Saturday, 5 June 2010

Dr James White Challenged to Prove his Consistency

Dr James white ignored the first video (despite it being emailed to him via a link).1st video:

White should realise these issues of controversy are NOT going to simply go away by ignoring them. It is time for White to comment, this could well turn White into a figure such as Ergun Caner. Sam Shamoun's credibility as a serious source on Islam vanished a long while ago; White's credibility is on the ropes now. 2nd video:

Video by Yahya Snow.

Questions for Dr James White:

Do you endorse Sam Shamoun?

Do you approve of making your own translations of the Quran up (and not informing anybody of such a doing)?

Do you approve of Shamoun's dubious use of Palmer's translation?

Do you think Shamoun acted in a Christian way? A scholarly way?

Why did you approve of Shamoun's article and label it as "excellent Quranic insights"?

Are you going to rebuke shamoun and distance your ministry from him and his shoddy work?

Do you feel this has impacted on your reputation?

For me it is clear Shamoun was being dishonest, what are your views?

White can still recover from this embarrassing saga by acting in an honest fashion (and nota fashion which tries to protect his friend). In my view YouTube Muslims will not let this slide (look at the Ergun Caner issue for an example of YouTube Muslim action) so White's silence is deafening. We await White's video response..

**** UPDATE****

White has unapproved the video on YouTube...why is he censoring this video? Furthermore, this means White is DELIBERATELY leaving inaccurate material on his page as he STILL has not corrected his inaccuracies concerning the clip of his Arabic teacher...this is dishonest, now 4,171 people have viewed James White's misinforation...White leaves it on his channel without even appending a note to let his audience know of the inaccuracy. So White has been misleading (wilfully) his audience for 5 days...and still counting...not very honest on his part :( (updated June 10)

NOTE: White's colleague told me the video was unapproved automatically due to the video settings


WomanForTruth101 said...

Of my 2 years being Muslim, I must ask how can an Arab, regardless of religion completely screw an combonation of Arabic words?
This man read the verse as a joke. In the end they thought stretching the last word was funny. How pathetic.

WomanForTruth101 said...

sorry for that.