Friday, 22 January 2010

Wife Beating?

I have been meaning to write an article on this subject, it seems as though many non-Muslims misuderstand this issue. The good news is, we have somebody even better to explain the "wife-beating issue" to us. He is a popular Muslim named Yusuf Estes
Pass this information on to those who try to use the "wife-beating issue" in order to mud-sling at Islam. God-Willing they will be guided.


Ali said...

Salaam YahYah,

I can't find the hadith for this can you link to it?
I've written a response on this as well to a Christian pastor here:

Its around half way down the response for beating "sluts, "whores" "prostitutes" and women who like being loved for their bodies.

Yahya Snow said...

Salam Brother Ali

I will see what I can do for you my friend

I will also view your link too

It is unfortuante you have been censored...i guess it just increases your desire to get the message of Truth across to lay Christians asitis clear to me that some more versed Christians are suppressing information from the lay christian community

This is changing...the Muslims are spreading the message

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

Hi again Yahya

Hope you are well; hope I can post this on this particular thread despite its irrelevance to the topic.

Exciting that things are going ahead with Semper. As I said on Semper's blog, you don't need to worry about my respons to your post on Muslims being the brothers and sisters of Jesus.

I don't think anybody will mind that you leave that a side for a time being and concentrate on the Trinity debate.

I wondered however, if you or any other Muslims had any responses to my posts on the Qur'an and modern science:

This is my new blog and a new apologetics project of mine and I would be happy to get some criticism about my posts and the arguments I have raised.

So far only my good friend Etheshaam (whom I actually really appreciate and hope to meet in future) and an individual called Brianman have responded, I just don't find their rebuttals to have contributed anything significant (at least so far).

So far I run three blogs and alone and contribute as a member of the team running

The reason why I have opened several blogs is to gather material and responses to my studies and arguments for my future website: Christianity-answers, which is still imminent.

I do value criticism, corrections and encouragements (I guess mainly from Christians) in this apologetics engagement of mine.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

Hi Yahya, just a message to Ali, I just saw his blog due to the link from this thread.

I am just amazed that he and women for truth do not value feedback. I am fully aware that similar issues are raised against Islam on, but at least you (Ali) are able to reply, that is if you behave.

Yahya Snow said...

Hi Hogan

I get the feeling Ali and Women For Truth have been censored by that site in the past. It is sad to see Christians shy away from denouncing the censorship policy on that site.

Brother Hogan...please put a post supporting Haiti on that site...your site seems to get a fair amount of cash coming through via you have the potential to help

Go for it guys!


Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

By cash are you referring to I guess, because I am getting no cash through my three other blogs.

I should suggest that.

But I don't think Ali and Women for truth have been censored, all posts are being checked, but I don't censored is the right word.

They are certainly welcome to refute any thread and post on

They are certainly welcome to participate on my blogs too.

Yahya Snow said...

Yep...that site

I think they raised enough money to buy a top of the range laptop for their friend in less than a week

It is rather odd that they did not do some collection for Haiti goven their financial muscle

Please do suggest...thanks


Yahya Snow said...


I have an email confirming Ali was blocked by David Wood :(

If that is not censorship then what is :)

I hope you are well


SumanSpeaks said...

Please visit this link: see how an Egyptian cleric defends WIfe beating.....The problem with you people is that: You lie so much to promote this "Dirt of Arab" called Islam...

Ali said...

i was blocked for exposing david ood. i call it the "evangelist game", brag, spread lies and myths, and then block to whomever refutes you.

Anyways here's my co-authoured response to wife beating:

Really I dont understand why christians get so worked up about this. They are so into this verse. Did you know 1500 women in the US die because of domestic abuse every year? And they believe islam allows domestic violence. Do you see again why we're always looking at the christian views of islam? The thing is, the Western Society we live in is very sensitive to family violence. Due to the fact many wives are battered by their husbands, rights orginizations have become so influenced that they object any physical motions towards women, whether it's in real life or on paper. They've also got support from the media and citizens like us. So hearing the allegations, opinions and thoughts that Muslim men can beat their wives is understandable, from their point of view. Though what Islam says about this and what Westerners intepret are completely different. You cannot compare the 2.

The Quran is not meant to be understood by reading one verse. It is a book which needs to be fully read to know what is happening and what's going on. The same goes for everything in life.

Islam has given Muslim women a voice, to be heard. It has given her freedom's, rights, and obligations. As a matter of fact, Muslim women have MORE freedom than Muslim men. Men have been put in charge in terms of protection, finances, shelter and so on. Women have not and they're still placed on a higher level. Throughout the Quran and the sayings of the Prophet (peace be upon him), we see women have to be treated kindly and equily. So if Islamic Scriptures give women all this, why is this included out of nowhere? Well lets think. First there is no reason for a Muslim woman to rebel (the definition of "rebel" is explained further on), if she already has more freedoms and a higher status in an Islamic Society than men. Second what do women possess that men do not? What do they have that can give severe consequences? Can you guess why women have been told to dress modestly? (which by the way just means wearing confortable clothing that isn't too tight, doesn't reveal any body parts and plainly loving for who you are not how you look. Only God judges)
Verse 4:34 has 3 steps for a man to take. They all are no joke, serious approaches for serious situations. So we can see these are for the RARE issues, directed towards the MINORITY of Muslim women. God is being clear how he wants his worshipping women to behave and be like.

Questions about this verse has been asked by Muslims before. If you go to Islamonline, Reading Islam or basically any scholarly source, they use the term "behaviour" in regards to women. It's because they expect you to already know what that means in this context, which is why they don't go heavily into detail and analyze from the begining to the end. But for this one time we'll do a full analysis to educate non-believers and Muslims.

Ali said...

what i tried doing was copying and pasting what i wrote but ti was too much of a hasle. i have an independent post in this now here:

Anonymous said...

This website discusses this subject in significant detail:

It is very interesting!