Sunday, 27 September 2015

Jonathan McLatchie Using Atheist Arguments to Attack Quran

I'm surprised to hear Christians use this type of argument as they too believe in the unseen. If Christians are consistent then that means they would be arguing against teachings in the Bible. Of course if this was in the Bible the Christians would certainly be saying how unfair, uncritical and invalid this argument is. Inconsistency is the sign of a failed argument. Jonathan would do well to remember this - I'd imagine sincere Christians will be hoping he retracts this argument as it really does not bode well for the standing of current Christian apologetics. The level of this argument actually speaks volumes in saying the critics do not have any valid scientific arguments against the Quran.

If the video does not play please see here

An important video showing us how to refute the Atheist claim (also some Christians use it uncritically) that there is a scientific error in the Quran (claiming the Quran teaches the stars are missiles hurled at demons/devils/jinn). Don't be fooled by this Atheistic type of argument. Muslims do not believe it's the stars themselves which veer from their course to attack the Shayateen. On top of this, how can anybody say it's a scientific error when the Shayateen (demons) cannot be seen - this is about the unseen - it's not observable through scientific means. Watch the video to learn how to refute this argument quckly and simply

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