Thursday, 23 October 2014

Muslim Scholar Comments on Canadian Parliament Attack - Sheikh Yasir Qadhi

Today two incidents were reported in the news. They seemingly are unrelated, but upon closer inspection, they are in fact completely related.

Firstly, a jury found a group of Blackwater employees, who had been subcontracted out by the US government to protects its citizens in Iraq, guilty of cold-blooded murder. Although only four were prosecuted in this case, it is well-known and widely reporte
d that there were many such instances where trigger-happy gun-toting racist NRA-fanatics let loose on Iraqi civilians time and time again. This trial is merely one small vindication of the historical reality of the situation, while most other such instances have been glossed over and unreported.

Secondly, the attack on the Canadian parliament in Ottawa (and yes we are cautious at this stage and hopeful that its NOT related to Muslims, but let's also be realistic and realize that in all probability it is linked with us - and I will be more than happy to correct myself if it turns out that its not related!).

People simply do not realize that when you have hundreds and thousands of instances and scenarios such as the first example, typically with government approval, and bombs and drones and rapes and false-flag operations and thousands of civilian deaths and sanctions, then you WILL inevitably get a counter-reaction as in the second news item.

Our job of criticizing both sides will continue to resonate with some, but there will ALWAYS be war-mongers and war-profiteers beating their drums for a continuation of the the first example, and there will always be enraged and angry young men who feel they are defending innocents and somehow bettering the situation with the second example.

Those who commit the first types of crimes are war-criminals. If they go unpunished in this life, they will face the worst type of punishment in the next. And those who commit the second type of crimes are enraged Muslims who have misunderstood the reality of jihad and committed murder with that misunderstanding. We are opposed to both, but as an Islamic scholar, my duty to point out the Islamic problems and misunderstandings of the second is more relevant to me, more effective to my community, and more fard ayn upon us.

And help is sought from Allah alone!

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