Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Bible: Jesus is NOT God

Some food for thought for those who read the Bible. More and more Christians are questioning the Trinity and its origins. Surprisingly enough the Bible is leading to this doubt, concerning the Trinity, in the minds of many Christians. Of course, the Muslims encourage this wholesome questioning and searching for the Truth. We indeed believe we have a fuller understanding of Jesus.


Semper Paratus said...

I don't think Muslims can sustain the burden of proving that Jesus is not God according to the Bible. It is certainly true that some Muslims are not comfortable letting people look at what Christians have to say in response to their hackneyed objections. Case in point: the comments I posted on your edited version of the debate on the Trinity between Sam Shamoun and Farhan Qureshi were all deleted. What possible excuse could you have for deleting the links I provided for people who may want to hear the entire, unedited version of the debate? I must say, in one sense I was surprised that you did that; I expected more from you. On the other hand, I find it to be very consistent to my experience with other Muslims. You guys simply don't have an argument against Christianity that can hold up under cross-examination. Your only hope is to keep Christians from being heard.

Yahya Snow said...


I explained it to you previously...I removed your comments due to the links...that is all brother

You know, you are trying to use my innocent act as some makeweight in your argument for Christianity...it does not work this way.

Think about it...I could quite easily make the same claims you made but make them for Islam as opposed to Christianity as your colleague Wood does greater censoring of Muslim argumentation than most :)

He does not allow my comments or video responses...nevertheless...I do not try to use those points in order to construct an argument for Islam...unfortunately you do you use peripheral matters in your attempt to defend Christianity and these arguments of yours have no basis in a theological discussion

If you want to be consistent then have a word with your colleague (D.Wood)..otherwise your comments are laced with a double standard:(

I am sorry to say it Semper...but I ask you to step up to the podium and make your voice heard amongst your friends who readily censor...is it because their arguments do not hold up under cross-examination??? Food for thought

I genuinely believe the arguments from the Muslim camp are greater...this, I believe, is vindicated by the number of converts in the West from Christianity to Islam

Our arguments hold up against any Christian cross-examination...do your arguments hold up against a Muslim cross-examination...?