Friday, 29 January 2010

Friday, 22 January 2010

Wife Beating?

I have been meaning to write an article on this subject, it seems as though many non-Muslims misuderstand this issue. The good news is, we have somebody even better to explain the "wife-beating issue" to us. He is a popular Muslim named Yusuf Estes
Pass this information on to those who try to use the "wife-beating issue" in order to mud-sling at Islam. God-Willing they will be guided.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Joseph Smith was NO Paedophile

The ignorant and deceitful are mud-slinging at Joesph Smith. I am not a Mormon, yet I can see through the propaganda onslaught against Joseph Smith. Sadly, many evangelical Christians have resorted to such dubious tactics...not only is their claim of pedophilia unscholarly itis incorrect too.

Video by Yahya Snow
Funny Coversion Story by Yusuf Estes

An Islamophobe's sister converts to Islam...God Willing the Islamophobes on the internet will convert too.

Friday, 15 January 2010

To Debate or Not to Debate...

Since my return to apologetics I have had a number of debate “challenges” directed my way from people of varying reputations. In all honesty, amongst the ones which tickled my fancy have been two written debate challenges; one debate with a popular secularist and the other from a Christian apologist named Anthony Rogers (aka Semper Paratus).

The latter is more intriguing as Anthony is willing to debate concerning the Trinity, this does seem to be an interesting phenomenon amongst Christian apologists in recent times; they seem more willing to tackle the real focal issues of detraction when it concerns the Muslims amongst others.

As Anthony and I have had exchanges in the past I do feel I know him and he deserves a separate response not only out of fine courtesy but out of the fact that Anthony has a great array of phraseology and is a very well accomplished writer; indeed his writing style is something to behold. As a keen article writer, I personally feel it would be extremely interesting to enter into a written discussion with Anthony. I do want to stress my appreciation of Anthony’s writing style does not equate to agreement with his content

However, personal feelings should always be left aside when deciding what course of action to take in the realm of Islamic propagation and apologetics; every action is judged by its intention, hence our intentions in this noble field should always be free from ego and other worldly concerns. Nevertheless it is an opportunity to witness to Anthony and Anthony’s supporters and one should always take up the chance to deliver the message of the Prophets to all who have not heard it or those who have yet to understand it and thus accept it.

Moving onto the practicalities, Anthony’s time line for the debate was far from practical given all my commitments. I am sure we can come to some sort of agreement on the timeline which is suitable for both parties. I do fear this debate will have to be delayed significantly as Anthony is due a response from myself concerning John 1:1-19 (he, S.Shamoun and D.Wood are all due a response related to this issue) and his colleague, Hogan, is due a couple of responses too. In order to maintain chronological order and fairness I feel I must churn out the other responses before any such written dialogue can go ahead.

I must also say my current mode of witnessing/propagation and apologetics has been yielding fine results (all praise is due to God) so I am reluctant to move away from such a potent methodology; a methodology which is getting Christians to rethink some of the misinformation concerning Islam which is out there (unfortunately much of this misinformation is being disseminated by our Christian brothers/sisters) as well as getting them to rethink Christian doctrines. Hence, I do plan to continue down this path and this has been evidenced through my reluctance to debate anybody (up to now I have not accepted any debate challenges). I do feel a dialogue with Anthony is required and/or a refutation of his material should be carried out.

I must add my slight concern regarding the topics Anthony suggested, surely a more encompassing topic should be chosen rather than limiting a discussion on the Trinity to a certain section of the Bible. I would suggest:

Did Jesus teach the Trinity?

This topic should not be limited to a certain Book; logic should be allowed to come into play as well as other sources. Is Anthony up for this particular dialogue?

Finally I would like to finish on a personal note which is a rather sad state of affairs L. Anthony did suggest I was banned from a particular blog due to bad conduct; I do want to clear my name here. I have many Muslims and Christians who will vouch for my fine behaviour in discussion and respect for the Bible and other religious books. I have enclosed a link to what was deemed as “bad conduct” by an administrator/owner of the blog in question (D.Wood). The readers can decide for themselves whether it was bad conduct on my part or merely the result of a glass chin on the part of D.Wood.

I would also like to point out my banning only came into play as soon as I started refuting some of the material espoused/or produced directly by those concerned with the blog. Indeed this refutation material was potent and did get Christians thinking and asking questions. This fact combined with D.Wood’s huge efforts in censoring my highly respectful YouTube video to a lady who newly converted to Christianity leaves me with the impression that the censoring of my material was due to other reasons. It seems as though others sympathise with my plight too.

