIRGINS AND NO PLUMP RAISINS WITH SWOLLEN BREASTS FOR YOU.

You are worse then my cousin. Brother of my second wife also my cousin. He pre mature detonated on his wedding night. We will never get our deposit back from the banquit hall after that mess. We didn't even get to eat any cake. May Allah curse him with the curses of his curses, for that.

"Islamabad (AsiaNews) - Qamar David, a Christian originally from Lahore Pakistan, but living in Karachi died in prison while serving a life sentence for blasphemy. Official sources confirm that the man died last night in his cell, after a heart attack. in the past he had suffered several episodes of violence within the prison walls. Human rights activists are calling for an investigation to ascertain the "true causes" of death. Interviewed by AsiaNews, the bishop of Islamabad speaks of "false accusations" against David fabricated to convict him and asks "how much Christian blood will still flow," before the infamous blasphemy laws are "abolished."

Qamar David was a native of Hamza, near Lahore (Punjab), but was a self employed painter in Karachi in the south of the country. On 8 June 2006 he was reported by a business rival on false charges of blasphemy in accordance with Articles 295 and C of the Pakistan Penal Code. According to the plaintiff, he sent telephone messages with insulting words against Muhammad.

Under the controversial blasphemy rules, introduced in 1986 by Pakistani dictator Zia-ul-Haq, anyone who uses derogatory phrases to refer to the prophet or desecrates the Koran is punishable by death or life imprisonment. Typically, capital cases are switched to life imprisonment. On 25 February 2010, the Karachi court adjunct Judge Jangu Khan, found him guilty of "outrageous" words against Muhammad, and exclusively based on the "black law" and the testimony of his accuser, David Qamar was sentenced to prison for life.

The man died overnight in prison and prison authorities have tried to pass his death off as a heart attack. The Police Commissioner said that the body is being held in the Civil Hospital, Karachi, available to health authorities for an autopsy, which should shed light on the real cause of death."


Abdul said...

It would be very interesting to see what the reaction and outcome would be if David and Nabeel decided to enter that event with exactly the same set up and purpose.

Abdul said...

Infact Nabeel, how about you go to the next major gay festival, wearing your most fashionable 'Jesus loves you' t-shirt, and approach a LGBT booth with exactly the same confrontational attitude that you had towards the Islam booth at the Dearborn 2009 Arab festival.

I wonder how that would go?

MichiganRaider said...

Those acts17 are the guys who said sharia law is in Dearborn. Why are gay festivals in Deaborn if there's sharioa there?

David is a liar.

Christian fundys always come to Dearborn and stir up crap.

Abdul said...

David -

The only reason you are 'soft' on homosexuals is because you know that if you approached them the same way you do Muslims you would not have the support for it.

I've no doubt that you would have been persecuting the Jews had you been alive 60-70 years ago with exactly the same propaganda you spout against Muslims now.

All you are is a useful idiot. Thank Allah (swt) most people are able to see this.

Radical Moderate said...


Wow another faith shattering article by you. I can really see your digging deep on this.

You certainly know alot about the gay scene in Dearborn, were you planning a vacation.

So let me get your logic straight. A group Acts17 ministries, a ministry to MUSLIMS, should hop on their private jet called Islamophobe 1 (thats right they have a private jet, paid for by the millions of dollars in donations they get) fly to Dearborn to address homosexuals at a comedy event.

Since they didn't do this, you conclude the following.

1. Christian Islamophobes seem to lack the testicular fortitude in tackling the gays but go after the easier target of Muslims - typical bully behaviour.

Wow not only are Jews, and Israel more powerful then Muslims but now homosexual's seem to be tougher then you Muslims.

2. Christian Islamophobes don’t care about the “salvation” of gays/lesbians

Tell me what was Muslim response to the comedy tour. Since it happened in there neighborhood. Were Muslims out there sharing the faith of Islam, trying to convert these homosexuals to the pink jihad.

I think I have wasited enough time on this nonsense. You went past the bottom of the Islamic barrel on this one.

Abdul said...

RadicalModerate - spectacularly missing the point as always

Yahya Snow said...

Radical Moderate

Sir, it's been pointed out earlier (look at commets by others - above); a GAY comedy event was held in a town which your leaders/friends claim to be run via sharia.

Either your pals/leaders were telling porkies or this event did not take place.

Again, the type of "evangelism" which is directed at Muslims would never be directed at gays. Fact.

As for gays being evangelsied by Muslims, watch this space...

going back to Dearborn, I can tell you I received an email from one of its Muslim residents and it sheds light on the type of Muslims who actually reside there. Essentially, I don't get the feeling there is going to be too much Muslim dawa activity taking place over there.

In any case - if they did try to preach the Truth to the gays a ton of Islamophobes would be making it out to be a big deal and another sign for "stealth jihad".

I rest my case.

I have to pray now. Will check back after prayer and then go to bed - inshaAllah.