I would also like to point the readers to my condemnation of ignorant Muslims who insult the Bible (even if these insults are a response to Christian insults). The Muslim way (and the scholarly way) is not to ridicule or mock other faiths. You shall always find me following this great teaching. I am indeed a friend and brother to the Christians. I have a copy of the NIV Bible and I keep it in a lofty place in my room and treat it with care. The same rules apply to other books ie the Book of Mormon

Anthony also suggested I take every opportunity to criticise the Trinity; any arguments against the Trinity are always constructive and never produced out of malice. People can view my material for themselves, my material is produced for both Muslims and Christians to benefit from. I ask all to browse through it and look at it in an unbiased fashion…give it a chance…search for the Truth and the Truth shall free you.

Note to Anthony: In the discussion section to your debate challenge a commenter did claim he posted a message on my YouTube channel and was awaiting approval…I can assure him no such message came to me (possibly due to a glitch on YouTube or due to his link, YouTube does not allow links of that nature). If he wants to try again he may do so but I do want to assure him he was not censored by me.

May Allah guide us further. Ameen

Ban worthy discourse?:

The much censored video message encouraging a Christian lady to give Islam a chance (everybody can benefit from this video as it leads to a number of fine links, do take your time to browse through the material on offer):

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Unfair Allegation of Pedophilia against Joseph Smith by Yahya Snow

Joseph Smith was not a pedophile

I am no Mormon and nor do I have any affiliations/loyalties to Joseph Smith or with the LDS Church. I do want to state it is clear Joseph Smith was not a pedophile if you look from an intellectually honest view point.

We must remember our social norms concerning the age of consent/marriage are relatively recent constructs and are governed by laws which are equally recent, thereby rendering the judgment of past personalities by our current (and still changing) social laws and norms as intellectually dishonest. So, we must do away with our own subjective experiences (social norms) and contexts and look at the bigger picture.

Smith married seven ladies under the age of eighteen and the youngest was fourteen. According to my social norm (in the UK the age of consent is sixteen) Smith’s marriage to the fourteen year old would have been incongruous and a contravention of current UK law. We must remember our current age of consent laws were not in regulation during the time of Smith.

English common law was being utilized as a rough standard during the time of Smith, which had the age of consent down as ten; thus Smith broke no age of consent law during his time. Are we really going to condemn him based on a modern law which was constructed well after his death? Of course it would be folly and unscholarly to do so. Therefore branding Smith as a pedophile would be equally unscholarly and unfair.

In the past, the age of consent was not really an age but a biological sign, i.e. puberty and physical stature. So those critics who condemn Joseph Smith as a pedophile are being inconsistent if they do not also condemn their forefathers as pedophiles too. Are they really going to go that far? Of course not; the allegation of pedophilia levelled at Smith is generally borne out of one of two spawning points.

The first of these being the spawning point of ignorance; those who look superficially at their current age of consent and judge Smith (or any other past personality) by their recent laws without realising their laws were not in place at the time of Joseph Smith, thus rendering them myopic and their argument as invalid.

The second of these spawning points is more sinister, namely religiously motivated hatred; those who do not agree with Smith’s religion (mainly the evangelical Christians in this particular case) wish to malign the founder in an effort to gain converts from Mormonism to their respective faith(s). This is indeed a sad state of play highlighting the poor nature of some supposedly “religious” people.

The basic message is; Smith was not a pedophile and those who make such claims should be given a wide birth as they are unreliable.

Note: This short article was written by a Muslim.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Book You NEED

An ex-Christian evangelist converted to Islam. He shares a short message with us. Let us praise the Lord.

Note: I have exams...hence the lack of content generated by myself recently. My exams finish on the, God-Willing, I will be bringing further material to the table in order to witness the Truth of Islam amongst other things

For those who are thinking of converting to Islam...please do convert to Islam...please go to your local Islamic centre or mosque.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Bible: Jesus is NOT God

Some food for thought for those who read the Bible. More and more Christians are questioning the Trinity and its origins. Surprisingly enough the Bible is leading to this doubt, concerning the Trinity, in the minds of many Christians. Of course, the Muslims encourage this wholesome questioning and searching for the Truth. We indeed believe we have a fuller understanding of Jesus.